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141 Trajan

Added the provinces of Babylon and Dacia by fighting bloody wars against barbarians and the Persians. And adding gold into the roman banks from Dacian gold mones

142 Zhou Yu

A military adviser for Wu Kingdom during three kingdoms era in China. Even though people always hailed Zhuge Liang to be the best strategist during that era, he is worth to mention. Records stated that he is the best in naval battle. He also gave great contribution during Battle of the Red Cliff which Wu and Shu join forces to defeat the powerful Wei army led by Cao Cao (Zhuge Liang also involved in this battle but compare to popular belief, the truth is Zhuge not contribute very much).

Zhou Yu is the actual mastermind behind Red Cliff victory. Among the most well-rounded guy ever

143 Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave)

He literly almost destroyed the Ottamon empire and he united Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia to form Romania for only one year and at night in his tent he got his head cut off by a Hungarian and a Turk. He was fighting against 3 countrys at the same time in 1600 the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany at the same time and he won but died to protect Romania. I'm a Romanian and I'm Proud

144 Oda Nobunaga

He was the first general who invented the three line volley

Best Japanese commander the country ever knew.

Defeated an army that was nearly 8x larger than his. (Battle of Okehazama)

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145 Michiel de Ruyter

He was able to oversee huge battles with hundreds of ships involved. And he always made the right decisions. Famous, feared, honored and respected by friend and foe. When he was fatally injured in battle his French enemies stopped fighting out of respect to this great admiral.

The greatest naval commander of all time. At least in the age of sail. He dominated the seas in the 17th century by using revolutionary tactics, manouverability, effectiveness and extraordinary courage.
He is most famous for his battles against England in the 'Anglo-Dutch wars of the 17th century'. He even defeated a combined fleet of the two greatest powers in the world at the time; France and England, who had twice as many ships as the Dutch.
A great man winning victory after victory against all odds, placing him among the greatest commanders of all time.

He was just great

Seriously, this guy is ranked tooo Loooww
If Nelson is near the top, so should be de Ruyter... These two are simply the best naval commanders in the history

146 John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

He's great he has great luck and a better mind if it weren't for him Germany or France maybe Russia would be the world power napoleon Bonaparte would rule the world he deserves the top

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147 Simon Bolivar

Venezuelan military and political leader who played an instrumental role in the establishment of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia as sovereign states independent of Spanish rule.

The graetest. Should be top ten.

148 Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa

He was the great leader

He is killed a loin without weapon's.

He was the bravest

He was the only general who defeated afganistan in last 5000 years

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149 Sam Houston

He was a great general and won independence from Mexico dictated by Santa Anna, known as the Napoleon of the West

The greatest Texan, second to only Chuck Norris, he was the george Washington of the Texas Revolution and succesfully defeated the Mexican army at the battle of San Jacinto.

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150 John J. Pershing
151 Agamemnon
152 Louis, Prince of Conde
153 Septimius Severus
154 T. E. Lawrence

Highly overrated as an officer.

In terms of military & political thinking, just way ahead of his time!

World war 1 would have been won by the central powers if not for him.

155 Justinian I

When Justinian I took control of the Byzantine Empire, it controlled Turkey and a small portion of Crimea and Israel. During his reign, he not only dealt with the fallout of the fallen Roman Empire (of which Byzantium is the Eastern half), but he conquered so much land that the Mediterranean Sea went from a land ruled over by barbarian tribes to a "Byzantine Lake". He reconquered lost Roman land from Greece, to Egypt, and all the way to Southern Spain and Libya.

156 Dzhokhar Dudayev V 1 Comment
157 Thutmose III

Maybe not the greatest of all time but he should definitely be higher than this. There are some people ahead of him who werent even in any major battles (teddy Roosevelt what? ) And some who are only famous for one thing (william the conquer ). This guys never lost a battle over 16 campaigns and conquered a large portion of the known world.

'Napoleon of Egypt' is the title given to him by modern egyptologists. He created the largest empire Egypt had ever see, ; no fewer than seventeen campaigns were conducted, and he conquered from Niya in North Syria to the fourth waterfall of the Nile in Nubia and never lost a single battle.

158 Baldwin I of Jerusalem
159 Alfred the Great

Although he suffered early setbacks he was able to rally his men, learn from his mistakes and saved his people from being destroyed, all against an entrenched, experienced and larger force. He also pushed out the vikings and forced them to surrender constantly

160 Smbat IV Bagratuni

Smbat are geogrian

An Armenian general who eventually sided with the Sassanids because he was exiled from the Eastern Romans, he served as the leading general of the Second Perso- Turkic War with a force of 2000 elites to go up against what some believe, 300, 000 Turks and Hephthalites and ulimately won in 2 years with casualties in Smbat's side being under 100 deep in barbarian territory while most of the Turks were annihilated. It is reported that Smbat killed their leader in hand to hand combat and the Turks were even known for their hand to hand combating skills.
This war is by far underrated, considering the odds.

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