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41 Rap Metal

When most people think of rap metal, they think of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. Well those bands are horrible (LK was good back in the day, but they suck now). Listen to bands like RATM, and you'll grow to love rap metal.

This list is false. Thrash metal is not good at all. Rap metal should be in the top tens. People who listen to rap and metal music at the same time should listen to this type of metal subgenre.

Anthrax ep.

42 Brutal Technical Death Metal

You like brutal death metal? You like tech death? Excellent, because this very genre combines both BDM and tech death and makes it even better. Check out bands like Flesh Consumed and Nile.

Epic riffs and drumming combined with brutality

Cryptopsy and Nile are my favorite bands from this subgenre. - Metal_Treasure

Like Katalepsy or Katatonia? - Metalhead1997

43 Jazzcore

What? List some bands, please. - Metalhead1997

44 Glam Metal

I LOVE GLAM METAL! There's so many great bands like Motley Crue, definitely Leppard, Scorpions, Dokken, Poison, Warrant, Europe, and many other bands! My top 5 is 5: Power Metal (Dream Theater) 4: Groove Metal (Pantera) 3: Heavy Metal (Black Label Society) 2: Glam Metal (Motley Crue) 1: Thrash Metal (Megadeth)

I can't believe nu metal is even on the list - admonlee

no its not gay! Def Leppard should have been included in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. - russian

My opinion on glam has softened a BIT now. Check out Steel Panther, I can't stress that enough. - IronSabbathPriest

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45 Hair Metal

Isn't is same as glam metal. - zxm

This doesn't exist. - Metalhead1997

46 Progressive Vegetarian Grindcore

This is just a loose way of describing Cattle Decapitation. - Metalhead1997

What, the, hell, is, this?


I would actually recommend giving this a listen, it the most stupidly hilarious thing you will ever hear! Just read the name, VEGE-Tarian.

47 Blackened Thrash Metal V 2 Comments
48 Funeral Doom

Impending Doom.

Lycus, Funeral Tears, Ahab, etc. - Metalhead1997

If you like dark depresive and atmospheric stuff this is for you. Bands that I recomend:(EVOKEN is my favorite of all time), funeral, thergothon.

49 Wigger Slam Metal

I just love me some wigger slam metal the most important sub genre in metal by far

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50 Dark Metal

It's a genre of metal that takes the piss out of all the metal genres. It is the greatest metal genre of all time, though you'll need a torch or a candle to find one of it's exponents. It is deeply underground.

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51 Pirate Metal

No such thing. And don't throw Alestorm at me. - IronSabbathPriest

Pirate shanties meshed with heavy metal? Hell yeah! - MKBeast



52 Nintendocore

This is real. I'm not making this up. Like, one time I was listening to a Nintendocore song that at first had video game sound effects, but then it had screaming and playing the guitar loud like a screamo band. It's just so surreal.

What the hell is Nintendocore? Laugh out loud.

When I said surreal I meant it in a good way. Not a bad way.

This is not a thing these people do not know what they are talking about

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53 Slam Death Metal

Abominable Putridity, Kraanium, Katalepsy, Devourment, Ingested - ryanrimmel

54 Slamming Brutal Death Metal

There are some good bands in this. Cerebral Incubation, Epicardiectomy, Gastrorrexis, Guttural Slug, Kyojin Daigyakusatsu, Crepitation, etc.

55 Black Groove Metal

Black Groove Metal is amazing! Listen to the band Khold. Right. NOW. - ThatoneMetalhead

56 Mallcore

Definitely. As Bill Hicks said: in the future, all shopping malls shall be linked. Jello Biafra also took a swipe at this mindless commerciality in one of his side-projects.

57 Blackgaze

Mix of black metal and shoe-gaze. it's atmospheric sub-genre if you seek bands like Alcest, Les discrets, and lantlos.

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58 Tribal Metal

I wouldn't call tribal metal a genre mainly because genres are based on sound, not lyrical content. Roots, as mentioned by the other guy is more of a groove/nu metal album.

Sepultura (Roots-era). Soulfly. Most of metal is tribal so far as community goes. I don't know if it's a genre though. Help!

Unless you're referring to "Roots Bloody Roots" by Sepultura, I have to reconsider this. - Metalhead1997

59 Grungecore

Grunge always be the best genre

Not a real subgenre. - Metalhead1997

This doesn't exist

This doesn't exist

60 Unblack Metal

Same as christian metal. More importantly, its just the lyrics. - zxm

Isn't this the same thing as Christian metal?

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