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21 Girl In the Fire Girl In the Fire

Amazingly produced song, with so many influences. This song really shows Pendulum's creativity and has a huge variety of genres, all mixed into an awesome roller-coaster ride of a song. I just love the guitar solo and latin style beats (not to mention the drum and bass! ).

WHY IS THIS SO LOW! Come on vote this song up, this is one of the best drum and bass tracks out there!

The acoustic guitar is unexpected and adds lots of flavor to an already bangin' drum and bass track. And then the electric guitar comes into play... Simply amazing.

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22 Masochist Masochist

Not very well known because it was not released in any albums, but absolutely awesome. Such a crazy song.

Slamming jungle track... unfortunately not much exposure due to it being a compilation album.

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23 Streamline Streamline

because its has a very cool bassline and good sound effects in

24 9,000 Miles 9,000 Miles

(sorry for my English, but I must say this) This song remembers me, my best years of live. Then I played a NFS Undercover and feel very happy when I hear this song, when I racing. It's so beautiful!

Falling more into the intelligent Drum and Bass genre than other tracks this is a stunning ambient track with a progressive beat and good basslines.

This is a fairly unique song for Pendulum; more of a trance type integrated with their usual Drum and Bass. Nice flowing music with a strong beat.

This song is so beautiful!

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25 Fasten Your Seatbelt Fasten Your Seatbelt

Best song I ever heard! Why so low rating?

Cheesus Crust guys, Upvote this one.
Feels like I need to fasten a seatbelt to stop lightly headbanging whenever I hear this song.
And I don't have a car.

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26 Different Different

Very good song, but I think it deserves to be higher up. Without doubt my favourite song from In Silico along with Visions and Propane Nightmares.

Nice song, very nice couple of sounds

I'm quite dissapointed that this track has not been put on the list yet! Such a great mosaic of sounds! I rly love it!

27 Plasticworld Plasticworld

This is one of their best songs, it's totally atmospheric and has a fantastic end in my opinion. I love the vocals in it so all in all this has to be voted up.

Great song with a catchy beat! Should be ranked higher in my opinion

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28 Ransom

This song is absolutely brilliant. The clicks before getting more intense was a neat addition. It has a good beat to it. I'm surprised only one person's voted for it.

The beginning of the song gives me goosebumps from the amazing bass. Sounds best when you crank it up to 11

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29 Salt In the Wounds Salt In the Wounds
30 Mutiny Mutiny V 2 Comments
31 Immunize Immunize

Is it possible to listen to this whilst staying perfectly still?

When you cross together Prodigy and Pendulum you get this. Should have done it more often. - colesy99

Should be higher. Well if you disagree, at least from the top 15

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32 Axle Grinder Axle Grinder

Why so low? Damn it's pure awesomeness

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33 Midnight Runner Midnight Runner

AWESOME and the sample is no way near the best bit at the end. Crazy ending.

This tune is absoluty amazing so come on people get this absolute tune up please

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34 Another Planet Another Planet

Great, really creative track. The repetition of the bass segments is just astounding. The vocals at the beginning really give you that enormous uncomfortable space feeling.

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35 Out Here Out Here

Out Here has one of the greatest Pendulum sounds ever. It has just unbelievable tension and building up until it grows into a huge blast and an explosion of unbelievably brilliant sounding music! Definitely one of the greatest Pendulum songs ever. And one of my favorite electronic music tracks EVER!

The guitar riff at the beginning and the middle, just make this song fantastic. Would really love to hear more Australian guitar riffs like this again. The only band I would compare to this sound is PNAU's "Soft Universe".

36 Master of Puppets
37 Spiral

? APPARENTLY NONE OF you HAVE HEARD THIS SONG B4? As good as some of these other Pendulum songs are, this IS the best. Youtube it if you don't believe me.

We spiral down...

Like amazing! Wait till the drop ;) that is your queue to go absolutely mental

To be honest, The Tempest is the best, but this tune is just insanely good dnb. Although, everything by Pendulum is insanely good - best band ever

38 Still Grey Still Grey

The most beautiful song I ever heard. Excellent atmosphere of night city while listening this. Respect it. - kirillyanukovich

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39 Vault VIP
40 Under the Waves Under the Waves

Not my number one song by Pendulum, but still an awesome track.

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