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21 Ten Crack Commandments

One of those classic joints that you can pump anywhere, while listening to Big's legendary wisdom of the game on the streets

Biggie Talks about the law of being a drug dealer and what to watch out for - roblist

Come on this is the baddest song there is! Chill as hell


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22 Machine Gun Funk

Hands down his best song. Nothing tops this. Not even juicy, or big poppa.

Biggies favorite song, quoted by the man himself

Hands down my number 1 biggie track. Love it!

One of his more hardcore "gangster" songs, kickass beat and sharp lyrics. Maybe not his best song, but give it a listen.

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23 What's Beef

Badass mafia-like tune, feel like a gangster listening to this

Deep and dark, the two keys to gangsta rap!

This one is a bomb

"beef is when you need 2 gatz to go to sleep"

"beef is when I see you
Guaranteed to be in ICU"

Best lines, come on, vote it up!

24 Brooklyn's Finest

Biggie and Jay-Z in their prime. Amazing song

Jay Z and Biggie on a track? Biggies verse kills! Still the kings of Brooklyn

This is a Jay-Z song from Reasonable Doubt, Biggie is only featured

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25 You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)

Biggie's flow is as smooth as velvet in this one

26 Ni***s Bleed

This is in my opinion the greatest song in his infamous life after death album right after his murder.

27 F*** You Tonight
28 Nasty Girl

Dope ass beat but not his best since he's not really performing. - Forhad_765

My all time favourite song

Gucci mane on my level

Best song hands down

29 I Got a Story to Tell

Released post death, features a unique upbeat vibe with a funny friendly flow telling the story. Which is truly unique.

Wow only real people like this song

Biggie just tells a good story with agood flow

30 Get Money
31 Living in Pain

Great beat + Tupac/nas and mary blige. amazing song

32 Miss U
33 Runnin' Your Mouth
34 Long Kiss Goodnight

Should be between 5 and 8 spots higher. 10 Crack Commandments sucks relative to this.

nice beat

35 Living the Life
36 Flava In Ya Ear
37 I Love the Dough

This beat is so chill, it's the perfect song for when you wanna feel good. The only flaw I can pick out in this song is the hook, but in all honesty it still sounds legit.

38 Things Done Changed

Bigs flow on this joint was flawless and perfect

39 The What

Method man absolutely kills it and the beat is just so nice

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40 Me and My B*TCH
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