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The most bizarre show on earth has the most bizarre list of characters. Sorry, mostly main characters as opposed to side-ones. Perhaps that can come later...

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1 Howard Moon

"He has hair like brown smoke and small eyes like a crab...and he is an absolute genius. Howard Moon rocks. Nuff said."

Yeh he's okay apart from the fact that he likes Jazz. He just needs to deal with criticism properly. Look at the 2 kittens for goodness sake!

If death comes a knocking, i invite him in, hello, i say, would you like a cup of tea!

-You are to be thrown into the pit of eternal fire...for heinous crimes...
-But Bollo led a clean life...
-Yeh, but you bummed that fox...
-That's just a rumour...
-No smoke without fire...which incidentally you'll be seeing quite a bit of from hereon in...

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2 Vince Noir

his hair is virtually a hat! All hats suit him.

the cutest little thing ive ever seen I LOVE HIM

I'm The Mighty Boosh fan of the millennium :) Love the show, dream about it!

Where do I start. He's got incredible hair, he's looks awesome. Vince Nior is really the best person on earth. He's obviously number 1 and I wish I could see him in real life. And hopefully I will.

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3 Bob Fossil

Chief zoo keeper though he knows nothing about animals. Had a traumatic childhood which involved his mother hiding in a bunker at breakfast while throwing eggs at him

the only man that knows why you should never bring a cricket bat to greece.

nicey nicey zoo zoo for him and her and me and you!

Although crazy, I like him. He is a very unique character on the show

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4 Old Gregg

The funniest character on the show by far! He's a nice modern gentleman. He's got a mangina what can be that!

Some say he's half-man, half-fish. Others say he's more of a 70-30 split; whatever the percentage he's one fishy bastard.

Funniest by far... IM OLD GREGGGGGG!!!!! Hes the funniest but probably, no no, THE weirdest on the show. Beastly show! - fireinside96

Did s/he eat Daggett's tail? - DA25

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5 Mr. Susan

Limbo bimbo? One of these mirrors does lead to limbo but only one, you must choose wisely, for there are over 17 mirrors in the mirror world... - RedStripedd

"your failing to take into account... my mirror balls!"

Cut off those mirror balls, you! - DA25

6 Tony Harrison


how can u forget toney he is a pink head man and is a member of the crunch he is a youneak finker and needs some 1 els 2 write down his ideas becos he has no hands.he suffers from travil sickness but clames he is good on horses.

I've had a liquid breakfast, champagne on my golden grahams!

Can't walk, but has a papoose...and wheel you can attatch to his chin, a bit like a skate

Tony Harrison is weird but funny. His voice is annoying.

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7 Saboo

"And your perfect are you? "

"I'm pretty good"

"You know nothing of the crunch, you've never even been to the crunch!"

"It's crunch-time!"

He shows a lot of sarcasm an it's really funny.

8 The Spirit Of Jazz

I'm the spirit of jazz. Jazz is the worst genre but the spirit of jazz is cool and awesome. (So vote now. )

"oh damn it, my hats on fire! Why didn't you tell me fool!" "i'm gonna have to buy a new hat"

Every time you pick up an instrument, I'll be there inside ya, wearing ya like a glove!

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9 The Hitcher

Eels up inside ya. Finding an entrance where they can. Lol. I love that song. And the Hatcher song too. He is really funny! #awesome

A Cockney man-witch with green skin and a top hat. He has a giant Polo for an eye and is pure evil. He is proprietor of the Zoo for Animal Offenders

elements of the past and elements of the future, combining to make something not quite as good as either. - GlonnAtronnAdonnAdict

The Peppermint Nightmare is Back!

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10 The Moon

Surely the Moon should be here - "One time, a man looked at me through a tube, and he made me big in the tube" (can't remember the proper quote but you know the one)

Some people is like the moon, aw he's white and gentle. Other people is like eugh he's a vanilla rapist get him away from our kids.

I had a moon once, it was full and shiny and urgh... I lost it (smile)

Everybody look at the moon. Everybody seein' the moon. The moon is bright, its milky white...

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11 Naboo The Enigma

Naboo is amazing. I like it in one of the earlier episodes when he just starts squeezing a frog for no reason!

I love Naboo!! He should soo be number 1!!!!!

nabo is sexy and the best character! I love him

I think he should be in the top 10. He can totally replace Tommy. Tommy is a freako. Naboo is also a freak but start voting for Naboo cause he is bifar better than tommy.

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12 Dixon Bainbridge

Then the wolf came at me... luckily I had a pistol hidden in my mustache and shot the hound

I can't explain it. But somehow he is just super funny. He's a man of action!

Owner of The Zooniverse. He claims to be a man of action, using his magnificent moustache to get him out of trouble

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13 Tommy

Cheese is a kind of meat, a tasty yellow beef, i milk it from my teat, but i try to be discreet.. ohhhhh cheese! ohhhhh cheese!

he's a cheesey geezer.

14 Bollo

look at bollo.. the lines and wisdom in his face.. from his years in the jungle.. the circus... that chat show he hosted

The only thing that can say I've got a bad feeling about this better than Han Solo

I was on fire. Bangin out tune after tune.

He should be dead right now. - DA25

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15 Kirk

Kirk is weird and he is an erotic adventurer of the most deranged kind. That's so funny am I right

I love the way he is the worst/evilist person there but Saboo never seems to notice that he is a erotic adventurer of the most deranged kind

16 Crack Fox

I'm gonna put you in a dress and hurt you!

oh nothing, just making funny noises

"I'm gonna make you wear a dress, and hurt ya! "

"those are my squishy boots"

Should be in the top 3

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17 Nan Bread

I love naan bread

im going to a fancy dress party as him yay

I'm sorry. But why on earth is he above Milky Joe and Rudin. Why? Nan bread is tasty, but he isn't really bringing anything into the show. He can't even speak.

18 Rudi Van Disarzio

High Priest of the Order of Psychedelic Monks and member of The Bongo Brothers along with his partner, Spider

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19 Milky Joe

Scary and spooky the thought of the coco nuts coming to life. But Milky Joe is all right!

I love coconuts! - DA25

20 sandstorm

Love love... Love love... Love love.

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