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1 Just We Two (Mona Lisa)

I am always fan of modern talking. I like every song of them

Great Great Great then other old mid songs

2 Cheri Cheri Lady

I don't understand why it's on number 3!
This is a masterpiece.
The music is so melodious, so touching.
I am still listening to this song these days.

This is the best one by modern talking, no doubt.

I'll describe it in one world "Fascinating"


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3 Brother Louie '98

Best remix ever! When it drops after the first few notes from the "oldie" version, you just wanna dance you butt off!

Awesome romantic song... This should be no. 1

4 Sexy Sexy Lover

The best song...

5 You Can Win If You Want


6 Give Me Peace On Earth
7 You're My Heart, You're My Soul

Living in my, living in my dreams...

8 Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S for Love)

Their best songs, in my opinion. Guitar part in starting of song is fantastic... I love its melody and rhythm.

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9 We Take The Chance
10 You Are Not Alone V 1 Comment

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11 In 100 Years

The "Future Version" is simply an amazing version of this awesome track. The video for this song is also probably the most memorable, from the Modern Talking video clips.

Best Future Theme Song - Try the 'Long Future Version' for an even better version of this track!

12 Brother Louie
13 Jet Airliner

That's amazing song for me I love it

14 Geronimo's Cadillac

Its best one. If you know about disco

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15 Do You Wanna
16 Arabian Gold
17 Down On My Knees
18 Juliet
19 Riding On a White Swan
20 Brother Louie '99
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