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101 Bajirao I

It is because of bajirao that Hinduism and modern India live. I think a general should not only be judged by wars he fought but what impact he had on history and world order. It was bajirao because of whom Islam could not destroy Hinduism, Sikhism, jainism and buddhism, and modern Indian would not have existed as a secular country it would have been a Muslim country, an Islamic state and imagine a country 10 times bigger than pakitan, which support and export Islamic terrorism the way Pakistan does, the world is indebted to this man for curtailing religious and Islamist fundamentalism which plagues this part of the world.

A long career of 41 battles against the toughest of enemies, spread over 20 long years. That is no mean feat. Truly one of the greatest generals in the history of mankind

He is one of three kings who never lost a war

He is far to low, he never even lost a single battle

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102 Raja Shivagi

He was great as he founded an empire for his people out of state of foreign rule. Began with meagre manpower and financial resources.A great administrator too. Went on to become one of the most loved Kings in the Indian History. He is loved and revered till date.

Greatest general India had ever produced. He defeated mighty mogul empire. He started his reign as commander of band of young men. By the end of his life he concurred almost entire south of India.probably best in the work.

He like a God to us.

He invented Guerilla Warfare... which was used by nations in the modern world to defeat powerful nations. Such as Vietnam used Guerilla Warfare to defeat USA. B.R.Ambedkar also used this to fight aginst the British. JAI BHAVANI! JAI SHIVAJI!

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103 Pharasmanes II of Iberia Pharasmanes II of Iberia

Romans built for him monument on the Mars square

The best king of Georgia

Of Georgia

Very good qing

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104 Akbar I

He's name literally means great and I later called Akbar the Great. He was one of the greatest leaders of the Mughal empire. He establish a huge empire there cunning conquests and also great leader of religious tolerances. I typed great 7 times that's how great he is.

He is the best

The greatest and undefeated Leader. The only leader who conquered India and united under one flag with religious tolerances. For decades no one ever stood up in his way.

Allay Akbar

105 Kosrat Rasul Ali

He The one standing in The way Of isis on The ground

He is kickin Isis ASS was you read this

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106 Sudirman

The Enemy of General Spoor

Great General

Singer in malaysia

107 Vo Nguyen Giap

He defeated 2 super power in a row

108 Sambhaji Maharaj

Great Sambhaji Maharaj was a unbeaten warrior in the history.

Great examiner of warfare tactics and defeated many great enemies.Most effective implemention of Guerilla warfare Tactics and added glory to the Swaraj.

He is great

Sambaji Maharaj won 18 battles in 12 months. He had asthetic vision towards life. He wrote Budhbhushan treatise. He died at his 29. He was unbeatable till his death.

109 Shaka

A great general. Made a small tribe into a mighty military force. Considering where he was he was a genius. Cruel though.

Once again proving the English's habit of losing against underwhelming odds

Greatest of all time... truly amazing story

He changed African tribal warfare

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110 Duke of Marlborough

This general, although from humble and scandalous origins in the courts of the British Monarchy, rose through the ranks of the Army to the pinnacle of his career: command of the European coalition against a king Louis of France (a generic French king). Stealing the coalition army without proper authority (but the backing of all allied generals) he used initiative and speed to launch a surprise attack on the largest French army on its campaign into Austria.
The battle of Bleinhem, was such a resounding success, that on the march back to holland French Armies did not strike - believing that it was a French army (due to the disarray and communication breakdown) Marlborough was ever a thorn in the French side.
Sir Winston Churchill (Duke of Marlborough) was born in Blenhiem Palace - and is a direct descendant of Henry (? ) Churchill.

Never beaten in battle, often against the odds, strategist and planner. Scandalously overlooked in this list, in favour of better known names who won more famous battles. Boney at 5? Marlborough wouldn't have lost Waterloo with boney's troops.

Best British general ever, bar none. How is Washington above this great man I'll never know. What a joke.

Commanded troops from different countries and with dfifferent aims

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111 Simon I of Kartli

Georgian king of Kartli from 1556 to 1569 and again from 1578 to 1599. He spent most of his reign in an incessant war against the Persian and Ottoman domination of Georgia. He won with small army many battle against the Persian and Ottoman.

Very good king!

112 Moshe Dayan

Moshe Dayan in Israel is still regarded as a mythological character from the 100 hours Suez crisis to the six day war.

The one eyed General is king in a world of blind Arabs looking to invade Canaan

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113 John Monash

Only general to distinguish himself in WW1. Caused the 'blackest day of the Germany army'. The architect of the Entente's victory in WW1.

Turned the course of ww1 by innovation and careful planning. His army stopped a dangerous German advance only 120 miles from Paris when three British armies had collapsed. His troop's attacks on the German lines convinced Luderhoff and Hindenburg to sue for peace days later. First General to be knighted on battle field by a british king in 200 years. Montgomery later said he was the best General in WW1.

Detailed planning whereby his common soldiers achieved success because he cared about their lives and the enemys lves as well, Yet succeeded in battle such as the Battle of Hamel

114 Theodoros Kolokotronis

With a name like that, he has got to be a good leader

Kolokotronis was one of the leaders in Greek war of independence 1821-1830
Greatest success was the defeat of the Ottoman army under Mahmud Dramali Pasha at the Battle of Dervenakia in 1822. The Greek army 8.000 troops wins the ottoman 30.000 troops in major battle for Greeks. Also Kolokotronis wins the ottomans in battle of valtetsi. Kolokotronis is of the greatest protagonists in Greek war of independence and one of greatest Greeks of all time

115 William Wallace William Wallace William Wallace was a freedom fighter and a Scottish Commander during the first Scottish wars of Independence.

William Wallace was the bravest warrior in Scottish history. He was not a general who commanded from 4 miles away from the field... He was the first one in the battle. Wallace beat the English army in Stirling, then he started an offensive and sacked many cities. And he inflicted so much damage in Falkrkik that the English could no longer advance into Scotland. Without Wallace, the Scottish would have lost long before. - ArdaUlay

Wallace is the bravest of the brave, he was not a Napoleon commander who struggled to get on his horse from 5 miles out... he was the first one in there,

William Wallace inspired many Scots to fight. He beat the English everywhere. He made a nation which gets bullied all the time to a Free country.

Scottish slave

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116 William T. Sherman

Civil War general, whose understanding of guerilla warfare on the civilian population, was responsibile for the decline in morale in the South, by his march through Georgia.

A true master.

His concept of Total War changed the way the world fought wars. A great defensive general as well. As bold as Lee but perhaps with clearer vision. Lee lost his way at Gettyburg.

Invented the tactic of Total War! Greatest gnereal ever.

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117 Henry V of England

His stunning victory at Agincourt alone is a good enough reason for him to at least be on the list. Only his early death prevented him from becoming King of France.

He made one of the greatest speeches of all time

Just look up the battle of Agincourt and you'll see why he should be in the top 10.

The victory at Agincourt changed western European history more than most

118 Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa

The only General to successful conquer Afghanistan. The whole world should know about his bravery and decency. More over he conquered himself that's rarest of rare

He was the great leader

Only man to defeat and control Afghanistan.

Number 1 General in the world

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119 Mao Zedong Mao Zedong Mao Zedong, also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung and commonly referred to as Chairman Mao, was a Chinese communist revolutionary and founding father of the People's Republic of China, which he governed as Chairman of the Communist Party of China from its establishment in 1949, until his death in 1976. more.

The greatest military leader of all times. He led the greatest three wars in all human history - each involved more than one million soldiers- and won them. What is more, he defeated the Japanese, the Nationalists, the Americans, the Indians, the Vietnamese...

Worse than stalin, the lowest of the lows, this man wasnt a general, he was a psychopath, he enjoyed nothing more than seeing men in pain, often personally watching tortures or having it recorded for his viewing pleasure.

Beaten Nationalists, Japanese, Americans, and Viets all in one lifetime.. He did more good than harm. China always adapts to survive.

The leader that faced impossibly.

120 Ramesses II
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