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61 Unblack Metal

Same as christian metal. More importantly, its just the lyrics. - zxm

Isn't this the same thing as Christian metal?

62 Post-hardcore

Don't put that in punk either. It's a disgrace and we don't want it.

Actually, post-hardcore is a subgenre of punk not metal.

I actually don't mind it. It's not the archaic Hardcore of Black Flag etc. but more post-Hatebreed, Biohazard etc. The term Hardcore doesn't mean straight-edge Punk bands anymore. It's a metal movement.

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63 Celtic Metal

Hellhammer? Celtic Frost? Latter day Bathory? Help peoples!

64 Reggaeton Metal

People are obviously just starting to pull subgenres out of their ass... Like really?

Bob Marley doing metal? Okay. - Metalhead1997

Bad Brains? Living Color? Dunno.

65 Post Industrial
66 Blastcore

Silent vocalist Gordon Freeman narrowly escaped blastcore's pigeonholing, and he won't return to this genre of metal due to the half-life involved in it.

67 Punk Metal

This is a thing? Dammit! I wanted to be a pioneer. - MKBeast

68 Jazzcore

What? List some bands, please. - Metalhead1997

69 Suicidal Depressive Black Metal

This genre is the Best for me. I really think that if the people don't listen to this genre is because they can't understand the real suffering and how much is hard to live continuously in certain disease conditions and marginalization. Listen it carefully and you can love it. - Exasperation

I recommend not to listen to it occasionally, but hey, that is my opinion, I can't stop you.

No mames, puras mamadas para emos caca

70 Progressive Vegetarian Grindcore

This is just a loose way of describing Cattle Decapitation. - Metalhead1997

What, the, hell, is, this?


I would actually recommend giving this a listen, it the most stupidly hilarious thing you will ever hear! Just read the name, VEGE-Tarian.

71 Deathgrind
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