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61 Verethragna

Verethragna is a Persian god of victory. Had ten incarnations - a wind, a goldenhorned bull, a white horse, a camel, a boar, a fifteen-year-old youth, a bird (Varagna), a ram, a buck and a man with a golden sword.And belive me his sword is awesome

62 Jalandhara
63 Aether

The Greek deity of Pure Air and Light, he literally embodies what the gods breathed.


64 Qetesh


65 Perun
66 Isis

Isis is the best thing ever.

-flagged by the government

Let me explain this one to you. She is a Egyptian goddess of magic

Isis sucks duck luul xddd

67 Aphrodite

She rocks.
Without her, this would be a HATEFUL world - Celestius

Powerful or not she's defiantly deceptive. Come on guys every living creature has love in it. Why does many heroes and villains do crazy things?! Why is Zeus afraid of his own wife?! ( why are we, first?! ) why did hades risk kidnapping phersisphone ( or whatever her name was) why did Poseidon creat horses?! Why was there a Trojan war?! Think

Why is she married to hephaestus? because the other gods took her as a threat.

Isn't she the god of love?!?

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68 Hermes

He is awesome he's the fastest, sneakiest, and he's the messenger of the Greek Gods along with Iris (Goddess of Rainbows)

Very sneaky and I love how he's so fast and also the God of thieves sadly thieves no mercury on this list is would have picked him I was gonna pick loki then I changed my mind #HERMES/MERCURY

There is no god of time so he can super speed kill the fates and destroy the rest of gods by going back in time and kill them all

69 Nott
70 Mars

Roman god of war, destruction, and MASCULINITY!

71 Jupiter

He is Zeus himself. So this field is useless.

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72 Geb V 3 Comments
73 Ometeotl

The original creator of all the aztec deities, god and goddess at the same time of the duality. The mother of Quetzacoatl, Huitzilopochtli, Xipe Totec and the black Tezcatlipoca. He/She gives the cosmic energy that allow to all the things to exist and their essence, reason for it's call "The one through whom we all live".

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