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121 Liu Yu

He defeat all Chinese at this period

122 Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

He was the only commander to last the entire second world war without losing a single confrontation - and he was fighting for the side that lost the war.

Incredible German commander, blessed with not only tactical brilliance but integrity. Cared very strongly for the men in his command.

I voted him because Alexander Suvarov was not listed

Highly outnumbered 1vs20 - still has last to the end of war - truly never lost a battle

"Wir Deutsche fürchten Gott, aber sonst nichts in der Welt" (we germans fear god, but nothing else in the world)

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123 Konstantin Rokossovsky V 1 Comment
124 Pervez Musharraf

Great general of Pakistani army

He made Pakistan a superpower.

Great leader, but shouldn't handover his countryman to america

He is what it will be on Allah subhan o tala to grip him or to make him able to come back

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125 Shi Huangdi

A king with high determination

He is not even a general, completely overrated

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126 Gwanggaeto the Great

Gwanggaeto the Great is probably one of the greatest generals of all time. He was extremely smart and was able to conquer a huge amount of land. Not only that, he was probably one of the greatest rulers of Goguryeo, which was a kingdom so strong that it was continuously able to defeat China over several Chinese dynasties, and was only defeated when the kingdom was split up and China allied itself with Shilla to attack it.

Two kings in Korean history are known as the great. The first is Sejong the Great for obvious reasons. The next is Gwanggaeto who subdued nearly the entire Korean Peninsula, destroyed the Wa, annhilated Buyeo, conquered the Liaodong Peninsula, and conquered parts of Manchuria.

127 Richard I of England

He alone was almost as successful as the first crusade the only good one mind you with a fifth the manpower fighting a united Islam

Not a good king but a superb military commander, especially with his successes against Saladin on the Third Crusade such as the battles of Arsuf and Jaffa.

128 Tipu Sultan

One of the few who stood against the many

"1 day of a lion is better than 100 years of jaguar" was his last saying

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129 Simon I of Georgia

Georgian king of Kartli (Georgia) from 1556 to 1569 and again from 1578 to 1599. He spent most of his reign in an incessant war against the Persian and Ottoman domination of Georgia. He won with small army many battle against the Persian and Ottoman.

Very good king!

130 Francisco Pizarro V 1 Comment
131 Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible

Best ever ruler


Ivan was a man with great power and a great tacticus he was nice people. He is not the most known one but the terriblest man

132 Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba

It is a shame that Spanish generals are completely ignored, considering their importance and achievements are larger and more crucial than many others in the list. Real knowledge of history is clearly a problem.

Can't believe there's so few Spanish generals on this...

Created the Spanish Tercio, which was well-nigh invincible for many years, and his tactics served as templates for future renaissance generals.

Best general ever

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133 LỆNH HỒ Xung

Best comic actor in the world

134 King Priam
135 Tariq ibn Ziyad

Conqueror of spain and portugal. He bring the muslim army to Spain and burn all of their ships. No turning back. And Islam were spread in Andalucia and for some time, Andalucia became major city of administration and knowlege for Abbasid Caliphate.

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136 William Slim

Needs to be moved way up the list. Took over a hopeless situation in Burma with a demoralized army, and supplied with only the leftovers from the European theatre oversaw a brillian tactical retreat, the complete retraining and revitalizing of his army, and a brilliant return into Burma which completely destoyed the entire Japanese occupation force. The best British battlefield commander of WWII and among the best half dozen British Generals of all time. Also wrote a great book about his campaign called Defeat into Victory. Also polilitically astute - he told Churchill he would not win the 1945 election.

Completely changed the manner with which the British fought in the jungles of Burma. Turned the tide of the war in the Pacific and ultimately showed unmatched ability in properly utilising supplies.

Most underrated of all generals

137 Jan III Sobieski V 4 Comments
138 Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

Ought to be in the top ten. Top class in that he sought to win with the minimum of casualties

He is a veery good general

He took North Africa from Rommel.

222 - what! Monty - far, far UNDERrated.
1940 British defeat at Dunkirk- then was OC 3rd Iron division the only UK division to make it back to beaches in-tact, under control and with its equipment.
Was able to stand up to Churchill to get Desert Rats ready to fight Rommel. That took a certain courage in itself. I will do this when I am ready, if you don't like it - sack me!
Cared for his men
His narrow point strategy was not listened to as broad front men won the day, this may have prolonged WWII...
More to follow...

139 Raheel Sharif

A man who defeated terrorism through his charismatic personality. He rules the hearts of Pakistani Nation.

Great army general of Pakistan

The Best General Pakistan Army ever got, one who defeated Taliban and kicked them out of Country back to Afghanistan,from where they came...

Never masturbate in his life

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140 Sam Manekshaw

A officer and a gentleman, snatched Bangladesh from Pakistan. Without political intervention there would be no Pakistan today.

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