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181 Danny Tanner Danny Tanner

He is nick and night dingus

182 Doug Funnie Doug Funnie
183 James Maslow James Maslow James David Maslow (born July 16, 1990) is an American actor, and singer, known for playing the role of James Diamond on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush and is a member of the boy band with the same name. He also starred as Kevin Mohr on the Sony Crackle original series Sequestered. more.

He is so cute and has everything anyone wants and he is in BTR AKA Big Time Rush, the best T.V. Show And Band In The World and he is also in Big Time Movie The Best Movie In The World

184 The Cheese (Wacky Delly)

He is better than both the salami and the bologna combined!

185 Katie Rice

Katie is so funny, she had her hair turned red & blue by Maddie.

186 Sophie Johnson

She is crazy, in a good way, & her hair is unusual for a girl, but she is still one of the best characters on Nick.

Anyone who watches Every Witch Way is proud of the cast for making a show like this, without it, there would be mass suicide on Nick fans.

187 Buhdeuce Buhdeuce

I will Falcon Punch the person who put him on the list. - lamourieparkinson

Take this off the list PLEASE! He just twerks and delivers bread to idiots.

Buhdeuce is BORING! AND HE DELIVERS BREAD TO DORKS, IDIOTS, MORONS AND DUMMIES! Remove him! And use Leo to replace him! Or Bloom!

What idiot but THIS living piece of crap on the list?

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188 Private V 2 Comments
189 Max Thunderman Max Thunderman

He the best actor in the world so hot.

He is the most funniest actor

Oh so hot

190 April O'Neil
191 Ickis

I don't care if he's really low on this list! Ickis rocks! Show some love, 90s nicktoons fans!

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192 Nicole Bristow

Seriously she is so perfect. Just look at her's AMAZING

193 Stick Stickly V 1 Comment
194 SwaySway SwaySway V 2 Comments
195 Heffer Wolfe Heffer Wolfe Heffer Wolfe is a fictional character on the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name.

He's one of the funniest characters on Rocko's Modern Life (next to Filbert and the Bigheads).

196 Poof Poof V 1 Comment
197 Marlene
198 Kowalski
199 Skipper
200 Carl Wheezer Carl Wheezer
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