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41 Miltiades

Athens military commander. Not a favourite in Athens and even exiled once from Athens to Persia. Led athenian army to victory against Persian invasion forces at Marathon with 1 : 2 odds.

In my opinion, the battle of Marathon was much better than Thermopyle, they won the battle for one, he deserves at least 30

He employed a very bold strategy and won.Amazing

42 Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden

If not one of the greatest generals of all time truly he was one of the greatest military minds ever. Called the "Father of Modern Warfare" as he evolved and revolutionized warfare from a very static thing with big blocks of slow to maneuver infantry supported by firearms and cannons, to one that utilized smaller, more flexible units with a much greater percentage of formations comprising firearms. He utilized concentrated fire to stop cavalry charges cold, "cross-trained" the soldiers to be able to fill any role/gap ( in particular with the early "hand-guns" that he placed particular value upon), standardized cannon sizes and incorporated the smaller cannons directly into the infantry units to allow maximum mobility.

He recognized the excellence of the training and equipment of his men while not being blind to its greatest weakness, an overall small amount of manpower to call upon. This meant casualties were magnified in cost within his regiments and they were ill-suited to ...more

While his successes in the Thirty Years' War ended up being fairly short-term, and ended up lengthening a particularly bloody war, rather than decisively ending it, his innovation in the organization of his country and its military proved to advance the military thinking of all of Europe. On top of that, he managed to turned the tide against Tilly, the general at the head of the Habsburg-led faction in the Holy Roman Empire, who at this point in the war, had proved to be more than capable, overpowering more than a few generals in the early to middle stages. Unfortunately for Sweden and its Protestant allies, the "Lion of the North" would die within two years of landing in the Holy Roman Empire, and as such, the Protestant League turned to France to lead them.

Gustav II Adolf, the King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632, credited as the founder of Sweden as a Great Power. He led Sweden to military supremacy during the Thirty Years War, helping to determine the political as well as the religious balance of power in Europe.

"Father of Modern Warfare"
That explains it.

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43 Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.

In a time when he had every reason to be paranoid, He was, but he was the mastermind behind the Eastern front, He knew his Enemy and that their pride would get the better of them.

In Stalingrad a city He ordered to be built as the strongest city in the world, Indestructible and the perfect place to make a stand, Not a last stand but The Stand of the war. Russia under Stalin defeated 4/5 of the German Army in the Largest war EVER. If Tamerlane is not ruled out for his Tyranny Or Napoleon is not ruled out for not knowing when to stop then Stalin, should in fact be near the top (Hitler was a failure thus should never be on this list, Tyranny being irrelevant on THIS list)

He sought and alliance with France and UK but was turned down on Ideological terms, & Kept an unlikely Union together.

He was a clown silly and simply put! Your missing great Military minds and leaders too! What about Ethan Allen. Just because their war was small and obscure does not mean they were no good...

Stalin was a not General or military mind but a terrorist and bank robber who was able to secure power. As far as his defeat of Germany no way that was going to happen, if the US had not entered with its massive money and industrial might! Russia would have been beaten a second time by Germany!

Stalin is a disgrace to mankind. Actually, I apologize because that statement is very offensive to disgraces of mankind.

He won world 2. he was best.

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44 Tamerlane

Destroyed everything that opposed him, whether they were Mongol, Turkic, Arab or Hindu. Skilled diplomat when it was required. Died on the way to conquer the Yuan dynasty.

He should be in top 20. He did not lose any battle, destroy many kingdoms. He has slowed the rising of the Ottoman empire. He care scientist. (He killed lots of people but didn't kill scientist.)

He worth to be the first in this list. If everybody knows about works done by him they would vote him more actively

Being a Turco-Mongol, that's what you need to be a good commander and enlist a great semi-nomad empire

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45 Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was an American statesman who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837 . He was born near the end of the colonial era, somewhere near the then-unmarked border between North and South Carolina, into a recently immigrated Scots-Irish farming family of relatively more.

I am hard pressed to find another man as tough. awesome leadership willed his way to victory Chuck Norris jokes should be replace his with Andrew Jackson he was the toughest SOB in American history.

I think he may be the greatest president ever. He is the only president to bring America out of debt. Every other president has operated completely in debt

My favorite American President

He should be in top 20000

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46 Lian Po

He is the greatest general in Chinese history. he had strength to fight an army by himself. in his time every country feared him

47 Joshua (Bible)

Great as it can be, men's strength comes from this world. Joshua's strength comes from domain above. For anyone fancy the real power, this man is whom you should look into.

Although he was awesome, Joshua won because God was with him. Example: the walls of Jericho. So, I suppose that this is more of a vote for God.

He was courageous as a young man and like David trusted God and God fought for him.

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48 Douglas McArthur

Wasn't McArthur the only West Point grad with not one demerit or was it Robert E. Lee? I was always impressed with lives saved in his battles. Every life is important so he was a brilliant strategist. High accomplishment with less men lost. McArthur was so good, he was almost as good as he thought he was and confidence is important in great leaders. Yes, giant ego but could back it up. I'm not saying greatest of all time but surely above number 50.

saved my country (philippines) - icanflyfaraway

If it would not be this man

People see to forget that there was few accomplishments that were denied GA MacArthur. He was a Medal of Honor receipiant. He was the superintendant of West Point and Chief of Staff of the Army. He was a Brigadier General almost thirty years prior to the Korean War. He outranked all of his superiors by date of rank and date of service.

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49 Arthur Wellesley

Constantly beat larger armies through sheer determination and tactics

A superb General, he was able to beat a force under Napoleon Bonaparte. He is very underrated, due to the victory being gained by the aid of Prussian cavalry. However, He is a brillian tactician, who more or less saved Spain and Portugal from the mighty French Empire.

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50 Han Xin

He is totally underrated, he was the general that brought up the greatest dynasty in the world.

Responsible for the founding of China's Han dynasty. David IV win or die tactic was used 1000 years later than him. That's 1000 years later

51 Peter the Great Peter the Great

Pyotr Alexeyevich (Pyotr I) ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 1682 until 1725. In numerous successful wars he expanded the Tsardom into a huge empire that became a major European power. He led a cultural revolution that replaced some of the traditionalist and medieval social and political system with a modern, scientific, Europe-oriented, and rationalist system.

The most successful Russian Tzar. He revolutionized Russia economy and military. He build St. Petersburg city on the swampy area and became major city in Russia. Under him, Russia became one of the European major power. He led Russia in battle with Sweden and Ottoman Empire even though his miliry tactic not really worth to mention. But he change transform Russia into a respected country.

52 Germanicus Germanicus Germanicus was a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty and a prominent general of the early Roman Empire.

Good general, very popular. He was the successor of August everybody wanted.

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53 Leonidas I

With only 300 soldiers by his side he killed hundred of thousands Persian soldiers even he was killed with the 300 such accomplishment cannot be considered a defeat.

Besides his famous last stand, he shows what it means to be a professional soldier

I think this is totally wrong

YES. I was hoping it was on here.

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54 Nguyen Tan Cuong
55 Augustus Caesar

Sitting at 52? Really? That's insane. His name is synonymous with victory, he is the one man all tacticians after him are compared to. He made Rome one of the largest empires to ever exist on this planet. Overrated or not 52 is absurd.

Just outside the top twenty, believable, out of the top fifty! Absurd.

Augustus should be before Julius cause he expanded Rome and made it a respectable empire

Top 13

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56 Hoang Trong Bang
57 Belisarius

Should be higher, but his name doesn't have the luster, which is representative of his character. Belisarius, to me at least, seems to have generally cared about his soldiers, and seems to be the most human out of all generals I've read about. His craftiness in the siege of Rome, and his ability to think outside the box in terms of set-piece battles, saved not only the lives of his troops, but also kept bloodshed among civilians rather low as well. On top of this, he re-conquered with around 10,000 troops what 100,000 couldn't defend. He did this by always trying to beat his opponents before the battle, and forcing them to withdraw or surrender in order to keep the body count (on both sides) low. But, I must admit, his invasion of Italy wouldn't last, and even within his lifetime most of it was reversed and had to be (re)-re-conquered by Narses, who also proved to be a very competent general who doesn't get much love on this list, partly due to their being few documents of his ...more

I came to this website in large part to see where in the top 5 he would be ranked, and to find him at 94 is comically pathetic. The dude reconstructed the western Roman Empire from scratch. I have little doubt that he would have been the equal of Alexander if he would have been born similarly into royalty. You have him ranked below a guy in Custer who is best known for having his command utterly destroyed, and who was probably at no point in his life one of the 10 best generals in his own country in his own time.

A true icon of dedication, loyalty and service; he did what many others ranked above him have failed to do as generals. To set one's selfish ambition aside and serve the realm are the salient traits of a true general. This is what made the Roman Empire the great power that it was and Belisarius is a great example of the values that the Empire stood on. Its not that he won but HOW he won that makes him a great. Definitely expected him to be higher on the list.

Having this man after allied commanders winning a won war is absourd

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58 Cao Cao

Do not believe in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms when you judge Cao Cao, IT'S A NOVEL. It twists the characters beyond recognition. Cao Cao was a great tactician, good commander and perfect politician in the China of that era. He was no Dong Zhuo. He tried his best to protect China and his people against the chaos. Always giving his enemies a second chance. He defeated Yuan Shao when he was greatly outnumbered also. An example of what a good leader should become. Please do not trust the version of the Romance, it takes elements from the real history but is ficcion. Wei gets to be the bad guy and Shu (with Liu Bei as his leader) gets to be de good guys. Historically it was the other way around.

Prime Minister of Han Dynasty in China. A dictator and founder of Wei Kingdom during three kingdoms era in 2 ce. He conquered half of China.

Cao Cao, the young Nobel man who had a dream of protecting the poor and uniting China under his rule. A very ambitious Character, yet He resembles the traditional Dictator, who places his desires over all others. In instances he shows nobility in his Character, when he kept his promise to Guan Yu. He Is the opposite of Lui bui, he had the same vision of helping the poor and defeating Evil, they lead many battles against Evil together, such as the one against the yellow turbines and Lu Bu, yet he was a self centered ego centric mad man who believed only in his greatness and achievements over all else. Yet I believe he was a great man. Watch Romance of the Three Kingdom cartoon.

59 Charles Martel

Simply the greatest and most important battlefield commander in the history of Christianity. His victory over Abdul Rahman in the battle of Tours in 732 AD is the reason Islam failed in its quest to conquer the world. His role in the course of human history, largely forgotten, cannot be overstated. Had he lost, there is no doubt that Rome and Constantinople would have fallen as well and the True Faith would have been extinguished forever. For 15 years before that crucial battle between the Cross and the Crescent, he won over 100 battles against the disparate Germanic warlords of what had been the Western Roman Empire. Charles not only defeated his enemies by fighting them when and where they least expected, he was renowned for leading his vanguard of elite heavily-armoured infantry in every battle. Indeed, on several occasions during his conquests of Germany, he fought and killed the opposing kings in single combat, something that many of the cowardly generals ranked above never ...more

For his time his organizational skills were incredible considering Europe was a rat's nest of local petty nobles. He not only organized a viable standing army, supply lines but then laid a licking on the Islam expansion from N. Africa through Spain and into Europe. He did that with about a 5 to 1 numerical disadvantage plus the dubious loyalty of local nobles.
Europe today would be Muslim and Arab speaking if not for Martel.
He was a genius before any other general considered those tactics including the Chinese.

"The Hammer" stopped the Muslim conquest of Europe. In a time with no nationalist feelings, he pulled together the men and resources needed to stop an enemy that few knew were coming. The lynch pin of Christian Europe, largely forgotten.

He won one of the great decisive battles in world history against incredibly staggering odds and numbers, and yet is mired in the 60s? He's easily in my top 5. Probably top 2 or 3.

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60 Zhuge Liang

A very intelligent and brilliant military adviser for Shu Kingdom during three kingdom era in China. He develop a strategy and plan to defeat the mighty Wei Kingdom in several campaign. Even though he failed to conquer the enemy, his tactics and strategy really change the tide of battle.

We was the most brilliant military strategist of the Three Kingdoms era.

He is greatest strategist in history

I like him

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