Robert E. Lee

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I defy anyone to point out a military leader who had been provided more underwhelming materials and supplies and was as successful as Lee. I am a Californian, born to a New York couple. So this isn't shrouded in southern pride. He was simply better. But not able to overcome the shortcomings and short supply of his forces. And, 'yes,' Stonewall Jackson was an incredibly adept general and was a serious loss to Lee. Perhaps even a better general than Lee (debatable). But Lee has to go down as one of the all time greatest generals in history.

He was a great general who led under fed, poor clothes, out numbered Confederate troops and won countless battles, he ended up losing only because of human wave attacks and ruthless Ulysses grant whom didn't care how many men he lost and kept coming

Lee was a master tactician, who lead a bare foot and half-starved army under rebellion. Every other general on this list had international recognition of his country at time of service. General Lee did not. So remember that when you a evaluate his deeds in the field

Its become fashionable to criticize him, but he's probably the greatest strategist the US has ever produced. No less than Abraham Lincoln offered him the full command of the Union Army because he was the "best of the best", even though he was from Virginia because he trusted him fully and knew he was of the highest moral character.

He was a great general and commanded his small army with the strength of an army 4 million strong! He was a brilliant man and general.

Lee was undermanned and without resources to replenish needed arms and ammunition, as well as soldiers, in the field. However, his strategy and courage helped the south win amazing victories.

Gettysburg should have been an astounding win for the south however, Ewell who had been injured earlier in the war, lost his nerve and retreated back into the town after his troops had run the North off the highground. Had he stayed put, things would have becoming mighty interesting.

Lee is definitely one of the great generals of all time. Even fighting for a cause that he didn't believe in. He did honor home, and family.

One of the greatest generals in U.S. history, nearly won civil war even though the south was severely lacking in terms of infrastructure and manufacturing.

Considered a hero and a gentleman by both sides, his contributions on and off the battlefield are still legendary today.

Great generals don't have their armies destroyed?! Well I'm sorry lets see what his army had... No railroad, no telegraph, and WAY LESS PEOPLE I mean what. Lee was definitely one of the best in history, I mean if the north had him the war might have been shorter

Would have won the war if he did not lose Stonewall Jackson right before Gettysburg. He was also sick and bed-ridden during Gettysburg. It is the equivalent of being in the SuperBowl without your #1 quarterback and your coach.

An extremely brilliant, skilled, dedicated, loyal, disciplined and polite man. Call me biased as I am a Virginian that lives near Lexington where he is buried but his military prowess was so great that the Union desperately tried to make him the General of the entire UNION MILITARY ARMY AND NAVY! He declined when his home state of Virginia seceded and I have an extreme respect for this man.

Was absolutely brilliant if you think about it because of him Lincoln changed generals almost 5 times. No one will be like him again

Utter nonsense no military historian would agree with this drivel. Burnside was not intimidated by Lee, he just blundered. Lee was vastly outnumbered his troops starved. his artillery for the most part was not rifled he had no supplies after apoint as The Federals had a Navy and so forth.

Military leaders must be judged with their circumstances in mind. Always outnumbered, outgunned, and under supplied. The best evidence was the respect his enemies had for him. I wouldn't put him first on this list, but top ten without a doubt.

Actually Robert E. Lee was against slavery but he fought for the Confederates because he happened to live in Virginia which already seceded and he wanted to fight for his hometown. At least, that is what I was taught.

Are you kidding me, his own subordinate stonewall Jackson was a better general! Number 10 of all time come on

General Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia against superior forces and was defeated at Gettysburg primarily due to subordinate's incompetence. Made the most with less.

Robert E Lee lead and under prepared, low man powered, and under supplied army and gave them "a chance" or at least hope when he was offer the general job for the union

Do not agree with the ranking Lee should be much higher and Thomas Jackson and gen forrest should be on the list

Even though fighting for the Confederates, Lee still was one of the greatest military men of all time.

He the beast during the civil war! He commanded the confederacy like a boss, but the confederacy was out-numbered so they lost the civil war of course...

Came within one battle (Gettysburg) of winning a seemingly unwinnable war for the Confederacy.

Lee was possibly the greatest defensive general defeating army's that were much larger and had better equipment

Lee does't belong anywhere near the top 25. His greatest attribute was to inspire devotion among his soldiers, which is hardly a reason to be considered one of the greatest. One could argue that inspiring devotion is a basic requirement of leadership not the defining characteristic.

Yes, he had his moments but alas Gettysburg was his Waterloo. A simple change in the cannon position and we may have a different America.

He had an hardly nothing and he made it stinks harder to the north than the sting of the bullet ant if not harder.