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41 Closer

Hard, gritty, heavy and just plain awesome, Closer is one of the best.

42 Shadow of a Man

Are you kidding? This song should at least be in the top 20's if not 10's. This song is one of Mudvayne's deepest songs! And I love the sound of the shifting chords in the song too? This song is so perfect. The end of all things to come album is another one of my favorite albums presented by mudvayne

This song basically tells you how messed up and painful the world is and how Chad Gray wants to escape to another world as he says in the song.

So yeah this song is pretty underrated just like same o'l by mudvayne and many others.

Gorgeous and sonorous bass throughout the song, Killer Progressive elements thrown in.. very underrated!

43 Have It Your Way

This song is awesome at least belongs in the 30s if not higher, it's very catchy, one of mudvaynes more upbeat songs, yet still heavy.

It has so much emotion in it, no to mention the lyrics are impeccable.

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44 I.D.I.O.T.
45 (Per)version of a Truth V 1 Comment
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