Beta Gamma Rho


Long live. Peace. Stay calm.
I vote because this fraternity and sorority is nice helpful, we can live our own culture in terms in our own rules and laws.

I was born to be a true blooded Betagammian. We were united as one because we have the same goals, perspective and opinions. We stood with dignity and pride. We make peace not war! That's what we are! We will die for Beta Gamma Rho! This is the brotherhood our children will be on the future. Beta Gamma Rho rules!

We, the Beta Gamma Rho will surely live forever without any trouble. Cause we promote Peace and Love. I vote this fraternity because I can see the real meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood. Of how they make each other important in their own vital ways. This fraternity will stand in the midst of all the fraternities with a pure intention to help and a pure heart to Love. We are the Beta Gamma Rho and that no one can block our hardship to promote this organization.

A real fraternity and a true sorority which united all its member', a member with dignity, purity and loyalty to our beloved beta gamma rho', we have the strength to conquer our fear and fight to stop against the violence. We live peacefully with unity ', A join forces to help others through a community service! Register and be recognize', forever

As one of the member of beta gamma rho we build in humanity, peace and loyalty in each in everyone of our members and the most of all respect and fear in god is our center and we are being known in our true brotherhood and sisterhood even in a small things that we shared we don't have enough but we can stand forever that's why we are her standing in front of other fraternity with no fear to spread out our name in the whole region, city, provinces and other country be one of us and we will shout together FOREVER BETA GAMMA RHO A.K. A BETAGAMMIANS

No one can block BETA GAMMA RHO.! We stand as one. As a brother and sister. BETA GAMMA RHO lives in each member's heart. Unity, Peace and Love bears in each member. This fraternity and sorority are not organized just to make troubles. We are born to unite everyone.

Beta gamma rho is the best among the rest! Forever beta gamma rho... No one can block... Many are called but only few are chosen! Lets multiply and continue our good deeds

FOREVER BETA GAMMA RHO! FOREVER BETAGAMMIANS! The best among the rest fraternity and sorority ever made. As we build relationship not only with our co-members but as well as different fraternity. We enjoy peace with others being part of the same community we live.

I vote this fraternity. Because this frat help me a lot! And not to mention with discipline members! FOREVER BETA GAMMA RHO!

Forever Beta Gamma Rho...
As one of the member of beta gamma rho we build in humanity, peace and loyalty in each in everyone of our members and the most of all respect and fear in god is our center and we are being known in our true brotherhood and sisterhood

I vote this fraternity because is unselfish.. help the people they clean the surroundings, they want peace not war.. not breaking the rules of our government, this is amazing, spectacular and a very big difference compare to the other groups. keep up the good work Beta Gamma Rho

I voted this fraternity to be one of the top fraternities in the Philippines for this organization embodies the principles and ideals that would mold me and all the other members to become a good citizen in the society which promotes fairness and equality among its fellowmen accompanied by humility, generosity, and perseverance; virtues that made betagammians legend in the past and a legacy in the future! FOREVER BETA GAMMA RHO! -MARJ82-

I vote this fraternity and sorority because I belong to them. I Love BETAGAMMIANS. This is a quiet brotherhood and sisterhood, yet very helpful to me and means to me a lot.

"If you want to have hospitable, honest, caring, lovable, peaceful, truthful, respectful etc.. Brother and sister, this is the fraternity you must vote or join! Many years I've been in this group, and I'm so thankful to have brothers and sister who will be there all the time. We grow as one, we live as one and we will die as one BETAGAMMIANS..


LOVE you ALL,..

I VOTE this fraternity because of two main reasons: First, I belong to this Fraternity and Sorority and Second, I LOVE BETA GAMMA RHO FOREVER

I live this fraternity since I survive to be born I die together with brp.

Because it's a choice, satisfaction and trust... Beta gamma rho has its own points of view... Because as a member we don't aim for a big names in the society... And make a troublesome act just to be well known is not our way... We follow our own rules to reach out to other peoples lives... Without stepping their own shoes. To the betagammians, continue to stand your feet on the ground... With unity and loyalty towards each and everyone and respect each others opinion, let others say what they want to say about beta gamma rho...

I love you beta gamma rho 1973
Nobody can break the relationship of beta gamma rho
Even you...
I live and I die
As a beta gamma rho
Forever brother and sister in the world

I VOTE This Fraternity & Sorority because:
Discipline Members
Peace Maker
And read all the comment below


BETA GAMMA RHO is ALWAYS BETAGAMMIANS.. Stay what we are and we follow our laws to make our organization reach our goals

I vote beta gamma rho... Because I put my trust in it.. Feels like I choose the right fraternity for me... Maybe others just think we are just unrecognized by public... Even though we're not so well known like any others... But then we have our own way of serving our neighborhood... Because I believe that good works to be done by heart not by eyes... And not for public display... God bless to all betagammians and may we standing still forever through the hearts of the people around us... I love betagammians.

I love beta gamma rho which stand for humanity and strength... To provide good example to the community... Forever betagammians... Lets strive for the best

She thinks she's all that after she acts well in Selena. Her singing is ok, but nothing special.

LOVE LIVE Beta Gamma Rho Fraternity and Sorority


GOD BLESS Brothers and Sister
-CEBU CHAPTER Philippines

I voted this fraternity and sorority because this is where I belong! I am proud to a part of this sorority where humanity, loyalty and prosperity begins! LONG LIVE BETA GAMMA RHO! FOREVER WE WILL STAND!