Alpha Phi Omega


Alpha Phi Omega was founded behind the idea of scouting movement, as a boy scout achiever in my elementary years I was inspired to join this brotherhood. APO was not created to produce a warrior and violent men, to be a liability to a community is a big no. We are not a one day survival frat, we don't become brothers in a drinking table. Rather, we are indoctrinated by the three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service, and just like scouting we are adhered to scout oath & law.

Furthermore, APO recruitment is exclusive only to college students in any field, that's fraternity as defined. Recruitment outside the college campus will never be called a fraternity. Part of our jewels is being clean, we condemn vandalism, you won't see our Greek letters vandalized in public. Be a Leader, be a Friend, be of Service. May way always be!

Pledgeeship, to be an APO, is the hardest thing a person hurdles to be one. It is a long process wherein, only the best can be accepted. It is a combination of physical endurance, psychological balance, mental capacity, social awareness and professionalism test that will make a person pass or quit. It doesn't take 1 day, 2 days or 3 days to be considered a brother or a sister of APO. It has levels or stages in committing to be a full-pledged APO as it has program which usually takes 1 semester to become half brothers/sisters, then subject for entry for full pledgeeship, a half-brod/sis pledge for a full-pledged membership. APO is only open to an active and enrolled college student with passing grades on his/her entry as chapters are based on a recognized learning institution and principles need to be properly indoctrinated in the process. APO is not after on quantity but the quality of membership worldwide. With the three cardinal principles which is Leadership, Friendship and ...more

The best Fraternity in the World. Members are well trained and there is a vetting process as to who can join. Only collegiate students can join the organization that is why there is a high percentage of members who becomes professional. We are also the sole Fraternity and Sorority that is scouting based and we are one of the pioneers in putting our initiative into work. Work that would lead to service. Service that would benefit a lot of people.

ALPHA PHI OMEGA is the most prestigious fraternity and sorority among others, we are guiding with the cardinal principle of leadership, friendship and service. BuiLD it strong.. Build it with the men and women of alpha phi omega, MAY WE ALWAYS BE... STRONG THE CIRCLE WE!

Not expecting too much votes in this survey, since we believed in Quality is best rather than Quantity, We are trained to be a professional, a true service oriented organization. Alpha Phi Omega defines the true meaning of CAMARADERIE,

The Few The Proud We Are... Willingness to serve that not wait until it is ask for... Quality NOT Quantity... Long Live the real best fraternity and sorority not ONLY in the Philippines but all over the corner of the WORLD... May We Always Be...

The Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity Philippines
adheres to the Laws of God and the Laws of the Land.
Guided by the Scouting Principles, we are...
in Leadership.. in Friendship.. in Service...

We are Alpha Phi Omega International fraternity and Sorority, we are Guided by the 3 Principles of Alpha Phi Omega.. LEADERSHIP, We Lead because we are bound to be a Leader by ourselves, to the people, to the community and to the nation as a whole. FRIENDSHIP, We Care because Alpha Phi Omega has a heart of humility, we treat all as a friend, we don't have enemies because Alpha Phi Omega never judge people, we admire, inspire and love everyone. SERVICE, We Share because Alpha Phi Omega are born a warm hearted individuals who always share what we have and what we achieve in life. That's why Alpha Phi Omega will always be Number 1 because APO NEVER RULE BUT APO ALWAYS LEAD TO CARE AND TO SHARE... STRONG THE CIRCLE WE! MAY WE ALWAYS BE! LONG LIVE ALPHA PHI OMEGA

I believed that this fraternity has the quality and integrity which they always preserved. It is not easy I think to be a member compare to others base on my experience as frat-man too. How I wish to be part of this fraternity.

I still believe in this saying "There are only two fraternities in this world, the APO and the others. " People may vote whoever they want but this doesn't change the fact nor affect the fraternity in building brotherhood.

APO only accepts college students and professionals that's why APO has the most number of college grads and professionals that include lawyers, high ranking military and police officers, politicians, doctors, nurses, professors, engineers, etc... Etc...

The best fraternity in the Philippines and in the USA. It has been serving humanity since December 16 1925. It has produced government officials in the country like Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay, Bebot Bello, Carlos P. Romulo, Obet Pagdanganan, Gen. Versosa and President Bill Clinton to name a few. Its worthy being an APO.

Most of our members are college student, professional..


Others on this list are not fraternities. Fraternity is crafted to exist in universities and colleges, that when they graduated they will be called alumni. How come others on the list is called a fraternity? How would they become alumni? They are copycat but doesn't know the definition of fraternity. They only exist to fight rivals, thus brings a wrong image of the word fraternity. APO can only accept those in colleges/universities. Chapters only exist in schools, after they graduated, they will be joining the alumni association which was also regulated by the National Council, that simply means, APO is organized Fraternity. No other fraternities is organized as such. Kudos APHIO.

Alpha phi omega is the training to become a great future leaders of the world, it is a service oriented fraternity whose goal is to cure the sick people and feeds people who are indigenous especially the poorest of the poor. It spiritually and physically contribute good intentions to mankind, whose members are friendly and diplomats no racial discrimination it will serve to humanity which is the specialization program of alpha phi omega may we always be. , more power to alpha phi omega, a never ending service to mankind universally as a whole.

Alpha Phi Omega is the best Service Fraternity and Sorority in the world as it has wide community services, most of their members are respected professionals... LONG LIVE ALPHA PHI OMEGA...

We were trained with the 3 cardinal principles: LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP & SERVICE!

MAY WE ALWAYS BE! ALPHA PHI OMEGA is international fraternity and sorority organization.

Alpha Phi Omega is not our shield nor our gang, inner relation and spirit lies to every brothers and sisters that could not explain no one, Alpha Phi Omega is the unic and extraordinary group that can stand as our backgroup reference we just continue and keep what we are. Let us keep APhiO FOREVER. Gamma Omegan's 77

Alpha Phi Omega is the best fraternity for its good leadership, friendship and continuous service around the world

Winners never quit, quitters never win. APO is for leadership, friendship and be of service!

Alpha phi omega is an effective character building institution ^^ promotes the 3 cardinal principles which are leadership, friendship, service. DO A GOOD TURN DAILY!

Alpha Phi Omega is one of a kind!
i am very proud to be an OMEGAN!
Leadership, Friendship, Service!

We are still the best fraternities in the Philippines as we have the vice president of the Philippines sitting in Malacanang, nothing beats us except the fraternities held by marcos

Most people are willing to help others in time of need, but few are willing to make the many personal sacrifices, which a life of service may demand. Our Cardinal Principle of Service is the heartbeat of Alpha Phi Omega, and our fourfold service program encourages the experience of helping all in need, rather than just those who are in time of need. By designing this standard in such a fashion, we demonstrate that no more is demanded of pledges than of their active counterparts and that sufficient opportunity is provided for pledges to demonstrate their commitment to the service program in all four fields. It prepares pledges realistically for participation in the chapter service program as active members and strengthens the foundation for their way of life after graduation. (National Pledge Standards W.