Gamma Epsilon Fraternity


An international collegiate service fraternity committed to a world-class membership that cares for the quality of life with complement guided by the principles of Courtesy, Obedience and Truthfulness. Gamma Epsilon has existed for more than 48 years with chapters chartered in more than 200 colleges and universities across the Philippines and a dozen of alumni councils existing actively all over the world..

" From strangers to friends, Friends to brothers and sisters.. A sharing of scarcity, love ^^ abundance.. Worries ^^ Happiness in unison.. Interlocking, interacting, interlinking for better or for worsts. Bisecting, analyzing and dissecting for everything possible.. "

Gamma Epsilon the group that will lead in the next generation, because we firmly believe "Two Heads are better than one. Courtesy, Obedience and Truthfullness is the key to our success. Bro. DOG

BELIEVE while others are doubting.
PLAN while others are playing.
STUDY while others are sleeping.
DECIDE while others are delaying.
PREPARE while others are daydreaming.
BEGIN while others are procrastinating.
WORK while others are wishing.
SAVE while others are wasting.
LISTEN while others are talking.
SMILE while others are frowning.
COMMEND while others are criticizing.
PERSIST while others are quitting.

Prayer of the Gamma Epsilon International: Almighty and Eternal God, creator of mankind, we humbly come to you today to acknowledge your goodness and presence in our midst. For many years you have sustained us in your love and you have formed us into great men and women. With your grace our organization, the Gamma Epsilon International have helped us mold our values of Truthfulness, Courtesy and Obedience. We thank you for the gift of life, allowing us to experience unity, camaraderie and solidarity amidst variety in our religious beliefs, customs and traditions. You have unified our diverse dialects into one language, the language of love, encompassing and all embracing. We come before you today as one people, in the spirit of unity to ask for your special blessings. Anoint us, as we lift up to you our minds and hearts. May our thoughts, words and actions direct us in bringing our organization in the forefront of service to mankind. All of this Almighty and Eternal Father, we thank ...more

Though I hadn't enough time to be with my brod and sis because of the busy days and times, even a second of my profession, always on the go, exerting efforts as teacher but still my heart belongs to G. E. I will die a fALFONS. Bringing the emblem as one. My Fraternity is the best among the groups. If you want to experience what I have experienced... BE WITH US. SOARING high.

GAMMA EPSILON Fraternity and GAMMA LAMBDA EPSILON Sorority is supporting the causes of peaceful and more habitable communities as represented by its logo, the TWO HEADED EAGLE.

Gamma epsilon the best and quality fraternity and sorority, long live...

Soar high and keep flying lets us be inspiration to others and always put god first in everything we do to simplest things we share.

Gamma Epsilon is the best Fraternity in the Philippines... We make Peace Love & Community service not War & Riots... I am Proud to be an Epsilonian... Soar high Falcons... Brod, Anthony Cortez of Pi Epsilon Chapter PAC Pampanga...

I love being a member of the gamma epsilon its the best fraternity among rest think 100 times before you go to one fraternity but if you go to gamma epsilon no need for you to think of we welcome you and give you the very best of what you expect in joining the fraternity... I love gamma epsilon... Soar high..

In this group I learned the bible study, first time to served God as choir in the church, now a lector/commentator & voluntary catechist, the concerned w/ each other, first meeting or long time acquaintance, helping & sharing each other, a balanced group in the formation of a humanity, spiritually, physically & mentally...

Soar High Gamma Epsilon.. The Best Fraternity in the world. It was founded by Filipino endeavor. More than 100 chapters in the Philippines and currently active in conducting activities and helping the government to attain its vision, mission, goals and objectives in our country.


Gamma epsilon concerns about people, concerns about nature, and most of all values the relationship of every member with god and within the community. Soar high falcons..
all my loving brad jin pi epsilon chapter a proud member of the gamma epsilon fraternity.

"From Strangers to Friends.. Friends to Brothers and Sisters.."
Committed to world-class membership that cares for the quality of life with complement guided by the principles of Courtesy, Obedience and Truthfulness..

Gamma Epsilon Fraternity gave me the opportunity to experience the true essence of the word "fraternizing" not just to my fellow fraternity brothers and sorority sisters but to the community as well. Through our numerous community oriented activities from the past to present, my personal commitment to community service was really developed and I enjoyed every moment of it, and I will never get tired of supporting Gamma Epsilon Fraternity and our sister organization the Gamma Lambda Epsilon Sorority as long as I'm still breathing. HAIL GAMMA EPSILON!
--- Bro Ian Baldomaro, GE Phi Kappa Chapter, Calbayog City, Samar

50 years of hardship and struggle are compensated by the success we are having now, worldwide. Thanks to you all. Keep soaring high. All My Loving, Eagles and Falcons.

Gamma Epsilon is the best Fraternity in the Philippines and in the whole world... Because we are not in a bad manner in terms of humanity, We Gamma Epsilon are also concern about our Mother Nature, we also conduct some Charity to help those whos in needs, live long Gamma Epsilon... Soar High Falcons...

From strangers to friends and friends to brothers and sisters, all my loving GAMMA EPSILON INTERNATIONAL, proud to be one of the chosen few, of the CLSU Pi Chapter

Two heads are better than one...
The arc of triumph are for those who wish to achieve the glory of passion...
The vastness of the skies are conquered by the two headed eagles
Long live gamma epsilon and gamma lambda epsilon sorority..
Bro. Philip alpha chi chapter.

We learn to live together as one.
I am proud being a part of the GE family whose always there in scarcity & abundance.

Sis Dina of Denmark (Zeta Omega Chapter)

I am so proud of this... Brod and sis! We belong to the top 10... This is a manifestation that we are united and we love each other,... Gamma Epsilon is not only building Brotherhood and Sisterhood but also building love, care and unity. It also helps the students to enhance their cognitive skills because of the fact that we are prioritizing the education. We don't build chaos and trouble but rather we are promoting peace and development.

"Some people telling me that I've chosen the ONE of those fraternities" that why I am proud being a member of GAMMA EPSILON 1963! lipad mga kapatid

I can testify that GE really helps me to become holistic person... It also teaches us to value other people and working collectively towards the progress of other people ( bro/sis )and nation in general.

All My Loving Gamma Epsilon Fraternity/Gamma Lambda Epsilon Sorority and the Gamma Epsilon International. From GEi Canada with love.

Two heads are better than one!
soar high falcons!
all my loving brad jin pi epsilon chapter,