Top Ten NFL Safeties (2009)

The Top Ten

1 Troy Polamalu- #43 Troy Polamalu- #43 Troy Aumua Polamalu is a former American football strong safety who played his entire twelve-year career for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

he's on every play and comes through when needed

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2 Ed Reed- #20

Everyone in the NFL fears Ed Reed because they know if they make a mistake, its a TD for the Ravens, from Ed Reed.

Best safty I've seen in nfl and when he gets an int from anywhere on the feild he can bring it home for a td

ed reed is the best saftey alive you gotta give him his props. polamalu is pretty sick but ed is better

he has more picks than troy p and hold the current record for longest int returned for a touchdown.

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3 Brian Dawkins- #20
4 Bob Sanders- #21

he knows how to make key tackles on almost every play

5 Kerry Rhodes- #25
6 Adrian Wilson- #24

adrian wilson is awesome! I mean last season he was starting ss in the probowl, I think he desreves #1 not #6

I like adrian wilson because he is a gas man that hits anyone that will come running at him

7 Michael Griffin- #33 Michael Griffin- #33 Michael Devin Griffin is an American football safety for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.
8 Antrel Rolle- #21 Antrel Rolle- #21
9 LaRon Landry- #30

an amazing player and one of the fastest in the league - footballlover14

10 Chris Hope- #24
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