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81 Isoruku Yamamoto V 1 Comment
82 Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

If it wasn't for General Agrippa, Augustus Caesar wouldn't have won the Battle of Actium and established Rome's Golden Age thereafter

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83 Muawiyah I

Under Muslim Second Caliph, Caliph Umar al-Khattab, Muawiyah became the governor of Syria in 640 and make Damascus as his base. In 647, he already developed a very strong army to oppose Byzantine Empire. He conquered Cyprus in 649 and Rhodes in 654. He also defeated Byzantine navy in Lycia in 655. By this time, he and his Syrian army under the order of Caliph in Medina became a very fearsome threat to the Byzantine Empire (apparently BYzantine only fell to Mehmet II). He siege Byzantine capital, Constantinople, several times. As a relative to Muslim Third Caliph, Uthman al-Affan, he demand the fourth caliph, Ali Abi Talib, to take action upon the assassination of Uthman. Fearing that the people will divide, Caliph Ali refuse to take action for the time being, and this led to Muawiyah dissatisfaction. Civil war occurred with Siffin War and Camel War. Regret by this event, the two rulers decide to negotiate and Muawiyah take this opportunity to conquer Egypt. After the death of Caliph ...more

84 Mikhaiin Cutudop
85 Nathan Bedford Forrest

Grant and Sherman say he was the best General in the civil war. Robert E Lee said when asked who was his best general "even though I never met the man it would be Nathan Bedford Forrest." Sherman nicknamed him That Devil Forrest and would not do anything till his scouts told him where Forrest was.

The most dangerous man in the south. Ruthless, brave, and never quit.

No way he should be below Custer unless you're punishing him for the KKK.

Good general - arnoldman66

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86 Gnaeus Pompeius

Poor, poor Pompey, he came into the First Triumvirate with more renown than Caesar and Crassus, but would be eclipsed by Caesar shortly after Crassus' death. One of the better generals during the end of the Republic, he was one of the few who actually did defeat Caesar in a pitched battle. On top of this, he eliminated all piracy in the Mediterranean. ALL OF IT, a massive but necessary undertaking as piracy was becoming a larger and larger problem as Roman trade routes stretched out. In addition, he succeeded in taking back Northern Turkey from Mithradates, a notorious enemy of Rome who had been beaten many times, but never stamped out completely. In the civil war Caesar's troops fanaticism brought them back from the brink after Pompey's victory in the civil war, and Pompey's timidity in refusing to first defend Rome and the Italian peninsula, and his inability to quickly finish off Caesar, caused him and the Senate to flee to Egypt, where he was killed by agents of the Pharoah, who ...more

87 Paul von Hindenburg

Not as skilled as Ludendorff, but should be top 100. Helped to usher in the modem era.

88 Baldwin IV of Jerusalem

Managed to keep the weak kingdom together despite being surrounded by enemies and self serving vassals.

Leper King of Jerusalem who defeated Saladin's army of 26,000 Turks. Leper man Baldwin himself led his troops into battle with 500 crusaders and a few thousand local infantry, inflicting the most devastating defeat the Invincible Saladin would ever suffer.

89 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

He was one of the best of a handful of staff officers who received education at Military Academy of Ottoman Empire. He was the fifth most successful student when he graduated with the rank of staff captain. (1905)

He was a great strategist, a military genius, a talented diplomat and a great statesman.

1. He defeated the Allied armies at Gallipoli (as commander of Anafartas Army Group). (1915)

2. As commander in chief of Turkish army, he defeated an invasion army of Greece, stopped their advance and drove them back to their lines at the Battle of Sakarya even though Turkish army was greatly outnumbered (1 to 3) and out of resources. (1921)

3. One year later, under the command of Atatürk, Turkish army came out of nowhere and started a surprise frontal offensive on Greeks. With a single blow, Greek army was cut into 3 pieces and they were in chaos. Turkish army completed surronding the Greek army at the 4th day of attack. At the 5t day, on 30th of August, ...more

Any leader who instills nationalism and identity by leading a peasant population to democratic freedom against the threat of extermination is a remarkable leader. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk not only was the only commander in the Ottoman Empire to not have been defeated. He was the only leader to ask his soldiers to die for their identity (against an invasion force hell bent on conquering and taking over the lands of the depleted Ottoman Empire) without hesitation did exactly this.

Besides his ingenious presence in Turkish Army, he was (as he would like to call and would like to be called) a teacher. He was trying to enlighten a country, mostly made of submissive peasants in search of a sultan to individuals whose will shaped off of free thought and idea of freedom in mind. Only if he could live a little longer to achieve that goal... Shame It's all going backwards today.

Mustafa Kemal (meaning perfection) Atatürk (Father of the turks) was clearly one of the world's best military commanders and politicans. Kemal Atatürk defeated 2,000 Italians with 200 men, repelled almost every attack from the Balkans, handed Britain one of their most devestating defeats in their history at Gallipoli, made the only Ottoman tactical gains against the Russians and saved and entire army from destruction in Arabia, emerged as the only undefeated ottoman commander of world war 1, defeated 7 nations on his own and defeated 200,000 Greeks with 80,000 with Ox Carts as his logistical lines, only losing 2,000 men while he killed, wounded or captured 100,000 greeks. Atatürk is also probably the most respected man on this list, every country said good things about him, even the UN declared 1981 to be called Atatürks year. He founded modern turkey and gave everyone rights and was an inspiration to all the nations in the world. He stopped a failing Muslim government and made a ...more

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90 Ranjit Singh

The greatest and undefeated military Sikh leader of all time. The only leader who conquered Afghanistan in the history of mankind. The only leader who defeated british and afghan rulers

Ranjit singh was the great king in mankind history

Great king, who was greatly loved by people and brought peace to the region of Punjab.

He was defeated many times by Mazari Balochs...

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91 George Castriot

If it wasn't for him and united Albanian tribal leaders, the West Europe would had definitely succumb to the Ottoman Empire. With a very small army of around 20000 foot soldiers he managed to defeat and stop the Ottoman Empire Army (which was a superpower of that time), for more then 2 decades.He is definitely one of the top five greatest generals and the only unsung general of all time.

One of the strategy fighting against superpower at that time, protecting not only his country and his people, but, also the West Europe.

I belive he was among top ten comanders of all time. He defended his lands against the mightiest army of that time.

Skanderbeg is the same person (also on this list). Skanderbeg was in the original language a reference to basically saying George Castrioti was another Alexander the Great. He was taken as an adolescent under the Ottoman's Muslim brainwashing. As he grew older he became a Christian (again) and defeated many oncoming Ottoman attacks though heavily outnumbered. The Albanian flag's double headed eagle design is a reference from George Castrioti's (Skanderbeg's) family Coat of Arms.

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92 General Raheel Sharif

He is the man who is fighting against Terrorists inside the country and saving future of its motherland. Great Pakistani General with Great values.

World number 1 military leader today

A true Pakistani and true Muslim

Real Hero of Pakistan. He is the man who is fighting against Terrorists. - uxmankabir

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93 Antonio Luna

Brilliant, bravest and only general of the First Republic Fought the Americans gallantly

One of the most talented when it comes in war or battles.

Stood side by side along the U.S generals in terms of military strategy and skills and would have won if he was not betrayed by his fellow filipino during the Filipino - American war during 1898

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94 Zivojin Misic

Biggest general in WW1

The general who crushed Bulgarians, Austrians and Germans @ Tessaloniki battle.

One of the four Serbian Voivodas (Field Marshal) from WW1, and one of most talented commandant of that time. Particularly pointed out in the Battle of Kolubara in 1914, when the Austro-Hungarian army and definitely left Serbia, after which he was promoted to the rank of Voivode.

Led an outnumbered Serbian army on Cer and won against the Austro-Hungarians.

95 Raja Shivagi

He was great as he founded an empire for his people out of state of foreign rule. Began with meagre manpower and financial resources.A great administrator too. Went on to become one of the most loved Kings in the Indian History. He is loved and revered till date.

Greatest general India had ever produced. He defeated mighty mogul empire. He started his reign as commander of band of young men. By the end of his life he concurred almost entire south of India.probably best in the work.

He like a God to us.

He invented Guerilla Warfare... which was used by nations in the modern world to defeat powerful nations. Such as Vietnam used Guerilla Warfare to defeat USA. B.R.Ambedkar also used this to fight aginst the British. JAI BHAVANI! JAI SHIVAJI!

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96 Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

100 is far too low for Mannerheim... Deserves far higher for his work defending Finland in the Winter War against the Soviet Union which had overwhelming numbers against the ill-equipped Finnish Defense Forces.

A great tactic, strategic and political leader who defied Hitler and Stalin. He gave birth to his nation and knew how to use his brother ' general winter'.

Defeated Soviet Union in 2nd WW and kept Finland the only country not occupied by either germans or Soviets with common border with either of the countries

You don t have heard of the man because the west did not help us against, when it is payback time of white mans burden we are very wellcome give ouer history, think and make your own opinion of bush, reagan, trumph...cnn is not the only source of information

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97 Pharasmanes II of Iberia Pharasmanes II of Iberia

Romans built for him monument on the Mars square

The best king of Georgia

Of Georgia

Very good qing

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98 Bajirao I

It is because of bajirao that Hinduism and modern India live. I think a general should not only be judged by wars he fought but what impact he had on history and world order. It was bajirao because of whom Islam could not destroy Hinduism, Sikhism, jainism and buddhism, and modern Indian would not have existed as a secular country it would have been a Muslim country, an Islamic state and imagine a country 10 times bigger than pakitan, which support and export Islamic terrorism the way Pakistan does, the world is indebted to this man for curtailing religious and Islamist fundamentalism which plagues this part of the world.

A long career of 41 battles against the toughest of enemies, spread over 20 long years. That is no mean feat. Truly one of the greatest generals in the history of mankind

He is one of three kings who never lost a war

He is far to low, he never even lost a single battle

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99 Kosrat Rasul Ali

He The one standing in The way Of isis on The ground

He is kickin Isis ASS was you read this

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100 Sudirman

The Enemy of General Spoor

Great General

Singer in malaysia

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