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41 Indra

He is same as Zeus. King of gods according to Hindu mythotody. He holds in his hand a great powerful thunder weapon.

42 Adi-Buddha

The worst god

Self emanating, omipotent, omniscent, originator of all things. The multiverse came into being simply as a result of his meditation. Interchangable with the Hindu concept of Brahman.

43 Hanuman

He is destroyer of fear and should be in at least top5

He ate the sun as a baby. How much more badass can you get?

Incarnation of shiva..

Only god to rally exist in this world..once say from your heart jai shree ram your all pain mysries will be reduced believe me

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44 Dorje Shugden V 1 Comment
45 Fates

They control the destiny of all living beings including the gods even Zeus fears them

They should be number 1 they kill all gods

Fates is three woman, name Klaitho, Lechasis and Antropos. This three old woman roll thread fate. My comparison Fates of serial Xena: warrior princess in 4 and 5 and 6 season discover to three Fates and attacking of Xena, Gabrielle and Julius Caesar. Three Fates his no ended.

46 Quetzalcoatl

A feathered serpent that is the sky and earth and all things serpentine. Oh and it also created humans. From Meso-American mythology

47 Hercules V 2 Comments
48 Sun Wukong

Defeated an army of hundred thousand gods with nothing but and stick and personally destroyed heaven himself. Not to mention he became basically omnipotent after the journey to the west after studying under Buddha

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49 Gaea
50 Bastet V 1 Comment
51 Thoth

Thoth is the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Magick, Writing, etc. He is one of the most important gods in Egyptian mythology. He makes sure there is balance within the universe and collects every piece of knowledge.

Thoth knows the secret to destroy Gods eternally and he kowns all of the secrets ever in the universe, because he wrote them in the Book of Thoth. Because of this it basically makes him the most powerful god. However he is humble and intelligent and he knows not to descend the universe on chaos.

52 Vidar

Vidar is a beast

God of silence. Killed fenrir who killed odin himself. Comparable with vali the norse god of revenge.

53 Svarog
54 Nut
55 Nyx

Pretty much the first born from Chaos, total darkness in power and feared by Zeus himself.

Nyx, goddess of night, possessed a power that even Zeus feared

If she can handle to be in anything from outer space to the depths of Tartarus then she has to be powerful. Plus, she is pretty much the first one born out of Chaos.

56 Uranus
57 Nemesis

Nemesis is pretty great, can make gods fight each other over the wrongdoings done long ago.

Can make hades and Zeus fight by inflicting hades with vengeance.god of vengeance yo - Victorez

58 Thanatos

Basically Thanatos is the god of death in greek mythology, and every god who is a representation of death can be considered omnipresent and omnipotent because no one escapes death

59 Pan

Greek god of the wilderness. By far the best

60 Verethragna

Verethragna is a Persian god of victory. Had ten incarnations - a wind, a goldenhorned bull, a white horse, a camel, a boar, a fifteen-year-old youth, a bird (Varagna), a ram, a buck and a man with a golden sword.And belive me his sword is awesome

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