One of the best rap songs of all times. Some might say that B.I. G was better than Tupac, but they were different. Biggie was about the wordplay in his songs, the rhymes, and in that sense, his songs were masterpieces. Tupac was more about the deeper lyrics and his songs were about what was being said in the songs.

This song is just amazing great storytelling while killing it lyrically on the mic and the beat matches perfectly with the flow of biggie smalls rap. the only song by biggie smalls where it has a beat more perfect for his flow is big poppa but this is still his best

This is the greatest song Biggie could have because he told his whole life in 5 minute with those great rhymes, meaningful lyrics and nice and good background beat/music. This song is just astonishing

Most of this list is terrible, no "Kick In The Door", "Warning",

'Party and Bull"?.. But this song is without any doubt his best song, amazing! The lyrics, the flow... One of the best songs ever.

This song reminds me a lot of my 90's period, I can't even explain why this song is the best of Notorious big. The beat is perfect, the flow too, and we can see his mother at the end of the clip. Best Notorious tune ever, I will never get mad to it. (Each time I think of San Andreas haha)

It was all a dream, I used to read word off magazine. Best beginning line ever. This song is the boss it is just good, this song is dope.

Undoubtedly the best song of biggie!
I can never get enough of it!
Always playing it on my speakers!
It goes dope!

Tells a relatable and real life story of success against all odds. One of my favourite songs of all time! Love you Biggie!

The flow, the lyrics, rhymes, the melody. He got everything. He and Pac are the best ever!

I could listen to this song every minute of every day and I wouldn't get fed up with it. Just brilliant.

Classic ballad of Biggie's rise to fame from being an amateur freestyler to a household name

Not only is this Biggies best song, but it is also in the top 5 best songs in Hip Hop history

This song is so true and meaningful. Best song by Biggie Smalls

If I ever have something bad going on in life there's nothing this song can't fix

This is biggies struggle and story in a song which makes for the best song ever - thetruth151

Best rap song ever if ya don't know now you know - 9713524179

the best rap song of all time
so good explains his story.

If ya don't know, now ya know. This is the best pre-2000 song ever!

Best storytelling in so much of hip-hops history

The best Song ever... It reminds me of my beginning

All about the struggle men the grind to the top.

This song shows how good flow he has

it's so smooth and says the truth

It don't means dropping out of high school can't makes you somebody you only need to focus in life and things going to be ok for your future.

Damn right I like the life I live 'because I went from negative to positive and its all...
Rip biggie smalls