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61 Ngô Quyền

Wow! I just learned about him a few days ago. I heard that he defeated nearly 900 Chinese ships.

A great military leader. The Chinese navy feared him so much that they never returned until 500 years later

Great and brilliant General of Vietnam with his famous attack in 938 on the Bach Dang river

He made nightmare for China military. With Yet Kieu captain, Nam Han (China solider) will never forget that lesson. Don't ever touch in Vietnam country.

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62 Imam Hussein A.S

I Salute his bravery who faced a large number of troops for eight to ten hours with 72 companions

I love him for his Faith

He fought with enemy in a situation that he and his army was thirsty because enemy was surrounding the river

Led a single war in his lifetime, Lost it... - Sadongrohiik

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63 Suleiman I

He was one of the greatest rulers of the Ottoman Empire from whom many of the European empires feared

Suleiman the magnificent.

He was not greatest leaer of the Ottoman empire. His father greater then him. His father gave him very strong army and huge wealth. The power of the Ottoman empire reduced in his time.

He made the Ottoman empire into its hieght

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64 Nguyan Ngoc Loan
65 Themistocles

He was to western civilization what Washington was to America. He defeated the Persian twice and if he hadn't been ostracized Athens wouldn't have fallen to the Spartans

Led one of the most influential battles in history. He was a creator of Athenian sea power and also has a really cool name. Really a very intelligent and hard-working general.

Without him we would all be speaking FARSI

66 Douglas MacArthur Douglas MacArthur

Have you read his book read it and see what he did

So good he is on this list twice

By far the greatest American General of all time. And in the top 5 of all time.

Best theatre commander in ww2
Strategically and tactically unsurpassed
Kenny Eichelberger Casey and Kincaid all served under him and were all excellent. Hollandia landings were nothing short of amazing..dazzling in conception and brilliantly executed only perhaps Napoleons or maybe Hannibal could have done this

67 Skanderbeg

This albanian warrior king started a war were albania would crush any turkish army that came into our land for the next 40 years he was usually outnumbered 1 to 10

Great tactician, held ottomans back many times and defeated them even though he was outnumbered. Deemed "champion of Christ". By the pope. Ottomans only succeeded in conquering Albania after he died of malaria in his 60's

Skanderbeg should be in the top ten

Not even in top 20? Named Skander in honour of Alexander The Great by the Ottoman Sultan, Champion of the Catholic Faith by the pope, National Hero of Albania, the Greatest General of his time, Leader of Albania. He destroyed the Ottomans, Superpower of that time with the Biggest army in the world. Over 600 books in many languages, portraits, operas and more, he became the spirit of the union against the Ottomans all over Europe through centuries making his personality death-less.
He almost became a legend from all his fame. Serbs, Bulgars, Croatians, Greeks, Bosnians, all fell against the Ottoman Empire, but only Albanians stood under his leadership and great military skills. Fought tens of battles, won almost all of them even though beeing outnumbered and less-equipped. Documents show that Pope Pius the second wanted to crown him as a king and make him the first commander of his planned crusade against the Ottomans, but it was never launched. He stopped the further Ottoman ...more

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68 Heinz Guderian

With Rommel and Patton one of the greatest tank generals of WWII.

The father of mechanized warfare. Responsible for countless victories on the Eastern front in WWII and one of the main architect of operation Fall Rot.

Heinz Guderian, Was the Grand Father of all modern combat

Anyone actually familiar with history and warefare will know Guderian was an excellent and successful tank commander for the Germans in WW2, but more outstanding was how he practically invented the 'blitzkrieg' tactics in his book "Achtung-Panzer" published in the late thirties (which I have read). These tactics are still used today

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69 Ali ibn Abu Talib

HE is the best warrior ever born in the world...

HE is the best warrior ever born in the world

Father of Heaven's Prince

Ruled for 5 years, Launched a military campaign to regain lost territory, Lost it, Had a part of his army revolut and got killed by them.
Superb Military Strategy right here. - Sadongrohiik

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70 Chandragupta Maurya

Defeated seleucus, Alexander the greats most powerful general, defeated the most powerful kingdoms of India and unified India, a street boy to have rose to such great heights is a amazing feat.

Created the base for one of the strongest empire of world

First emperor of India who consolidated the entire Indian subcontinent under his rule. The greatest king of India who defended his motherland from the foreign Greek Invaders

Chandtagupt mourya deteat Alexander

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71 Timur

He is the best

Timerlane can't be that long on the list!

72 Pyrrhus of Epirus

Conquered Macedon, Hannibal ranked Pyrrhus as the greatest commander the world had ever seen, known to be very Well meaning and kindly. Some of his battles, though successful, cost him heavy losses, from which the term "Pyrrhic victory" was coined.

If Hannibal said he's good he must be good

73 Gaius Marius


A travesty, here's why:

He completely reformed a Roman army that was becoming obsolete due to political, economic, and social inequality in the quickly expanding Republic. Making the first truly large professional army in Western Europe (as opposed to citizen-soldiers who did not make careers out of fighting, which Greek and Roman armies had been composed of until this point) is no easy task, but on top of that, what he had the army do was remarkable as well.

In 105 B.C. a large Roman army had been wiped out by three invading Germanic tribes coming from the north, in response, the Senate gave Marius 4 straight years as a consul (co-president) as he undertook his reforms. Luckily for Marius, the disunited tribes plundered modern-day southern France and Eastern Spain before trying to cross the Alps, which allowed Marius to sufficiently drill his soldiers. Still, they were heavily outnumbered, and did not know when and where exactly the ...more

Completely revolutionized the Roman military and won some of the most lopsided victories in military history. Defeated a quarter of a million German invaders with only a relative handful of troops (~30,000). Excelled not only at battlefield leadership but also at preparation and logistics. Brilliance included several inventions, such as the pilum that broke upon impact, preventing the enemy from throwing it back. He essentially completely changed the way war was prepared for and fought. That tremendous impact on military history, alongside his brilliance in the field, make him a shoo-in for the top 10.

He reorganized the Roman legion

Ranked too low

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74 Tran Tien Dung
75 Geronimo Geronimo

One quarter of American army was occupied truying to capture his 37 warriors. He was never captured but he give in willingly because his warriors were homesick.

76 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

He was one of the best of a handful of staff officers who received education at Military Academy of Ottoman Empire. He was the fifth most successful student when he graduated with the rank of staff captain. (1905)

He was a great strategist, a military genius, a talented diplomat and a great statesman.

1. He defeated the Allied armies at Gallipoli (as commander of Anafartas Army Group). (1915)

2. As commander in chief of Turkish army, he defeated an invasion army of Greece, stopped their advance and drove them back to their lines at the Battle of Sakarya even though Turkish army was greatly outnumbered (1 to 3) and out of resources. (1921)

3. One year later, under the command of Atatürk, Turkish army came out of nowhere and started a surprise frontal offensive on Greeks. With a single blow, Greek army was cut into 3 pieces and they were in chaos. Turkish army completed surronding the Greek army at the 4th day of attack. At the 5t day, on 30th of August, ...more

Any leader who instills nationalism and identity by leading a peasant population to democratic freedom against the threat of extermination is a remarkable leader. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk not only was the only commander in the Ottoman Empire to not have been defeated. He was the only leader to ask his soldiers to die for their identity (against an invasion force hell bent on conquering and taking over the lands of the depleted Ottoman Empire) without hesitation did exactly this.

Besides his ingenious presence in Turkish Army, he was (as he would like to call and would like to be called) a teacher. He was trying to enlighten a country, mostly made of submissive peasants in search of a sultan to individuals whose will shaped off of free thought and idea of freedom in mind. Only if he could live a little longer to achieve that goal... Shame It's all going backwards today.

He was the best and the only miscellaneous leader of all times!

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77 William the Conqueror William the Conqueror William I, usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until his death in 1087. The descendant of Viking raiders, he had been Duke of Normandy since 1035. After a long struggle to establish his power, by 1060 his more.

Also famously known as William the Conqueror, he led the Norman invasion of England which was the last time that England was successfully conquered by a foreign power. His army defeated the English army at the battle of Hastings preceding his march to London. English resistance was futile as he took control of England and his reign would begin. He would make many major reforms to the traditional Anglo-Saxon culture of England and bring into existance the Anglo-Norman culture. He also called William 'The Bastard' by his enemies.

He invaded England, Whales, Ireland and southern Italy. There is no doubt he is a Conqueror.

Should be top twenty, he changed the English culture and laid the seeds for the world's largest colonial empire. His victory at Hastings was a masterpiece of battlefield adjustments. His legacy is still visable in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and the entire English speaking world.

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78 Flavius Aetius

A Roman of noble birth who was sent to the court of none other than Attila the Hun. Having learned from this exceptional conqueror who brought Rome to its knees, Aetius won one of the bloodiest battles before the 20th century. Commanding an alliance of Romans, Goths and Franks totalling 100,000 men, Flavius Aetius defeated Attila the Hun's entire force of 250,000 at the battle of Chalons. If Attila is highly prized as one of history's best generals, surely the man who defeated him against the odds deserves a similar rank.

If you like Belisarius, meet his predecessor, Flavius Aetius.

At the tail end of the Western Roman Empire, Flavius Aetius may have been the last of the Western Emperors to dream of restoring Rome to its greatness. He was able to reconquer many parts of Gaul and most of Spain, but would ultimately be betrayed by the constantly scheming men of Rome, who feared his necessary reforms would rot away their power. He was very much like Belisarius, as he was able to do with fewer men and supplies in less time against greater odds, what recent emperors could not do: retake vast amounts of Imperial territory.

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79 Hannibal

Far too low, often considered the greatest strategist of all time.

He brought fear to the Roman Empire, to its legions. One of the greatest if not the greatest war general of all time.

Hannibal is so awesome he's on this list twice

Just so everyone is aware, Hannibal is in the top Ten, I think this is a different entry made by someone who wasn't aware.

Unless you all are talking about the guy from Silence of the Lambs.

But I think we were watching different movies if you thought he was a general, Clarice.

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80 Marcus Claudius Marcellus

Nicknamed "the sword of Rome" Marcellus fought in the Punic wars and was the first person to defeat Hannibal, even after Cannae. He died on the field of battle like a true general, also he was awarded the spolia opima, a great Roman medal that is hard to get.

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