David IV of Georgia

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David IV, also known as David the Builder, of the Bagrationi dynasty, was a king of Georgia from 1089 until his death in 1125.


Greatest king and human of the whole Caucasus and nearby places.

The man who built georgia and made on of the best army in the world of that time. Who defeated huge army of 600000soldiers only by 55000 using very smart trick. I think he really deserves that place

Due to the time frame of DAVID his tactics and strategy can only be compared to the bravery and superiority of the spartans who sacrificed themselves to protect Greece. Though he was out numbered greatly his leadership against extreme odds has proved that he was a superior general. The proof of his success not only against the seljuks but his "miraculous victory" also led to the protection of other countries. Because of his wisdom and guidance in each country he protected led to the Golden Age of Georgia. Because of this he was given the name of Saint King David the Builder! For these reasons he deserves being first General of all history.

One of the greatest king all over the world. Georgian nation is proud with him

He was also called by Georgian people DAVID THE BUILDER. In my opinion David IV of Georgia is the greatest Military General in the world. He really deserves to be first.

He was the most powerful military general or commander of all time and in the history of mankind. SAINT KING DAVID


Davit Agmashenebeli (builder)... Georgian King. Shemovevle magas

I can definitely say that, there is no much more inteligent, brave and educated king in the world... He started his reign at the age of 16 and took poor, demoralised and destroied country... During 36 years, he could change everything in georgia, more over he took an enormous part in the first crusider war as a ally of european knights... He was a king who never lose a battle in his whole life.. In a battle he changed 4 horses and finished it on 5th... The war of didgori is considered as a miracle in the history of the world, where David defeated enemy who has 10 times bigger army...

He was not only the best Military General, he was genius!

He was only 16 years old when he became a King of the destroyed Kingdom. The country was rapidly overrun by seljuks and Noblemen were acting on their own even Robbing King's treasury. In 1089 his father left the throne, cause it was seen that his 16 year old son was much more fit to Rule. He trained an army with which destroyed disobedyant Georgian Noblemen. In 1099 He stopped paying taxes to Seljucks after Crusaders had taken Jerusalem. After this he step by step united the pieces of the kingdom he had inherited. By he 1120 he had won every single battle. By this time seljucks understood the threat that was coming from a strong Caucasian christian country. They Gathered about 500 000 (different sources say 400 000 - 700 000) muslim coalition Army and gave the liedership to famous General Ilghaz. In 1121 David with his 55 600 Army destroyed Seljucks Becoming the Dominant Kingdom in the region.

David had inherited pieces of what ment to be his Kingdom, but left The country who ...more

David's army also fought the war of liberation Jerusalem with Crusader coalition forces!

Besides his reign coincided crusade and weakening of seljukian empire, he still was the greatest Military General and captain not only of army but for nation too. He was also great tactician and foresight, as he planned his actions with coincidence of other international promotional happenings. We can say that his situation was one of easiest, but its mistake. Of course not every General could handle all of the problems he faced in the form of internal and foreign affairs. Also, his reforms of Court, Army, Church, Spy Apparatus, etc Greatly helped Georgia to develop and make Strong position in the world of great empires. Greatness of David would be seen in XII century, in the Golden Era of Queen Tamar - His Flourished Heritage.

Used smaller forces against large enemy with creativity and also used political/information operations to change geopolitical situation.

He was one of the most influental persons of his time - not only for Georgia but for the whole world,

Davit the builder was the greatest king:))

He was awesome general! He was just 16 when he used to fight against enemies!

He was not only military general, he was the loved king, greatest peson of his time, above mentioned generals can't be saide to be same kind. They were just great commanders and/or tyrans, but David the buider was a king of kings.

The small country among the biggest empires, which became the strongest in whole region after famous Didgori war. Saint David Builder

Symbol of strength of Georgian soul, belief in yourself, love of homeland, selflessness...

He was really best king in Georgian history (and I believe, in history of neighbours) and his title/signature was: "King of the Abkhazians, Georgians, ranians, kakhs, Armenians, ShirvanShah (King of Shirvan), ShahinShah (King of Anis), the East and the West".

Just before the battle king david send 200 chosen men to the enemy positions, it was so unreal that seljuks let them in as they thought they where the traitors, but suddenly after georgians got far inside the enemy camp slaughter has began, panic spread between the seljuks, as they thought that somehow the georgians army were allready there, attacking them, the result: full crash of the seljuks army formation. The death of those 200 and the bravory of the rest of the army lead by king david and his son prince demetrius (demetre) saved georgia and the whole christian civilization in that time when seljuks tried to attack the europe from the east and open the second front in the holy war for jerusalem

With his army of 55.000 men won against seljuks, their army composed of 600.000 soldiers.



David was great not only on the battlefield. He was also great in geopolitical thinking - choosing the right moment for the striking, while waiting for it brilliantly prepared. He was great in crushing internal enemies, later proceeding to foreign ones. He managed to unify the nation and create a regional power from ruins of a small country. Overall, he was a great commander, politician, ideologist and a ruler

He is Saint for orthodox christians. He was a great king. Visit his grave in Georgia, it's also interesting to see the gate which take him from Ganja..