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1 Witchcraft

NEVER got bored of it. Keeps pumping in my ears day and night since its release. Simply and mostly amazing.

EVERYTHING about this song is absolutely fantastic! I definitely think this is the best song I've ever heard.

Best song by them in my opinion and think it should be number 1. Listen to this whenever I get the chance to listen to music and will never get boring.! ! ! ! Should be number 1

Oh yeah! Such a powerful track that goes into an electronic frenzy in the chorus

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2 Propane Nightmares

Can't start my day without listening one of pendulum songs

Amazing song love the beginning vocals and the intro so much one of my favourite songs

this song has an amazing bass line!
One of my best drum & bass choises

One of my favorites. I used to wake up to this as an alarm.

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3 Watercolour

I love the drumming and background Keyboard? Or something but its real cool best song Great on Call of Duty 4 btd14zombies its get moving music adrenaline pumping great.

Epic song! Can not stop replaying it! Not only my favourite Pendulum song but my favourite song ever! Every time I here it I want to get up and rave!

This song is sick..
The music, the lyric. Everyday I hear this song, I'm a big fans of this song.
Electronic bass and drum are good

I personally think this one has the best lyrics. It's my favorite song from nfs: hot pursuit.

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4 The Island Pt 1

This is like the best song I think besides The Vulture. I have been really attracted to "Immersion" compared to the other albums.

The atmosphere this song gives off is amazing. It cheers me up and makes me want to party whenever I hear it. This song is one of the reasons why I love Pendulum!

Had some crazy partys with this song, good times!

The atmosphere this song gives off is amazing. It cheers me up and makes me want to party whenever I hear it. This song is one of the reasons why I love Pendulum!

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5 Blood Sugar

Pendulum's most iconic sound, and the atmosphere is unbelievable live! Should be number 1, it's creative genius!

Almost no vocals in this song but the the instrumental in this song is so amazing that it balances it out. Their most catch song they've ever made, everyone should listen to it! =D

Amazing can't seem to not hum it when bored! Love it

The most iconic song created by Pendulum, wow

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6 Crush

Honestly, it's not my favourite of all, but I think it definitely deserves to at least be in the top 10

Yup tis should be no1... Amazing vocals on tis as compared to the rest of the songs... Damn ta first time I heard tis I was like "BOOM"

I'm listening to this song since 5 months and it's not bored at all. I really love Pendulum, which is my favourite band EVER.

Awesome beat at a perfect tempo; great for a solid workout

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7 Granite

awesome song, can't past one day without listening to it, the mix of styles, like the intro and the melody is just awesome.

This is their best song because just the melody itself never gets old for me which is pretty hard to pull off in my opinion

This is by far the best song they ever produced, fast temp and non stop.. Heard it at a rave nearly shat myself

Love to play NFS listening to this song

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8 The Tempest

Possibly the longest song by Pendulum, this song starts out quiet, builds up nicely, and at the end we witness the true greatness of the song.

Love how the song keeps you in suspense. And when you finally reach the ending, BAM! The effect is intoxicating.

The tempest is simply the best song I have ever heard! I can not believe why it is not number 1 on this list as the entire song is amazing, especially the last couple of minutes

Such a powerful and versatile song I love it. Also nostalgic given its from Need for Speed Undercover

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9 Tarantula

awesome song... one of my favourites EVER!

Amazing Bassline and drop, should be number 1 in my opinion

Number one. If it is not, then, well.. People have no taste.

I love it because is about tarantulas and its from PENDULUM­čś▒

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10 The Island Pt 2

This song is quite different as it is extremely electronic but still retains some of that great pendulum sound that everyone loves!

Definitely the most lively song I've heard from them, makes you wanna get the f--- down at a show.

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11 Hold Your Colour

Great message, really relevant in today's world. Too many things out there trying to kill your individuality, and it's important to know that no matter what, you always need to be yourself. The bassline is great, but that's to be expected. It's really catchy, and I often find it playing in my head at random times. Definitely the best song off of the album of the same name, along with "Girl in the Fire".

I love most if not all of pendulum's songs but in my opinion, this has to be the number one and is one of my favourite songs of all time (and I listen to a wide range of music! )

The song is powerful, soulful and very uplifting. It's one of those songs you can feel as much as you can hear. I love music that does has that kind of powerful vibe and although I love a lot of Pendulum's stuff, this song is the one that really hits that nail on the head. Truly brilliant song

Insane and amazing. The epitome of the drum and bass genre as a whole. Honestly, this song as well as "Witchcraft" are my favorite songs by Pendulum (regardless of the fact that "Witchcraft" sounds more electronic).

Coming from a fan of rap music, this song got me into Pendulum - Mcgillacuddy

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12 Self vs. Self

First, Rob and Anders' voices used in the same song is something I adore. They contrast yet compliment each other so well, which, artistically, is the theme of the song - conflict between two sides of the same person.

A blend between the styles of the two bands leads to an interesting mix. The song has notable elements from both bands, yet the final product is still distinguishable as something entirely separate from other music of it's genre. Somehow manages to capture the essence of what makes each band so unique while being it's own, one-off experience. One of my favourites from both Pendulum and In Flames.

I'm pretty shocked that this song is way down the list.
In my opinion it should be the first followed by witchcraft and watercolour.
The electric Guitar riffs, The super amazing drums( they uses 2 not one because its really on an epic level of drumming).
My ears never got tired of this

I actually love almost all of Pendulum's stuff but this one fuses both the iconic sound of the group with In Flames' powerful riffs and vocals. This one stands out. Besides, two of my favorite groups featuring together? I'm sold!

Absolutely incredibly unique, I've never heard anything that compares. The sound is incredible, mixes pendulum's amazing DnB with metal, and the tune, vocals, lyrics are all brilliant.

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13 Set Me on Fire

It's a fantastic D'n'be track with a slight psychedelic infuse and a really strong bass line. Should be in the top 10, love it!

If not the best song by them it is definitely up there, I had a hard choice between this and Witchcraft but I actually find this one a little better. I hope this great song finds its way in the top 10!

A bit discouraging beginning, but you won't regret when listening to the rest, what is more - you won't turn it off ever!


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14 Showdown

Showdown is just too damn catchy, with great beat and basslines it's a proper club song. Should easily be in the top 10.

It's my favorite song of Pendulum!

I love how it sounds


15 Encoder

Very different than pendulums usual style but still great. beautiful melodies and great mixing. this isn't actually my favourite. (1. Crush 2. Island Pt I 3. Set Me on Fire.. ) but I feel it deserves more of a chance than its been given..

The best of all of the song that they made. This song also has two parts two it the last part better then the first

A different style but I like it, the vocals are amazing and I can't stop listening to the guitar solo at the end.

The most beautiful song on the planet. Nothing compares.

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16 Voodoo People

Pendulum's remix of Prodigy's "Voodoo People" is a great song. It was actually one of the first few songs that got me into Pendulum, and even if you're not into Pendulum, by the time you hear this song, you definitely will be!

Seriously, not even in the top ten?

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17 Slam

Best example of pendulum ever. the performance of this song at brixon academy will be hard to beat.

Immense song. Don't know why its all the way down here its such a beast!

Why is this not in the top 10 yet? This is one of the greatest songs of theirs. It has the best melody, great drums, and an even better music video. Slam is really deserving of a higher placement than it has. Anyone with me?

The very best

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18 The Vulture

Amazing Beat, Can listen to it everyday and not get bored of it, also has some elements of dubstep.

I think it deserves a higher position because it is also very good... Also you must remember that also plays Rock Electronic Pendulum...

It was the first pendulum song I heard and even led me into the genre

It's got an epic beat to it, definitely one of my favorite songs.

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19 Streamline

because its has a very cool bassline and good sound effects in

20 Different

Very good song, but I think it deserves to be higher up. Without doubt my favourite song from In Silico along with Visions and Propane Nightmares.

Nice song, very nice couple of sounds

I'm quite dissapointed that this track has not been put on the list yet! Such a great mosaic of sounds! I rly love it!

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