Alexander the Great

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Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great, was a King of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty.


There's a reason why the Persian Empire was the most vast at the time - because they were ruthless and intelligent. This was an empire the likes of which the world had never seen. The Persian Empire stood the tests of time and defeated anyone who dared try to stand against it. Until Alexander the Great. He was undefeated. There wasn't a single force he ever met that he didn't utterly destroy. But what made him the greatest general was not just his ability to win, but his ability to know what to do with a victory. This is where generals like Hannibal flounder. He was always the victor, but not the annihilator. He recognized the importance of the persons he conquered. He didn't strive for assimilation like other generals, in fact quite the opposite. He did spread Greek culture, yes, but he also took with him the cultures of the lands he spent time in. His empire was a beautiful melting pot of races.
The inability of his empire to survive without him says much about him as well. He ...more

Yes, Alexander was really the great warrior, but I doubt that he would conquer much more if he lived longer. His army even rebelled bringing him to tears when he pushed them too hard planning to campaign against India, so India remained out of his reach. He actually conquered only one great empire, but advance into Persia was much easier then it would be advance into Europe. This is for two main reasons. First - Europe has much harsher climate and seasons must be taken much more seriously. Second - Persia was a centuries long empire with well developed road system that Alexander was able to exploit and advance very quickly. Although Persia was surely able to amass much greater and better equipped army than the scaterred Illyric, Celtic and Germanic tribes would be able to, winning three major battles and a few minor battles and sieges was actually enough to conquer the entire Persian Empire. If Alexander was to exploit Europe, he would have had much more trouble with logistics ...more

He is quite simply the most accomplished general in history. He defeated the greatest empire the world had ever seen, and in doing so conquered the entire known world. His wide spread empire not only amassed the most impressive amount of land, but also the most impressive amount of races. In doing so, he mixed the races in an invulnerable exchange of knowledge and cultural accomplishments, which helped to shape the world as we know it today. He didn't conquer for the sheer glory, but for the new world that he could create because of Greek influence. It's no news that the Greeks have done more for Western civilization than almost anyone, but without Alexander, those contributions wouldn't have been nearly as widespread. He never lost a battle, and it's his brilliance as not only a general, but as a man that made that so. He never asked his men to do anything he didn't also do, and thus gained their unwavering loyalty which was critical in their conquests for years all over the world. ...more

When Julius Caesar turned 32 he looked at a sculpture of Alexander and wept. When his friends saw this they asked why he was weeping. He replied that he is now the same age as Alexander and has accomplished nothing

He lead from the front, was tutored by Aristotle, went undefeated in War, amassed large armies, libraries, and cities alike and became king of Macedonia, Greece, what was known as Asia, and a Pharaoh of Egypt, integrated Eastern culture and people into western culture at the time and died at 32 years old which is three years too young to become President of the United States.

Alexander the Great.

Although he died at age 32-33 the famous Macedonian king conquered to the edge of the known world. In his short life he conquered more lands and peoples than any other person in history. He has never lost a single battle and he has remained undefeated. That is why ALL historians and experts consider him the greatest warrior in history and the most successful military commander there was.

Alexander is the gold standard of all time. When you think or talk about military commanders or conquerors he is the first to come in mind.Alexander is the unmatched warrior leader of history.he is legend and he is great.

Conquered all the known world. He won all the battles from ancient Greece to India. He didn't destroy the alien civilizations rather he tried to free men from Persian slavery. He even married an alien woman to show the world that we are all egal. The greatest man n general in the history of this world.

This man conquered the known world. He defeated the strongest empire in the world. He also made advances into India. The way he fought his battles and used psychological tactics to win over cities without losing a single man. Alexander the Great is truly the greatest military commander of all time. Close seconds would Hannibal and Patton - maverick88

Aptly named, led from the front, shared the trials and tribulations of his men, treated his civilian captives with dignity and respect but above all his sheer genius in his ability to read the mind of his opponents and adapt his tactics often in the face of overwhelming odds ranks him in my estimation as truly the greatest of all time.

He destroyed every army and general that stood in his way through superior tactics and strength of arms.

While the King had his faults he was completely unmatched on the battlefield and remained undefeated until his death.

In other words 1. Alexander 2. Napoleon 3. Caesar

He conquered most of the known world when he was just 24 years old. He mostly fought against armies that vastly outnumbered his companions. He never really lost a battle, and he always fought in the front lines. Alexander, despite his narcissism and megalomania, is the greatest in history.

No one comes close to this tactical genius, he conquered an empire with 50% of the worlds population and was constantly outnumbered yet due to his own confidence in his men and his own abilities, as well as his tactical flexibility his was able to belittle whatever advantage his opponents had.

Alexander the Great is by far the best general in the history of the world. Anyone can win one battle, but Alexander the Great won EVERY battle even when he was out numbered by more than 5 to one.

Alexander defeated a Persian army of almost four times the size of his own army, not to mention the fact that the Persian army consisted of the best cavalry in the world at the time- Alexander also never lost a battle

He was the greatest soldier and best leader this planet ever had.

He was a great general. He destroyed the Persian empire the most power full empire at the time with a much smaller army. If he hadn't died he would have taken much more.

Alexander The Great achieved "more" at a faster rate than the other commanders. No one is the "greatest of all time". But, Alexander is the greatest of his time. If he went up against the others, the odds are in his favor. Everyone copied Alexander, don't forget.

Certainly arguable; he won consistently, and went from having a tiny little country to conquering much of the known world. The main problem with him, however, is that he died young and his empire then promptly disintegrated, revealing that perhaps for all his generalship he wasn't nearly as awesome as he seemed to be.

He showed the world what flanking was

Alexander the great is the most dominant generals in history he also called as "The General Genius" because his strategy work effectively and he has 100% full potential in battle

HE NEVER LOST A BATTLE! He fought what was one of the greatest empires ever, and forced armies more than twice his size to run!

His tactics were amazing and unprecedented. This guy had no fear and an army a lot smaller than his enemies and still won.

Why is this even a discussion? He's just THE top general of all time. He's the person that other generals strive to be. He's accomplishments literally kickstarted a new era in man kind, Hellenistic Civilization. He was a turning point in world history. Yeah there are other generals who have done EXTRAORDINARY things and no one can take that away from them. Every earned their place on this list. But no one else completely and utterly changed the world as completely or permanently than Alexander the Great.

How is this guy not number one!? He caused peace between the Greek City-States and even united them under the banner of Macedonia. He then went on to conquer the entire known world in just twelve years!