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181 Alp Arslan V 1 Comment
182 Modu Chanyu (Mete Khan)

Modu Chanyu the founder of the Xiongnu Empire (from 209 BCE to 174 BCE) which stretched from Manchuria to the Caspian Sea. As an able military leader, he invented cavalry system that Turkic and Mongolian armies used until the 20th Century. Hunnic tumens invaded China many times and Chinese dynasties built the Chinese Wallto stop him.

183 Simeon The Great
184 Giuseppe Garibaldi

Really needs to be in this list

Guys... he pretty much united Italy alongside Camillo Cavour

185 Tadeusz Kościuszko

He should rank higher than George Washington since he taught George how to fight a "modern war". He was the primary author of the strategy of how the revolutionary war was won! He came to the US after being undefeated fighting for the Polish-Lituanian commonwealth against Tsarist Russia and the Prussian Empires. He left the US to go back home and start a revolution in which he won every battle despite having a ragtag militia army fighting Russia's and prussia's more professional and better equipped armies. In no battle did he have odds better than 1/3 of the enemies men either. Most Europeans in the early 1800s and most Americans at the time considered him a better General than Napolean. He probably was! Oh and he was one of the first elites in the US Army to speak out against slavery. He freed all his Serfs in Poland and assisted in the freeing of slaves in the US. Based on wins and losses I would rank him higher than Napolean in the top 10 all time. Unfortunately he fought for a ...more

186 Saad el-Shazly

He was an Egyption general during October war 1973 between Egypt and Israel, his opinions would avoid the Egyption army from big losses but "sadat" high supreme leader back then, refused his opinions.

After war he became the Egyption ambassador to england

187 Norman Schwartzkopf, USA

A General who did his job, won as much of a war as the politician would allow, when he retired had the sense to keep out of politics and kept his thoughts to himself. Our country will not see his like again any time soon.

Great man that wasn't afraid to fight along side his men.

188 Joseph Hooker, USA

Was useful as a very bad example of what a general should be. Evidence: Hookers are named after him

189 Gerd von Rundstedt

He was recalled at the beginning of World War II as Commander of Army Group South in the Polish campaign. He commanded Army Group A during the German invasion of France, and was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal during the 1940 Field Marshal Ceremony. In the Russian Campaign, he commanded Army Group South, responsible for the largest encirclement in history, the Battle of Kiev.

190 Toyotomi Hideyoshi
191 Mahmud of Ghazni
192 Sir John Monash

Defeater of the German Kaiser using new modern warfare tactics

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193 John Hunyadi

The Best military general in the 15th century. He was the person who defeat the century's best army the ottoman army with it's fameous infantry troops the janissaries. If you don't believe it was awesome, just listen the ringing bells at 12 o'clock.

194 Shaka Zulu

Shaka made a tribe to the most dominate empire in Africa. - ArdaUlay

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195 Isoroku Yamamoto

The only member of Imperial Japanese leadership with the foresight to see a losing war ahead and still know how to win it.

Overall, extremely forward thinking, even seeing the impracticality of building the popular super-battleships and focusing on range of attacks with bombers and the all important aircraft carrier.

Recognized the importance of taking the money islands of Southeast Asia to fuel the underproduction Japanese war machine.

Only due to a logistic mishap and the timidity of Nagumo, was the Attack on Pearl Harbor not a death blow to the US Navy.

Helped modernize the IJN to become the first great Eastern military power of the industrial age.

Despite being a political opponent of the leadership of Japan, he stayed in a powerful office due the admiration of the Japanese fleet.

His death was one of the nails on the coffin for Japan in the Pacific War.

196 Erich Ludendorff

Defeated two armies that both vastly outnumbered his. Wrote books after his service in WWI that described "total war" and heavily influenced future warfare. A master of logistics, knocked Russia out of the war while fighting France and England on a separate front. He was probably the first commander during WWI to abandon Napoleonic ideals and adapt modern tactics. Should at least be to 50.

197 Chajja Singh Dhillon
198 Jean Lannes V 1 Comment
199 Ching Shih
200 Subutai

This guy should may be the best field commander of all time. Usually outnumbered, fighting in foreign territory, and, due to the scope of the Mongol campaigns, was on his own in terms of battle tactics. He fought against two of the most powerful empires of his day, and even though most lacked the leadership of the Mongols, they were always equipped enemies. This guy was also smart enough to either outmaneuver his enemies, deceive them, incorporate skilled men, and earn the trust of one of the most influential people ever, Genghis Khan.

I'm not sure how this guy isn't in the top 3. He was probably the greatest ever in my opinion. He swept through Europe and Asia against overwhelming odds, and used artillery to his advantage in normal battles.

Subutai, under the Khans of the Mongol Empire, had more successful campaigns and conquered more land than any one man in history. Genghis Khan and the successor Khans get a lot of credit for the huge expansion of the Mongol Empire, and they did play a pretty major part, but people tend to forget that Subutai was largely responsible for that.

How can Genghis and other Khans be ahead of this guy? Genghis is a legend, my favourite person in history. Yet, it was known he would heed Subutai counsel for war over his own ideas

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