The Martian Movie Review

Guys, I have just witnessed a miracle. Sean Bean SURVIVES a movie. (It's not a spoiler since he is not in peril). He lives through a full feature length, Ridley Scott has saved the Bean. But you know what Ridley Scott could not save, me changing seats in the cinema because of 3 douchebags talking loudly. Now for the review.

The main synopsis is that there is this crew on the Planet Mars which gets hit by a storm and Matt Damon's character- Mark Watney gets left behind as the crew thinks he is dead. He is alive and is stranded on Mars.

Walking in to this film I was sceptical, the main reason was because it's been less than a year since Ridley's Scott last film-
Exodus God and Kings. But when I tell you that this movie is awesome, it's a brilliant work of art.
First of all, this feels like a unique film because I thought it was going to be a depressing film, but there is a twist and it happens to be one of the funniest films of 2015. The tone was perfect for this movie and the atmosphere was great. I think if it was Cast Away on Mars the pacing would have been a problem but gladly there is lots of humour that keeps this film riveting. This mainly intertwines with the main protagonist- Mark Watney played by Matt Damon gives a phenomenal performance. If I was stranded somewhere, he would be my first pick. He has the wittiness, the jokes and is just a very likeable guy who is funny. What I thought was clever is that the script takes advantage and jokes about him being the only person on Mars. What I also loved about Mark Watney's character is that he is fighting to survive no matter what. He is not letting death defeat him, no he just keeps on fighting to live, which is portrayed perfectly and when he has to give an emotional performance or a scene towards the beginning which is intense or just not happy, Matt Damon pulls it of all so well. Also this movie is very suspenseful/intense. So many scenes where it's on the edge of your seat and so many thrills. This is a movie with barely any action and it still manages to put me on the edge of my seat, it feels like the Murphy Law is going around there, whatever can happen, will happen.Kudos to you Ridley Scott. The Scope of Mars is pretty cool as well. One of my absolute favourite aspect of this film is the immersion. Usually when I say films are taking forever, like Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction or Into The Woods, it's in a negative way. But this film puts it in a breath-taking way. It feels like an adventure. I felt like I was stranded on Mars and it did take forever and I mean that in a positive way. It was so immersive which improves upon the pacing.

The Plot is great but would have not been as great without the interesting characters and visuals. The crew members were great and the aspect of Earth was just great as well. Jeff Daniels, the man who played Harry In Dumb and Dumber and the 2nd one (there's only 2) is the leader if Nasa, I bought into his character. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays one great character, a desperate man doing his mission. The visual effects were gorgeous, Mars looks astounding, the scope of it is huge, tie that in with a great soundtrack and the cinematography is so well done, the VFX is amazing. Also there are awesome references in this film which I will not spoil and I could not find any flaws with this film because there is none to be found. I walked out feeling I just have walked out of an adventure. This is a worth while movie, if you can't wait for The Force Awakens, here is a great space sci-fi movie in the mean time, it is awesome.

Overall The Martian is brilliant. It has great VFX, an immersive atmosphere, a slow but clever, intellectual script which improves the pacing, a great plot and so many suspense, thrills and intensity with no action and just one amazing protagonist which I kept rotting and caring for. This ties with Mad Max Fury Road is my favourite film of 2015 so far. In my opinion it's the best Ridley Scott movie since Gladiator. There were a few scenes that did slow down a bit but overall

The Martian gets an:


So what did you guys think if The Martian and what do you think is the best Ridley Scott movie (for me it's Blade Runner)- Post it down in the comments and let the world know. Also if it could help, please share this review and my Tak3n review with other members of this site, thank you very much. Don't share my Philosopher Stone review, that was an awful review.

I also think I will review Everest soon, I have seen it, I will probably review it.


Sean Bean survived Jupiter Ascending, but him surviving a good movie is something I'm unfamiliar with. - PositronWildhawk

Unless he died shortly after both of those movies - idontknow