Hannibal Barca

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Hannibal, fully Hannibal Barca, was a Punic military commander from Carthage, generally considered one of the greatest military commanders in history.


Hannibal was such a brilliant leader that even after he died, Rome was scared of Carthage rising back to prominence. To the point that Rome actually felt the need to not only invade, beat them, burn their city, tear it to the ground literally - by which I mean actually dismantle all buildings - but they then even salted the earth it was built upon so that nothing could be built there again. Admittedly, Genghis Khan was good, built a great empire, BUT that was due to the fighting style of the mongols themselves, their enemies couldn't withstand the hit and run horse bowmen with recurved bows...it was kind of like the Conquistadors with their guns taking out the Aztecs (who only used stone/ bone/ sharpened wooden weapons) with disease and guns and horses (which were introduced to the Americas by Europeans).

This, on top of the fact that the guy marched over mountains with elephants, after getting his engineers to build rafts to take them and his army (including the elephants) ...more

This genius gained victory after victory against the mighty Roman Empire. As a military general none is equal to this man. He should be on top of the list. He combined various warriors from different races into one superieur and effective army. He made good use of terrain and laid ambushes. He studies his adversaries and thus knew his enemies before engaging them. Above everything else his tactics made him win battles. This guy is the Einstein of military warfare. If Sun Tzu was the writer of the War Bible then Hannibal Barca is Jesus Christ. He was capable of annihilating entire armies. If the system in Carthage was comprised similar to the Roman Empire then nothing would be able to stop Hannibal Barca. The only thing that stopped Hannibal was the lack of support he had from Carthage. One has just to look into one of his battles and everyone will agree that he should be on top of this list.

Brilliant general. Battle of Cannae was a master piece. Once was trapped in a valley at night by a larger Roman force got out by tricking the Romans into thinking he was going to charge them by tying torches to oxen and sending them out the valley towards the Romans. Romans brought all their troops to the place they thought he was about to try break through while he left the valley by a route they had just left open to him as they moved to help their friends. Battle of Lake Trasimene was a amazing piece of deception. While he was the man who almost beat Rome he was also the one who forged it in to the empire we remember it as in the fires of his war with them. They learnt the tactics that gave them an empire from him.

Hannibal invaded Rome and stayed their for nearly 20 years. Hannibal takes the fight right to the Roman Empire. After numerous battles the Romans decided the only way to deal with this invading general was to not engage him. If Rome wasn't their home they would have left the country. The Romans had the home field advantage, and a much larger army, but they were crushed every time they engaged with Hannibal. Without a doubt Hannibal was the biggest bad ass of all time.

Greatest general to ever walk the planet, he brought the Roman Empire to its knees, and out of spite he spared them. He spared them knowing that they would never grow into a world empire, though many disagree saying Rome was the greatest. Hannibal shortened the lifespan of Rome by centuries, he burned Italy worse then any barbarians could. It literally took him to be out athed on every level to be defeated. Even then he went out slaughtering Romans, he didn't even give them the glory of capturing him.

The first general (in the west) to pioneer tactics and strategy on the battlefield instead of method (hoplites/maniples/etc etc)

Hannibal Barca defied all odd's and a large force through the Alps, he emerged from the Alps with a small force hardened veterans who slaughtered thousands of Roman Soldiers. If it weren't for equally intelligent Roman Generals, he would have successfully besieged Rome.

If he brought Rome to it's knees, especially with less than 20,000 men, then this man is the greatest general ever... Of all time. Schools should teach a lot more about him. And because he brought Rome to it's knees, that made him the most powerful, respected, and feared person in his time.

He is the greatest according to me. Why? The answer is simple. He didn't create a huge empire, he wasn't the ruler of a political entity but he won seemingly impossible battles in conditions so unfavourable and against such huge odds that none of the other greats (of course others here are greats too but Hannibal is the greatest) named here would have won similar battles under similar circumstances.

Military leaders throughout history (including modern times) have studied Hinnibal's tactics in "The Battle of Cannae". It is regarded both as one of the greatest tactical feats in military history - and also as one of the worst defeats in Roman history.

His ability to judge and predict his opponent was second to none. He created one of the earliest examples of encirclement that leaders have tried to emulate ever since. Napoleon studied his strategies and took much from them.. Hannibal was truly way ahead of his time.

Hannibal was a legitimate genius when it came to warfare. He routinely beat the most powerful military power in the world even though Rome had every advantage. Even today, people study Hannibal's strategies in the military.

He fought almost 20 years without proper support from Carthage and won numerous battles against superior foes.

Hannibal failed in what he tried to accomplish. The fact that he is known as an amazing military commander is absurd, he got all the elephants that he brought with him killed before he even used them, he got thousands of people killed crossing the alps during winter, and ultimately failed in his attempt to defeat Rome.

Simply the Greatest General ever, his tactics are pure brilliance and the fact that he did implemented them to the most mobile and strongest forces of the time shows his skills.

Greatest General of all time period. Cannae was pure genius, Sure Alexander was great, but he had a united uniform army against an already declining empire, Hannibal had no supply line, his army was completely diverse, they didn't even speak the same language, but that meant nothing to the military genius that was Hannibal Barca.

Greatest general of all time. He destroyed Rome on it's own soil, with less than 20,000 men. I don't know what he would have done if he had more.

Hannibal Barca, probably the worst threat Rome ever faced, the sad irony of it is, if he never attacked Rome, it wouldn't have ever been expected to grow to the size it did.

Just cause you lose doesn't mean you're the worst. Hannibal won many battles, and if it wasn't for his age, mental tiredness and his civilization's mistake, he would've won!

He was the first general to successfully surround an army twice the size of his own, just sit back and think about how impossible that sounds.

A fighter to his last breath. " Hannibal at the Gates " phrase can still be used to communicate.

The greatest general in the history of the world, and here is why. If you were to talk about greatest field commander, there could be argument that Erwin Rommel or someone else was better. If you were to talk about the greatest strategist, there is argument that Napoleon or others were better. But when you consider a general as a whole, Hannibal takes the cake. Surprising the Romans by marching across the Pyrenees and Alps (a feat thought to be impossible for an army) Hannibal fought in enemy lands with less men, no supplies, worse equipment, and most importantly absolutely no backing by his home nation Carthage. Had Carthage stepped up to even one of his requests for reinforcements the Carthaginian Empire would be talked about as the great Empire of Antiquity. His encirclement tactic at Cannae is still studied today, and his ability to effectively lead an army of many different nations was unimaginable. Hannibal Barca's the best.

Hannibal was great he took on a nation that was very powerful... A man like that one must respect his heart and his way of thinking..

Hannibal did the impossible. Many, many times. That is why he is the greatest.

Without doubt a genius of his time, and to maraud the super power of its day in their own homeland for over 10 years is not something to be overlooked

Hannibal Barca unlike most great generals had a huge lack of supplies, equipment, and troops (quality and quantity). His marches, battle plans and cunning where measure. He and his small army of unorganized mercenary's manage to put rome to her knee's destroying army after army. Although he himself recognized that without support from carthage or by persuading romes allies against her that he could not take the city of rome herself. But the fact that he was able to beat rome time and time again without external supplies (his army had to leterally roam the countryside for food), without a disiplend army, without surperior numbers in army or navy, and without siege equipment. If my point wasn't clear unlike generals like alaxander and caesar he could seldom win a head on engagement. He also made rome so scared that they tried to avoid battle with him for over a decade after he defeated them at cannae. Although he lost in the end that cannot deteriorate from his amazing skills on the ...more