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61 Never Enough
62 I Devise My Own Demise

Great song, can't believe it wasn't on the list yet. This was one of the first Papa Roach songs I heard, and while I wouldn't rate it higher than Scars or Last Resort I still turn up the speakers every time it comes on.

63 Falling Apart

I love this album and this song tops it, honestly this style of music suits papa roach

What? This song is one of my favorites. The uptempo is so invigorating

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64 Blood (Empty Promises)
65 Even If I Could

The Avengers? This was my favorite song from that soundtrack.

66 Into the Light
67 Live This Down
68 American Dreams

Best song on the new album apart from Crooked Teeth. It's awesome, one of my favourites - Chupix_44

69 What Do You Do?
70 The World Around You

Great song amazing guitar riffs give it a listen

71 The Fire
72 Decompression Period

Absolutely love this track! - Tijsprimo

So special, so beautiful

73 Carry Me
74 State of Emergency

Its really awesome and this song is basically made for Left 4 dead. I think this song could really make it because the lyrics and tone of it is just so cool

75 Just Go (Never Look Back)

How the F.U.C. K isn't this on the list!?

76 Born With Nothing, Die With Everything

Amazing Lyrics and a Killer riff to boot!

77 Harder Than a Coffin Nail
78 Black Clouds
79 War Over Me
80 Fear Hate Love

Papa Roach has too many good songs, This is in my Top 20!

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