Tran Hung Dao


Tran Hung Dao is not the greatest general in history... That's fact... He indeed defeated and humiliated Mongol army thrice... But do you think the mongol army only focusing on the viet alone... That was just a small portion of their army and their plan...

Mongol have many enemies because of their ruthlessness and barbaric ways... The rebellion within China from the han people, army from numerous Indian kingdoms who always on guard and watch closely every mongol steps, the massive army of Muslim empire from ayyubid sultanate, zengid sultanate, Egypt ayyubid caliphate, remnants of khwarizm empire, and the turkish mamlukes, which hungry for redemption after the fall of samarkand and baghdad, the Georgian, Armenian and people of kiev who despised them, and of course numerous warlords within the mongol army itself who vying for power...

Zhu yuanzhang waged war on yuan dynasty of mongol and get rid of them ones and for all from China and established the glorious ming dynasty, ...more

Yes and they cannot taken over a small country at that time dude

Any enemies attack Vietnam... They will lose... Now or soon.

In reality, Tran Hung Dao's army was not at all a strong army compared to the Mongolian Empire's, but instead very thin and would not last in a head-to-head fight. He employed a unique tactic which was trapping the Mongolian army in the empty citadel of Thang Long, which the imperial court and citizenry had evacuated from beforehand (the Mongolian army believed that the imperial court is still in the citadel). Consequently, they were trapped in the city until their rations were drained (when the citizenry evacuated, they also tok their resources, including food and water); this is when Tran Hung Dao's army struck the weakened enemy. This strategy was repeated 3 times.

One of the greatest generals in the world when knowing how to take advantage of natural condition of the tide at Bach Dang estuary to ambush the Mongols. The tactic was not new as it had been used back in 10th century to defeat Chinese on the same river. However, Tran Hung Dao had a great master plan that made Mogols fall in the trap. He is among the best. 1 vote for Tran Hung Dao

By the early 1280s the Vietnamese kingdom faced a growing threat from the Mongols under Kublai Khan, who had conquered China in the previous decade. When he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Vietnamese armed forces, Tran Hung Dao, in a rousing speech to his forces, called for national unity and persuaded his army to fight the invaders. When the Mongols invaded the Red River valley (in northern Vietnam) with a massive army in 1283/84, Tran gave way before the invaders and adopted a defensive strategy, using guerrilla warfare and scorched-earth tactics against them. He then launched a counteroffensive that liberated the Vietnamese capital and drove the Mongols back into China.

"Tran Hung Dao" is one of greatest general over the world, beside he is symbol of peace for all national. He fight for his country with all of spirit... He can beat off the best army in the world at that time even 3 times...

No country, no generals in the world can defeat Mongolian but Tran Hung Dao, and he did that 3 times.

I'm Vietnamese. I love my country's history and I proud of heros in my country. Vietnam is always in my heart.

The Chinese are so afraid of the Mongolian they built the great wall yet Tran Hung Sao has defeted the Mongolian not 1 but 3 time

Many stories about the private life of Tran Hung Dao, surely you've heard. But I just want to confirm one thing: his personality through great, too wise and virtuous compared to the egoistic life. And he has done things that not everyone can do it by a heart OBLIGATION TO, CHI MID with beautiful and simple life.

Seventy-two years of his life, battling three times with water full life, with people. Mind over virtue and talents who made Tran Hung Dao St. In the heart of the people forever. Chen Holy outstanding talent and great effort but now far too high. People who love and understand his life with the heart and with the young epiphany. Because he is forever immortalized in the realms of life and heart!

The total population of Vietnam at that time was about 2 million, comparing to 100 million of the Mongolian empire, (about 25% of the earth total population in the 13-14 century). The invading Mongol army was 600 thousand strong, but Tran Hung Dao defeated the Mongol not one, not twice but three times, on both land and at sea battles. He did not have number to fight with the invading Mongol army that was 10 time bigger than his so he realized on genius tactics. The most spectacular one was the naval battle at Bach Dang River where he trapped and pinned down the Mongol fleet down with wooden stake at low tide and burned them down with fire ships and arrows.

He is the greatest general over the world!

Some ones here wrote he's not the greatest and he fought the Mongols when they were weak..? that's LOL.. kk.. When the Mongols were weak why nobody defeat them.. not only one time but three times?.. And some body quoted combat should be like fair.. face to face.. like Alexander the great..? I guess even Alexander the Great would had no match if face to face with the mighty Mongols and that's how intelligent and tactics developed.. lol.. and somebody quoted who wrote the art of War..? Any great general understand the art of War and they can write the art of War because they all smart otherwise they won't be the great generals.. I know some people here jealous because they think they are the greatest as their general wrote "the art of war" but none of their general are listed as the best.. Because their generals were good at battles killing their own kind but never won any great battle against the others.. That's why they never considered as the great generals.. Sorry the more you ...more

Tran Hung Dao is genius military general.

The most highlighted point making I vote on Tran Hung Dao is that he defeated Mongolian Empire three times (1258, 1285 and 1287).

He is the great General of Vietnam (called Dai Viet in 13 century). He lead Vietnamese people to defeat Mongolian Empire (included current China, Mongolia)

This man get my vote for what he did for his country and it people.

Tran Hung Dao, he was the great man. Because of him, The Mongo was stopped.

There is no doubt Tran Hung Dao is one of the best generals of all time

The best naval combat is the Bach Dang defeat the Mongolian Empire

Tran Hung Dao (1228 - 1300) also known as Hung Dao Vuong - Tran Quoc Tuan.
He is one of the best generals in Vietnam.
He is known for the events: 3 times defeated the Mongols (1258, 1285, 1288).
Vietnam people worship him like a saint!

He was really excellent to defeated the Mongols 3 times

At that time, the Mongolian Empire had the strongest army in the world, but thanks for Tran Hung Dao, Dai Viet defeated them. His victories are all legendary, therefore, 1 vote for him, 1 of the most famous heroes that I respect.

The fearful Mongols, who at times invaded enormous territories and created empires that threatened to topple the Western civilizations, was defeated three times by the armies of General Tran Hung Dao who kept Vietnam free from being a part of the Mongol Empire. I think General Tran Hung Dao is the greatest of top great generals of the world's history.

For a general of a small army of a small country to stand against the Mongolian three times undefeated on both land, naval and mental battlefields, Tran Hung Dao is the ultimate badass of generals, a father with rock-hard discipline and the paragon of vietnamese finest qualities.