Gamma Sigma Phi


This fraternity is great.. Being a member in this organization is an honor.. Long live gamma sigma phi and spread to the world the essence of brotherhood and sistrehood..

One of the original and oldest fraternity and sorority until now still exist... Mabuhay GAMMA SIGMA PHI...!

Since 1848... Long live Gamma Sigma Phi International! Happy and Proud to be one. In four corners of the world, you will definitely find us!

As a member, it is true that non of its member got involve in any forbidden activities nor against' the law nor contrary to law, and that's make me proud of it. SO LONG LIVE D' GAMMANS 1848.
By August 24 of this year, where are you brods/sis to join the celebration of our very own fraternity? If you stay at home, happy 165th foundation na lang. Byou. From "baduy" the second.

Long live Gammans...
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, We are the best and original international collegiate fraternity in the world and the royal blood or true gammans... Long live gammans"""""

Long Live Gamma Sigma Phi!
Long Live the oldest Fraternity and Sorority in the Philippines!

We are proud to be a gasiph member because this is the oldest brotherhood and sisterhood organization in the world, mabuhay to all gasiphiers...