Khalid ibn al-Walid


Khalid is often overlooked in such lists, not because of any flaws in his military leadership, rather because of his position in Islam as a companion of Mohammed, something that western historians and peoples alike harbor very negative and hostile positions towards.
Khaled has excelled in each and every item of military strategy, his flanking action at Ohoud (before he became a Muslim) saved the day and altered the entire outcome of the battle. His brilliant campaigns against similar nomadic troops in the Ridda wars, and against a totally different Persian enemy in Iraq and modern Iran and later against Byzantium, showed great military versatility and ability to adjust. His wars were always far from his homelands, requiring superb management of his supply lines, and his rush across the perilous wastelands separating the Levant from Iraq, to aid the Islamic armies besieged by Byzantian forces was daring and unprecedented, to march an army through waterless wastes and depend on ...more

he is top of all military commander in history

He (RA) should be placed at number one. If you read into the battles that he actually fought and won not only was he a great commander of the army but her was praised for his excellency in swordsmanship and horse riding skills. In his first ever time being the commander of the Muslim army he used his military experience to change a loss into a crushing victory.

Adding to this he won all battles that he commanded. On his death bed he showed his friend all the scars he received from battle which covered his entire body he then said (along the lines of) "Look at all these scars I have received from battle and now I am dying in my bed". He said this as he desired death on the battlefield more than anything.

May Allah Be Pleased with him.

He never lost in 100 battles + over 100 duels 1v1 come on man laugh out loud can you imagine dueling over 100 duels in front of 2 big armies everything depending on you he's one of only few leaders who actually fought with their soldiers such as alexander the great and risked their necks and still didn't get killed even though he was the first to run into the enemies and the last to leave :) he broke 9 swords in a battle once 9 swords

Soldier: Ya Khalid the Romans are so many and we are so few.
Khalid ibn Walid- No we are so many and the Romans are so few, because we have God on our side.

Being unbeaten in a hundred battles, I think he MUST be at the top of the list in history. Beating the then superpowers having greater numbers and equipment and veterans with a small rag tag band of bedouins was more than impossible without him. Considering his military tactics and cleverness as well as achievements, I think he must be well above Ceasar, Suvorov, Bonaparte and Alexander for his military awe.

It is said there was no part of his body that wasn't wounded, yet he never rested until his death. I think Khalid ibn al-Walid is the best military leader because of one quality that all others don't have: he never ransacked the territories he invaded, sparred the lives of women, children and old people.

I'm quite baffled by how low khalid is on this list. I detest subjectivism, when a particular race, religion or whatever group ascertains something based on anything besides objective fact. Notwithstanding the comments from Muslims who chose khalid because he's Muslim, objectively speaking khalid is a superb commander who deserves number one tied with alexander the great. Why do I say this audacious claim? His military feats speak amply in his defense

Lead 100 battles undefeated

In every battle he was outnumbered severely

His men, albeit having rudimentary military experience, weren't elite warriors like the Romans and Persians

He fought his enemies in their own terrain

He was simultaneously fighting 2 super powers

Most of his men were gaunt and underfed

Despite all these logistical and even physical disadvantages Khalid not only held his own but wrested away substantial lands from both empires, and even led to the end of the Sassinid ...more

Ravaged the two greatest powers of his time; Rome and Persia. Made Persia extinct, and Rome was only lucky he didn't have time. NEVER lost a battle. Not ONCE! Has to be number 1

Khaled was the only military leader who could defeat both the roman and persian empires with extremely lower capabilities of fighters and equipments than any of both. He defeated each of them in not less than 5 or 6 battles which allowed the muslims to take over a huge area including syria, Iraq, lebanon, Jordan and Egypt in a vey short period of time. For example in the Yarmouk battle Khaled led the muslim army of 36 000 fighters to defeat the roman army of 200 000 fighters! Can you imagine! He deserves a place among the top ten of course.

he never lost a battle. infact he was one has ever defeated prophet muhammed in a war.

"I know more about Khalid than anyone else, no man is luckier than he. No man is his equal in war. No people face Khalid in battle, be they strong or weak, but are defeated. Take my advice and make peace with him. "

Prince Ukaid of Domat ul Jandal. (633 A. D)

"Is the standard of this army a black one? Is the commander of this army a tall, powerfully built, broad shouldered man with a large beard and a few pock marks on his face? Then beware of fighting this army. "

Byzantine priest. (633 A. D)

The only general who won all his battles against superior forces... He is the only person to have fought 100 battles and not loose a single fight...

Well he unlike most generals lets the countries that he conquered keep there religion and also the Muslims are arguably the most influential and he got so popular that the leader even had to make only a soldier because he was getting to popular and when the people asked for troops the leader sent them him and he made all the differences he may may have not had strategies may not have included structures but he did have good war plans and also I'm a Muslim so yeah an also I know what the leaders name was it just because most people wouldn't understand and his name is Omar

I'm baffled that this guy isn't ranked first. I can only imagine it is because of his Arabic name. If any other western general had his resume he'd be ranked first. This guy went undefeated against the two most powerful empires in the world. Undefeated. Ranking him 5th is like ranking Floyd Mayweather fifth in Boxing. The only one I'd put up against this guy is Alexander the Great.

His military tactics were unique.his speed of attack was fast.he defeted romans and persians with small number of people.i do not think any one else in the list would have done he should be on number one place.

This man deserve to be in the top he created a new type of strategy in battles 1500 years ago that still considered lethal in our modern war this man if you read about him in battle and you tried to imagine how he responded to the outnumbered forces he faced with few thousands you will shocked because he won in every battle even myself if I tried to face him in my mind and put the strategy he can read my mind because he faced in all battles every strategic general in Roman and Persian,when you read about the Yarmoutk battle and how he controlled it believe you will be mesmerized by the speedy action out posting the battle controlling every soldier and mostly highly genuine thought of how to when the battle from zero hour until the end he even created special force of 500 highly trained horse men to keep it exploring the back line of battle and to enter in fights if their team struggling in some point or place he even expected where the Romans will run away from the beginning so he ...more

Khalid ibn Walid (also known as Sayf Allah Al-Maslum) was one of the most powerful, if not he was the most powerful warrior of all time. Khalid ibn Walid fought in over a 100 battles and remains undefeated. If you don't know about him then you don't know about history, he makes people like you and I look very weak. If you don't know about him then I suggest you do your research because Khalid bin Walid is a true legend!

Khalid was the general of the Muslim army. An example of his victories is Battle of Mu'tah. He was able to maintain his heavily outnumbered army of 3,000 men against a massive army of 200,000 of the Byzantine Empire. And guest what, he defeated them!

Defeating superpowers of the time like Roman empire and Persians with armies as small as 18 th and against greatest in technologies with just swords makes his stature way above anyone. Don't forget that he is among only a few who fought more than 100 battles and remained undefeated.

Undefeated in his carrier, lot of his tactics still relevant in modern era, great example of what sun tzu call as 'brilliant general', what else? Oh and he defeat 2 major power in his time, Persia and rome with just not more than 50000 army.

True khalid ibn al-walid was a true best military commander of his time and will be throughout the history.

The Best of the Best he is undefeated he never lost he beat the superpowers of the time with 1 tenth of the army he was smart and gained many nicknames including "The Sword Of Allah" before he died he should his fellow friends that not an inch of his body didn't have a scar and said "May the eyes of the cowards never sleep" he was brave and while there was a war while his army just attacked he was between the enemies while the whole army kills 1000 he himself kills a 1000 he didn't start a war never he was attacked or they have wronged him I. E by killing Muslims or a messenger and he wanted to die as a martyr but in the day of judgement WE will bear witness to him that he spread Islam like few did he fought and put his life for the sake of ALLAH (swt) and his messenger (SAW)

Khalid was the only general in history who could defeat both the roman and persian empires. Besides, his army capabilities were much lower than those of his enemies, for example in the yarmouk battle khalid army of 36000 warriors defeated the roman army of 200 000 warriors. It is a miracle!

Khalid bin walid was the ablest general of all the times he was undefeated against the two super powers of that time. He is known for his wise military strategy and fast movements of army. He should be at top in ranks