Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox

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Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel, popularly known as the Desert Fox, was a German field marshal of World War II.


The only German officer who should not be considered a "Nazi". He infact refused to join the Nazi Party. He was just an honourable soldier doing what's right for his country only to realise later what crimes Hitler and the SS had done were wrong. Because of that he supported the conspirators to remove Hitler from power after knowing Germany can no longer win and Hitler is leading them to destruction which will later lead him to commit suicide. He's not one that favours Hitler and his ideals but a man of honour and a loyal patriot to his country.

By far above and beyond the Greatest military mind of modern history, defeated 500 British tanks with only 20 Tanks. Turned small numbers of men and small material resources into stunning victories that would be remembered for decades to come, possibly even centuries. This man was also the true father of the Blitzkrieg, being able to command the charge through France and Belgium, as well as the north African campaign.

Cunning and skilled general Erwin Rommel was responsible for leading the German armies in North Africa. Even under the extreme conditions and very limited oil supply, his badly outnumbered army managed to pull of some daring victories. Later the allies only managed to break through Normandy when he was wounded. Rommel was later forced to commit suicide by Hitler and Keitel because of his involvement in the assassination attempt on Hitler's life.

This man commanded German tank divisions across the deserts of Africa will the were running on empty. they were also outnumbered by the forces of the rest of the world yet he still came out victorious! His winning streak ended when Hitler screwed up and sent precious resources elsewhere. Also, German factories where being taken out by the allies. Yet with barely any supplies Rommel made do with what he had.

He was a fantastic military strategist, his army treated all prisoners fairly and respectably, he was loyal to his country, amazing new tactics that we employ today, also attempted to kill Hitler. He hated Hitler and his ideas but was loyal to his country to the end. This man in his own right deserves to be in the top ten.

He was far ahead of his time, a true military leader. Always out thinking his enemy with less supplies and out numbered but still prevailing. A good human being who did not follow the Nazi's and treated his prisoners with with respect. He was a brilliant military commander and one of the greatest in history.

He was a good general indeed, he was skillful and swift until he got the "Desert Fox" title. Even though he joined the German Nazi soldier but he doesn't really act like a typical Nazis, instead he still humane. When he was stationed in France during the Atlantic Wall construction, he didn't torture the French labors but he gave those labors salary from their hardwork. When Hitler asked him to deport the Jews, he didn't deport the Jews but he spared the Jews. The Afrika Korps was never accused of any war crimes, and Rommel himself referred to the fighting in North Africa as Krieg ohne Hass war without hate.

Too bad, Hitler asked him to commit suicide just because Rommel disagree with Hitler's policies and acts.

He was almost like Robert E Lee and James Longstreet all in one. He was respected on both sides like what Robert E Lee was in the Civil War due to his sense of honour and military genius. Longstreet on the other hand since he was realistic that the war was lost (similar to how he knew that the Confederates will lose at Gettysburg if Lee didn't heed his warning) but he was ignored by Hitler about the true facts (similar to how Lee ignored Longstreet's warning that his attack at Gettysburg will fail). He was a soldier who refused to acknowledge himself as a "Nazi", courageous to defy Hitler's orders, a man of honour and a true patriot to his country.

He was without a doubt a major reason Germany was as successful as they were in the war. He managed to hold off ally troops with little to no supplies, and treated both friend and foe with respect.

Brilliant Military leader asked to do the impossible in Africa fails due to command not sending the resources needed then he is asked to do the impossible again on D-day and stations tanks on the beachheads but it is sent back due to command yet again nearly doing the impossible twice while still maintaining his dignity, morale and chivalry. Truly the only general to follow the gentleman's war in WW2

Easily one of the greatest Generals ever. Also a great human being. Wasn't even a Nazi nor did he believe in the Holocaust. His brilliant military tactics are used by the United States today. He got Germany so close to winning.

The only reason why the allies won the Normandy invasion was because he was absent. He committed no war crimes and was a respectable general. Unfortunately, he fought for the Nazis, but this should not be held against him.

Rommel was a master of combat. His victory over Napoleon in 1456 was among the greatest of all time. Personally, I don't think he gets enough credit for helping stop the alien invasion of 2144 using only crossbows and boomerangs.

With no background military roots in his family, he rises to be Field Marshall and helps the Italians in North Africa and drove over 200 miles into France, IN ONE DAY!

Rommel a veteran and slick sharp thinker if unleashed by Hitler a tru student of the flanking attack.He mite have pushed the allies into the sea with his cracked panzer divisions avoiding allie air power that he spoke to Hitler about many times he would have attacked any supply routes sending the allies to think things over

Rommel was a military genius and a gentleman in gruesome times but the head of the military has to understand and defend what they fight for and in that regard he failed humanity miserably.

Nobody comes close to his man. A great great general who does not ill treat his enemies says much of him. My vote.

Rommel was respected by both Allied and Axis generals, including George S. Patton and the famed Bernard Montgomery. He was very humane and treated the POWs in an honorable fashion.

One of the Greatest, if not the Greatest General of all time. Erwin Rommel is definitely my favorite General of all time. It's a shame he died how he did.

Not only a great general, but a great general. He never approved of the killings of the Jewish People. He also treated his prisoners humanely

He was a god general he fought the british in Africa when he was outnumbered and still won most of the battles and he didn't have like any fuel

True soldier, He almost kicked the British out of north Africa. Sadly for Germany and lucky for the rest of the world Hitler was stupid enough not to support Marshal Rommel in North Africa. With North Africa secured and Mediterranean sea in German's control, WW2 could have taken a very different direction.

I know he is a nazi but he has the most best tactics in the world he deserves credit for his victory across africa he led afrika corps in ww2 I vote no1 on my ww2 list

Extreme loyalty not to himself, but to his men and his country. This man was an extremely talented general and was without a doubt one of the best of all time.

Best general but he had a tendency to run way to fast ahead of supply lines still he is my role hated Hitler and wanted Germany to overtake the Nazis