Batangas Varsitarian


Roses are red, Batanguenyos are brown.
that's my race so don't put it down,
by bv pride,
i will not hide,
my batanguenyo race,
i will not disgrace,
my BV blood flows hot and true,
my BV peeps I will stand by you,
thru thick and thin, till our very end,
our BATANGAS VARSITARIAN flag always stands high,
i yell this poem louder than the rest,
because everyone knows BATANGAS VARSITARIANS is the best!
BV pride in my mind,
BV blood is my kind,
so step aside and let me through,
because its all about the BV crew,
life sucks then you die,
you die with PRIDE..



The true brotherhood of pure blooded batangueno! Batangueno pride anywhere you go...! Batangas Varsitarian teaches its brothers and sisters to have discipline towards others and yourself, courage to face challenges in life and loyalty to be a true batangueno... BATANGAS VARSITARIAN for life! LONG LIVE BV!

Hence the saying goes "Batangas: Ang Lalawigan ng Magigiting" or Btangas: Province Of the Courageous officially welcomes you to our province is a strong statement that we as "Batangas Varsitarian" is strong and united brotherhood and organization binded not only by oath and blood but by the tradition of being courageous which was imprinted by our forefathers.

" thE beSt bRothErHOOd iN the WHole wORld, when I become a brother of this organization. I got more benefits, not for financial or help for trouble.. Its for the attitude that I got or I learn, number one, to help your brother or sister till death do us part, to love and respect your sister and brother. And I'm so proud to be BATANGAS VARSITARIAN LONG LIVE BV... 143

Thou we walk to the shadow of death, we fear no enemy because co'z we are bound to our strong faith to GOD and to our Organization, The Batangas Varsitarian, DO OR DIE, 143-135, "ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE"


Thanks for letting our brotherhood to be included in whatever purpose of this advertisement. As what some of our brothers and sisters said it is not important to be on top as long as we know we are aiming to do good things to other in our own ways we are proud to be a pure, sincere and respecting people wherever we are.. Long live brothers and sisters.. 143-135

Bounded by blood of the true warrior, martyr and great minds... Hep..! Hep...! ALA EH..! Long Live BV..

Love one another, our values are different from others, our organization, are worldwide now, lets be equal, and whoever be the top one, that means they have the number to show, but we ate the number 1, we know that, and we are the best now in the Philippines, long live, 'BATANGAS VARSITARIAN'S, - arielnitrobv

Long live batangas varsitarian.. Lead in order to serve not in order to rule. Bon et veritas

To die is to rest... BV is the best! We are now focused on our projects by helping others through coordination with local government and such and we will continue doing so because we are Batangas Varsitarian guided by Loyalty, Discipline & Courage! Long live Batangas Varsitarian!

" Stand together and be united to render service among its peers and to humanity as well, regardless of color, race, status, achievements, and endeavors in life. "

Batangas Varsitarian, born as a unity, to love one another, to protect the brotherhood and sisterhood. Love GOD, our country and our group. DO OR DIE.. GOD BLESS US. MSEGISMUNDO'1982 BV FOREVER..

We don't have to be on the top, we just need to do what we are doing right now. And someday, all Filipino citizens will acknowledge us because of our good deeds and great devotion in terms of helping the community and serving our country. We all know on ourselves that we are the best. And always think what will be the best things that we can do to reach our goals and perform well our duties and responsibilities as the best organization existing in our country...


The strong commitment of every member is one of the reasons why our organization exist. All strive for a good cause of the community and organization as a whole...

We represent the Butterfly Knife and the Courage of Batangueno.
Long Live Batangas Varsitarian!
My Family, My Fraternity!

We are not perfect, but being one of the best is difficult enough! We did not only share the same province, we also share the same dream; to be the best. Long live my brod n sis! BVAA NA...

Where ever you go, BV will always be "puntong Ala Eh! The true blooded Batangenyo..

Long live Batangas Varsitarian... Dedicated to uphold peace & helping those who are in need!

I may not a member of this group but I know there are many things they can do. I have a friend which is a member of this group and I gave my support for him because I can see the sincerity, hardworking, brother hood, loyalty and respect to every 1... Long live BATANGAS VARSITARIAN... GOODLAK

Long live Batangas Varsitarian! Do or Die lets make it to the top. Let us enjoy the benefits of true BatangueƱo blood.

Through we walk to the shadow of death.. We fear no enemy, because we are bound of our strong faith to god and to our organization, the BATANGAS VARSITARIAN... I am proud to be a full blooded batangueno... Long live batangas varsitarian 1974...

Its the best of all fraternity... Its not just a fraternity.. It is the heart of being true blooded batanguenio... The brotherhood and sisterhood... And no one can stop us to spread our organization...

I love Batangas Varsitarian.
Long Live Batangas Varsitarian.
Top 20, Not Bad. At least we made it this far.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.
-cHyNiTA of Lybat Chapter

We are united in our ideology, to uphold peace, love and unity amongst family, community & brotherhood. Lead in order to serve, not in order to rule. We are bound by the strong faith to God and to our organization... BATANGAS VARSITARIAN!