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1 F-22 Raptor

This thing can destroy 5 F-15Es on its own and 8 with 2 Raptors meaning a standard 4th generation fighter can easily be destroyed by it. The jet can easily air strike as it can carry bombs and is easier to bomb with it's extremely advanced stealth technology which is only beaten by a few aircraft (B2 Spirit, YF-23 etc)which allows it to get extremely close before being detected well. It is capable of "supercruise" allowing it to go at sonic cruising speeds. The jet has some of the best manoeuvrability which allows for easier dogfights. What do you expect? It's Lockheed Martin.

Have you seen it in action if you did not vote on the raptor you haven't

The f-22 is the latest in fifth-generation stealth fighter technology. Although hardly combat tested, compared to many others on this list, the f-22 is so advanced and so much time and design has gone into it I think it would perform the best in a multi-role combat situation. The only huge flaw about the fighter is the fact that only 187 operational combat f-22's exist due to their immense cost and other production issues.

The f-22 is the epitome of modern fighter jet technology. Even its paint job serves a purpose. This jet has never been destroyed in combat.

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2 Sukhoi Su-30MKI

I think no because it is not a fifth-generation. It crashes in her history.

Well these are going to be super sukhois now.

It has tremendous speed and can move at any direction quicker than any other fighter. It has very presentable looks. I think it deserves to top the list.

Good but highly flawed.

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3 Eurofighter Typhoon

This thing is the pride of the NATO alliance for a reason. It is far more maneuverable due to it's deliberately unstable airframe.

Great aircraft made mainly by GB. It is used by the RAF, French air force, Spanish air force and the Luftwaffe. Surely number 1 or no.2 on this list

The French don't have typhoons.

Great jet best jet fighter ever but its to loud

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4 PAK FA T-50

Not pakistan this is russian jet

Pakistan is the best

Prototype Russian fighter

5 F-35 Lightning

Fantastic. Low cost, high performance, weaponry and practically unrivaled stealth capabilities, it is, without a doubt, number one.

ps also has STOVL capabilities.

1. F-35 Lighting II
2. A-10 Thunderbolt II
3. F-22 Raptor
4. F-14D Super Tomcat
5. F-15E Strike Eagle
6. F/A-18E Super Hornet
7. F-16V Fighting Falcon
8. YF-23 Black Widow II / Gray Ghost
9. X-32B
10. T-50 Warpath*

6 F-15C Eagle
7 Dassault Rafale

Simply the best

Just the best actual fighter guys. It can do every thing you want. In fact, take the best of every planes and put it into one airfighter. Better than typhoon for a lower price and maintenance cost, it can bomb, fight, recon, nuke and dogfight (is at least as good as the f-22, and cuts the typhoon and the f-16 into little pieces). It can land on an aircraft carrier, has aesa radar, spectra system, can fire missiles in 180*, will have meteor, is the only jet fighter to make so different missions in one fly and the only which can carry 1,5 time Its own weight. It was combat Proven in air ground attack in hostile environments, and this is not the case of a lot of iidern airfighters. Every times a pilot flies with rafale, he agrees to says that is the most stunning aircraft. And it is getting better and better. If you're not convinced, just make some research, you'll see. Last but not least, it's the sexiest plane.

8 F/A-18 E Super Hornet

A multi-role, carrier-based, and fast-maneuvering fighter. The F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet has provided the Navy with superb planes that are suitable for a wide array of missions since '83 and '99 respectively.

Everyone's saying the F-15 is the best, they obviously know nothing about this plane.

9 F-15 Strike Eagle

This plane goes way faster than f-22, is more reliable, just as manuverable, can be used as a bomber, less expensive, never been shot down at all, bigger bomb payload, farther range, been in service longer, and also has stealth variants, such as the f-15S, or "silent eagle. "

Up until recently, F-22 wasn’t Operational, till then F-15 Eagle constructed the top of the line air defense and offense for the United States, and therefore still has the factor to operate and maintain air superiority over a region against any threat... - pritishp333

10 JF-17 Thunder


High performance low fuel consumption and great turning at the any direction. Amazing fighter jet

I love you jf17 thandr & I love you Pak china

Cheap, fast and multi-role jet fighter.

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The Contenders

11 F-14D Tomcat

The perfect carrier borne warplane lighting quick, well armed and remarkably agile for its size the f-14 can track 24 targets simultaneously while firing six missiles at six separate targets. its mix of air to air weapons allow it to attack any target from few hundred feet to over 100 miles away and at altitudes ranging from 50ft to over 80,000ft. the tomcat can also holds its own in a dogfight against planes much smaller than it is as one f-15 pilot once said"we know we have the best dogfighter in the world but we know better than to go low and slow against the navy boys in there f-14s" the tomcat is also the fastest carrier born fighter plane ever made capable of reaching speeds of 1564 mph thanks to its superb aerodynamics and powerful engines which includes automatically controlled variable sweep wing. in addition to its air-air capabilities the tomcat also proved to be a superb reconnaissance and long range strike fighter dropping smart bombs with deadly precision makes you ...more

12 F-16 Fighting Falcon

Multirole, very agile, as fast as an F-22 and faster than a F/A-18 & F-35. Has over 70 air combat kills. A benchmark 4 Gen fighter that set the standards for planes like the Rafale & Typhoon. Can still hold it's own against anything. Not to be underestimated in dogfight & was the most manuverabe fighter in the US military until the arrival of the F-22.

Fast, agile, and good for close combat.

13 A-10 Thunderbolt

When I think of this beast. I think of a plane, built around a mini gun. This aircraft is one of the most destructive planes that was ever been created. It's powerful 30mm cannon/mini gun or also known as the GAU-8 Avenger, can rip a tank to shreds. It was pretty effective when it was used on the Taliban for airstrikes, and is the number one preferred aircraft for any airstrike in general, unless if you carpet bomb. - Crysis

14 AV-8B Harrier
15 MiG-29 Fulcrum

Good but very flawed

16 MiG-21
17 Hal Tejas

Great maneuverability

18 F-20 Tigershark
19 SR-71 'Blackbird'

SR-71 blackbird is a spy plane not a fighter plane. Although it is the fastest airplane in the world as it can at three times the speed of sound.

20 Sukhoi T-50
21 Sukhoi Su-34

Great Strike Fighter of our time!

22 Sweden Griffin
23 Sukhoi SU-37
24 F-35 Lightning II


25 KAI FA-50 Golden Eagle
26 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25

The fastest

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