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101 Dib

I think dib is smart, he is already too smart sometimes!

He deserves to be #1, Or at the very least higher then Zim

102 Logan Mitchell
103 Diego Rueda

He is a dumb ripoff of Aang from Avatar. Apparently he's a "Kanay", and he controls the 4 elements. Guess who else can control the 4 elements. The Avatar! AKA Aang! - Cartoonfan202

Diego is unique, because he is a very rare typpe of person called a Churi Kanay, which means Son of Fire, he can control the elements with his powers, the reason kanays are so rare is because there is only 1 alive.

104 Sanjay Sanjay

Am I the only one who sort of likes Sanjay and Craig when they don't have really gross jokes? Like the one where they make themselves look older that was a funny episode

Would you guys calm down and learn the word opinion some people like this show just because you don't like it does not mean everyone hates it - MrMonkey

He sucks. What are you talking about? The show is complete crap.

He is so far the worst cartoon character ever. I thought this show was going to get canceld sooner but nickelodeon made even more crappy episodes.

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105 Gerald Johanssen

How could people forget about Gerald? Although Arnold was very cool, Gerald was just so much smoother than Arnold. If you don't agree that Gerald is cooler than Arnold, we can at least agree they're both cool. I'm still amazed of his absence from this list.

106 El Tigre V 1 Comment
107 Naga
108 Andre Harris Andre Harris
109 Libby Folfax

Libby was A. Great character, she loved music and was Cindy's best friend in JN.

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110 Keymon

I don't like the songs of keymon

111 Logan Reese

Logan is THE best & so is Zoey 101!

112 Lola Martinez
113 Freddie Benson Freddie Benson

I know that when people think of iCarly, they usually think of Sam or Carly first, but Freddie is actually really funny. Nerdy guy who grows up and turns hot and sexy. People should give him more credit. He's my fave character on the show only being rivaled by Sam. Seddie forever!

When I was a kid I wanted to kill Sam because he always got beat up by her

Freddie is cool and I love his nerd, geeky dork way.

Freddy is so funny. - Powerfulgirl10

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114 Wubbzy - Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! V 1 Comment
115 Gaz
116 King Julien

He is mad but really funny... And weird!

117 Filburt Shellbach Filburt Shellbach Filburt Shellbach is a main and supporting character of the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name.

Turn the page and wash your hands. Turn the page and wash your hands. And then you turn the page, and then you wash your hands.

118 Chuckie Finster Chuckie Finster

111? 111? 111?!? What?! He deserves to be at least in the top 20! - PeeledBanana

119 Skye

She has an interesting vocabulary when doing actions for PAW Patrol. Top 7 for sure.

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120 Rango
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