Top 10 Metallica Songs with the Best Guitar Solos

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1 Fade to Black - Ride the Lightning Fade to Black - Ride the Lightning  Cover Art

This solo has some soul in it, and I mean the outro solo, that is badass, all of it. This solo was the solo that I decided to master this year of guitar, and boy is it a great solo. By far one of Kirk Hammets best solos. This is my favorite Metallica solo, of all time, and it truly shows.

One is definitely the fastest and craziest solo hammett has ever done,but fade to black, intro and ESPECIALLY outro have the most soul. Fade to Black was hands down the best solos of Metallica. They had the most soul, of all solos and still are the most bad ass solos in metal to this day.

Melodic and straight solo brings up the paradise to your mind. While being depressed I listened to this solo and tears appeared immediately, I dive deeply in my thoughts to relook my views on living.

It is Fade To Black. I am sorry...I mean One's solo is great. Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning too, but intro and outro...just seals the deal.

2 One - ...And Justice for All One - ...And Justice for All Cover Art

Tapping, Sliding, Bending? What else could you beg for? Also, who could forget the speed of the solo and the departure from Kirk's somewhat repetitive pentatonic solos

The very best, just great. Kirk at his best moments. Plus those lyrics are superb.

One got inspired by fade to black. I know because I know how to play one and fade on guitar

This shows Kirks best talents in a solo finger tapping trills etc. (If your a guitar nerd)

3 Ride the Lightning - Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning - Ride the Lightning  Cover Art

This is in my top 5 solos of all time. This is to Metallica as Tornado is to Megadeth, or Painkiller is to Priest, or Eruption is to Van Halen. Kirk is in no way the greatest guitarist of all time, or even in the top 100, but this solo is epic!

By far the best solo Kirk has ever done. It starts off with a short tapping section, then it goes to a very melodic section, then to all out shredding. One of Metallica's most underrated solos and songs.

Pure eargasm from the first note to the last. And just when kirk hits the highest note on his axe and you think it's over, he comes back with an even wilder section.
This really feels like riding the lightning. Seriously.

Why they didn't vote for Ride the Lightning?! Why they didn't vote for Ride the Lightning?! WHY?! Who didn't vote for Ride the Lightning?! Tell me right now!

4 Master of Puppets - Master of Puppets Master of Puppets - Master of Puppets Cover Art

First solo is better than the second in this because it sounds cooler than the hardcore second one and its easier to play. I love everything that metallica does though

Most of Kirk's solos are extremely similar. This is one of the usual. Nothing special.

I really like James' first solo better than the one that Kirk plays.

Despite Kirk's amazing solo, it's James' solo that makes this song.

5 The Unforgiven - Metallica The Unforgiven - Metallica Cover Art

In my opinioin this is the Best solo made by Kirk... ever. Is Seems like a wave coming slowly and suddenly it just grows, through very well constructed scales, and just become a monster. I know that is not the fastest or the heavier solo from Metallica, but for me is the most perfect one.

An incredibly fitting solo for a great, hard-hitting song. Just perfect.

Of all the solos this one stands slightly above all the others

Best of em all hits ya like a freight train truly flawless!

6 Blackened - ...And Justice for All

A very balanced solo that deserves more recognition. Slow parts, fast parts, it all comes together here.

This guitar solo is a lot harder to play correctly than one, master, nothing else matters, entersandman.

I think blackened has the best solo. Even the slow part of it is fast!

To me, I find this way more harder to solo on than One.

7 The Four Horsemen - Kill 'Em All

An incredible melodic tempo surfing solo that not only strikes the fear of the concept of the horseman into the listener, but also defines the terror with an outstanding solo outro and follow up. This should be in the top 3, with the only solo I can honestly think topping it being One.

A Legendary solo, it should easily be in the Top 3, especially for the moment when Kirk Hammett just bursts into the solo.

Not one, not two, but three solos, each better then the last one.
Fast and rhythmic, yet melodic. Top stuff.

Why do they never play the middle section live

8 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

This solo is amazing, and I am happy it is by James not Kirk. I was long time thinking if vote for this or Fade to Black, just to beat the One on the top. Gosh I hate the One solo. There is no emotions in there just spasmic finger move.

Who said Metallica can't be intricate? This song is so amazing, and this solo is a fantastic way to top it off.

You know it's Metallica when one of the best solos of the band is played by the rhythm guitarist..

Soul in this solo mesmerizes me. Too bad it's really short though

9 Dyers Eve - ...And Justice For All

This song, in my humblest of opinions, not only has the best solo (s), but I think it is their best guitar track in general. When you listen to the solos, they are of face-melting quality but also remain well within the boundaries of the music.

Kirk Hammett even said himself this was the craziest song and solo he had ever written, they rarely play this live because of how intense it is. THIS, my friends, is Metallica at their very best.

This is their best solo, closely followed by fade to black

Number one.

10 Battery - Master of Puppets

I don't seriously know, why people are voting Fade to Black's outro solo. I don't see anything special on that. I like more Fade to Black's intro solo. But Battery's solo is kicking some ass in my opinion.

The Contenders
11 The Unforgiven III - Metallica

Amazing solo. Not only one of the most technically challenging, but it also flows amazing with the song. While the song itself may not be the best, the solo itself puts it up in my Top Ten Metallica songs.

It is the BEST Solo of ALL the time. It is not to short and REALLY fast played. I hope some other people have the same thinking of this Song as me.

I have Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, & Pantera on my iPod. This is the only song that actually gives me goosebumps when I listen to it.

Pure emotion! I only just prefer One's solo to this, but The Unforgiven III has to be one of Metallica's greatest ever songs and solos!

12 Creeping Death - Ride The Lightning Creeping Death - Ride The Lightning Cover Art

It has so much to it and it is fast and at the same time, epic. Fade To Black has the slowest and easiest solos ever. Also Damage Inc, One, and Welcome Home (Sanitarium) are good.

This may not be his fastest or most technical solo, because that is dyers eve. But this solo is more underrated and is a better composed solo than any of his others.

Not my favourite solo, but this solo is what pushes this song into being one of the best of all time.

This solo is just brilliant! Though it's pretty short...

13 Orion - Master of Puppets

This song is just EPIC the way it changes all the time sounds awesome too!

A composition worthy of being redone by a full orchestra,very powerful and moving

The 2nd solo is why I like metallica

The best instrumental ever.

14 Damage, Inc. - Master of Puppets

I think this song is super, super, super underrated. It sounds a lot like Megadeth's Black Friday (so, in other words, badass) with a solo that sounds like the precursor to that of One. Definitely One of my favourites from MoP and Metallica in general.

Horsemen Ride the lightning and Fade to black had historic and influental solos but their "thrashest" and hardest to play is by far Damage Inc.

Best solo and best song by metallica

I think it should be unforgiven 3

15 Hero Of The Day - Load Hero Of The Day - Load Cover Art

Beautiful solo, make me cry

16 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Master of Puppets

Why is that song on 22, for Me it's the best song from Metallica.
Every true Fan loves that Song!

One of their best melodic solo

17 Fight Fire With Fire - Ride the Lightning
18 Jump in the Fire - Kill 'Em All

This is a hell of an underrated song/solo, one of their best. And of course, thanks to Mustaine on this composition. The guy's a guitar genius. Wish that Kirk could drive solos as well as Mustaine can. Fortunately there's Megadeth for that.

I wish people realized how great this solo is, sadly it's over shadowed by master of puppets and one, etc. To me this solo is the best, no contest!

The main solo and ending solo is just amazing. My stomach drops every time I listen to it.

Jump in the fire is not the best song, but the final solo is definitely the best!

19 The Day That Never Comes - Death Magnetic The Day That Never Comes - Death Magnetic Cover Art

I agree one has the greatest solo ever.. But I vote for this song, because this solo is too good to remain just at 20th place, its very under rated

It begins slow but works its way up to my favorite guitar solo of all time. It just makes you want to go crazy

Can't beat this song ever. One of the most profound guitar solos ever.

Best guitar solo by Metallica by far

20 My Friend of Misery - Metallica My Friend of Misery - Metallica Cover Art

One of my favorite Metallica solos easily. Maybe not top 10 but definitely not 39. This kicks ass and goes on and on. It's different from most of their solos and partly why it's so cool. It's far down on the track listing and maybe a lot of people haven't heard it I guess.

Is a top 10 solo

21 The Unforgiven II - Metallica The Unforgiven II - Metallica Cover Art
22 The Ecstasy of Gold - We All Love Ennio Morricone
23 ...And Justice For All - ...And Justice For All

Best Metallica guitar solo it starts slow then goes crazy. Perfect

24 Disposable Heroes - Master of Puppets Disposable Heroes - Master of Puppets Cover Art

Simply epic. The scale change makes this much more awesome than any of the others on Master of Puppets, except possibly for Master or Sanitarium.

This solo is MILES ahead of master of puppets. Long, epic and really creates an atmosphere.

This solo is absolutely amazing. Should be way higher

Most underrated Metallica song in my opinion

25 The Judas Kiss - Death Magnetic The Judas Kiss - Death Magnetic Cover Art

God! No one's heard this solo or what! This is one of the best solos kirk has ever made but it is not even MENTIONED in the list! Listen to this solo first before taking your votes and you'll will realize why I'm rambling so much about this solo. This easily beats the likes of Dyer's Eve and The Four Horsemen. In fact, it rises a notch above even MOP and Nothing else matters. That's how good this solo is. Being a hardcore metallica fan myself, it's time we stop focussing our mind on the 'old' songs and look at how good some of the new ones are.

That sort of trigger alarm goes off in my head when somebody says "The Judas Kiss is too slow". It has a pretty consistent speed, except during the buildup to the solo and the solo itself. One of Kirk's best demonstrations of finger tapping.

The solo starts out slow around 4:22, but it just becomes fast to a ludicrous extent at 5:12 to 5:28, it's some wild pull-offs.

Without a doubt my favourite guitar solo ever, and my favourite Metallica song ever!

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