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In what game do you like to lead your civilization to victory?

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1 Age of Empires

A very rich game in a vast industry. Great renders from Age of Empires and there are civilizations that might never be in hinder in certain regards. Great deal to explore, with a wealth of imagination from one of the richest and charming games which is Age of Empires. Proud in prowess and culture it depicts should be no issue from start to completion.

When I first played the game I said : "Look there is a man and he is really cutting a tree"

This was one my first strategy game and It made me get completely lost into it! I started loving history. Even after so much of development in the gaming world, there is no game that can match this one!

The one of the main reasons I pick this over Rome total war is because this game is non stop where in rome you can take some time to rest. this game you have to keep upgrading fighting gathering building or else your dying. 2-3 hour death matches! Break out mtn dew its time to FIGHT!

2 Starcraft

Starcraft besides needing new civilizations to be near age of empires is still a nice game. The graphics are good and the units as applause-able. Technology tree is fine too.

It's starcraft. That's all I need to say.

The most powerful species are the protoss race but my favorite is anyway the terrans ,our future race :)... (maybe...:)))

The depth and complexity of this game is amazing, and is only visible if you play on battlenet!

3 Civilization V

By far the best strategy game ever made. Interactive, thought-provoking, and extremely inclusive, especially with the new expansion packs. Brave New World really makes this game a power house.

Those who don't know civ were born under a rock its a simple to play fun game been a follower of it for ages.

You know a list isn't very popular when you vote for a thing and it instantly goes up two places...
Anyways Civilization V is in my top 3 games of all time:
Battlefield 4
Civ V

Watch out for Gandhi

4 Rome: Total War

Lad just look at the solid roman kid shouting were else do you have a sick cover like that (part from empire because they screwed up the game with the new engine) you can't deny that the roman kid is gonna deck that barbarian kid. But when people complain how "oh there's only 20 factions" it makes each faction UNIQUE unlike Rome 2 were you used the same boring ass tactic "attack" but in rome say if your up against Parthia you'll know you'll need to use spearmen to counter their great horses and send your cav and archers to take out their horse archers. then against Greece you'll need to rely on your archers to soften them up then engage your infantry then get your cav to flank them. see isn't that so much better than Rome 2 were everything is the same. In my opinion Rome is the better setting for these games before gunpowder.

I still play Rome Total War now so ye so don't chat crap about rome

This game is legend. Ok the ai isn't always challenging but this is the best game for a strategy gamer who likes to build and upgrade cities and expand a huge empire

Sure it has it's quirks but it still holds up to time it is a amazing game and even though I have beaten it countless time I can still spend hours paying it, I have about 457 hours on the steam version of it right now.

How are Shogun 2 and Empire ahead of this. Rome Total changed strategy gaming and for its time and still now it is the best strategy game of all time

5 UFO: Enemy Unknown

This is an all time classic cannot believe it's not even on the list

6 Empire Earth
7 Heroes of Might and Magic IV

I play this game for about 12 years and I'm still not fed up with it!

8 Total War: Shogun 2
9 Warcraft III
10 Ground Control II

Brilliantly designed RTS that should be near the very top of anybodies list

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11 Company of Heroes
12 Rise of Nations

This is my favourite strategy game ever made!

Thank you for giving me the privilege to experience such an amazing game!

Best strategy game ever

The one of the mighty civilization before and after of jesus christ is Iran (Persia). But that not exist in this game.. That horrible that's so ridiculous...
There is nubians and bantu.. But Great Persia and Xerxes and Cyrus is barbarians :|so ridiculous, ain't it? Its horrible. I think they are enemy with Persia... Oh my GOD...

13 Napoleon: Total War
14 Sins of a Solar Empire
15 Command & Conquer: Red Alert
16 Majesty
17 Command & Conquer: Generals

Best game ever, too bad of all the people using maphack and cheats. Zero hour was the bomb!..

This game made my love to RTS

Generals should to be in the top ten because it was the last c&c wich was good.

18 Heroes of Might and Magic III

How is this below 4? Do not get me wrong, 4 is good, but 3 was better

19 Civilization IV

This game, particularly beyond the sword, is fantastic. And I have played so many strategy games.

How is this below V?

20 Age of Mythology

This game was my childhood. I loved this game and it really introduced me to mythology. The campaign was amazing and epic. Every god was fun to play. Amazing music. I need to play this again...

All I can say is-great game. it is best game related to mythology and I love this game

Maybe not the best but I really love it my first strategy game

Very light and compelling to play all day

21 Empire: Total War

Its a great game provided you have the expansion pack.Good naval warfare as well.Might have extended it to the modern era as well

22 Heroes of Might and Magic II
23 Galactic Civilizations II
24 Stronghold: Crusader

I thought it's #1 strategy game before loading this page. isn't it really the best? Addictive gameplay and massive online battles should make this number 1.this is old but awesome.

Best strategic game ever play...

no.1 strategy game

It's the best

25 Starcraft II

It's starcraft 1 with better visuals and units, come on

26 Dune 2000

The Dune series was definitely the highlight of my childhood!

I like this a lot, great sound, great graphics for that time

Unit lost

27 World In Conflict

Best strategy game ever contains everything needed to command and lead your army into combat.!

28 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

How can this be num 26?! It's so stupid to have 4 total wars and 3 heroes of might and magic on a top ten list. Dawn of War has so many races with balanced and unique specialties and its more tactical too.

Easily one of the best games ever

Dow forever! Best game in mars

29 Europa Universalis

A realistic view of the world in the colonial era.


30 Hearts of Iron 4

Super fun game, recommended for anyone who loves strategy games or history.

Should be in top 10

Should be #2

31 Majesty 2
32 Homeworld 2
33 Civilization II
34 The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth

One Of The Best, It Should be 4th position

35 The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2
36 Total War: Attila
37 Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

This game edition is considered as the best C&C releases. I played it, it has the best features

38 Roller Coaster Tycoon

One of my favorite games growing up, although not terribly difficult (compared to Sim City, where I struggled quite a bit at building profitable cities), especially if you decide to manipulate the less-than-superb AI.

39 Sudden Strike
40 Crusader Kings
41 Hearts of Iron
42 Age of Empires III
43 Praetorians
44 Anno 1404
45 Victoria
46 Supreme Commander

Best game by far. The sequel is even better. Most people don't rate this game higher because the system requirements at the time were steep.

47 World Conqueror 3

It's a strategy game and really fun.

Awesome game

48 Medieval II Total War
49 Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
50 Jurassic Park: Chaos Island
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