Kappa Epsilon


Kappa Epsilon Fraternity promotes brotherhood through service to fellowmen.

It distinguishes itself as a service-oriented fraternity. Its members stand for what is right. The members adhere to the duly-constituted authority of the Republic of the Philippines and in the principles for which it stands for. It is an organization whose members embody the ideals of brotherhood, determination, and loyalty...

I'm a true blooded KE, my beloved frat was still a good influenced to the youth thru its objectives and its vision that make the all members or aspirant to become member of this fraternity to be responsible citizen and do his obligation to the organization with unity and equality!

I am Kappa Epsilonian
I culture knowledge to achieve
The ultimate success, I anchor
Hopes not on other but on my self.
I bequeath my ideals to my
Brother and sister and to my future
Brother and sister that they may
Be as I am. When I have done
All this thing, this will be the
Moment of my life, the enlightenment of my soul.
For only then can there

"when I'm brought to suffer, when I'm harder hit, my spirit shall then be weekend but still I never QUIT.. "


"we believe the force of reason, not in the force as a reason"

Keep the fire burning!

19 K.E 68

Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is truly a worthy organization of brothers/sisters true to their words, actions and ideals, bonded together as a family and promoting peace, goodwill and friendship wherever they are locally or globally. This is a brotherhood/sisterhood not just by name but by the way we live =K=Knowledge we share with others and E=Equality among men/women.
- joeldomingo

Different country you will see an Epsilonian.. Sharing Knowledge & Giving Services to fellowmen. The fraternity/Sorority who keeps on helping other people in Different ways.. Kappa Epsilon are well-known of being a Helpful Organiztaion that Provides Charity Programs... Name it & You'll hvae it..
Long Live-Kappa Epsilon...

Globalization trend is to mold a sophisticated and well equipped individuals.
This Brother/Sisterhood is dealing to a humanitarian services.
As an individual cultivating knowledge, I would like to vote this Organization because, it's Mission and Vision is legally attesting the standard of promoting and molding better individual.

Sets of standards has been cast,
But only this, composition has passed the concrete inhibitions.

Long Live!

My father is one of the earliest members of Kappa Epsilon UP Diliman. Soon I will become one, too. He has inculcated in me dignity, respect and honesty which I have developed and embedded in my mind. May its precepts of knowledge and equality continue in my journey through life.

I am a Kappa Epsilonian.. With determination, loyalty and brotherhood with the objective of helping others "service to fellowmen". We are the most professional and a very disciplined fraternity not only in the Philippines but in the whole universe. I am born Kappa Epsilonian and will die as a Kappa Epsilonian. For a United and Infinite Kappa Epsilon! Kill!

The two main key points why Kappa Epsilon Fraternity should be considered as one of the top fraternities of the country are-- not only they make sure that the residents and alumni keep bonded, fulfilled, and active, the organization also and always devotes itself in realizing programs that would benefit the immediate societies: family, academic institution, neighborhood, and country.

Being a part of KE nurtured me to become a leader and a good citizen. I will always and forever be proud to be a Kappa Epsilonian.

-KE UP Mindanao Chapter LHC '07.

ke is such a fraternity to reckon with. if you are looking for a frat that really promotes true brotherhood, ke it is. I am not a ke member. but here in ksa, I noticed that this frat truly shows unselfish friendship among them and to others who are not members.

He who works for himself had better not work at all; rather let him work himself for others, for all... I am proud to be a KAPPA EPSILONIAN, spreading its message of goodwill and espousing the ideals of brotherhood/sisterhood through service to our fellowmen.

"I am born to render service to my fellowmen"
no one can beat KAPPA EPSILONIAN!... I'm so proud that I become a member of this organization, we are all united and infinited in everyday life!...
19KAPPA EPSILON68 I'm so proud of you!... Kill!...


Live Long Brothers and Sisters

You made me strong because of my DETERMINATION, You made us united thru the blood of BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD and KAPPA EPSILON also made us LOYAL for all the times.


The best fraternity in the Philippines and abroad!

It has nurtured self reliance, leadership skills, initiative, high ideals of service and most of all, camaraderie among its members. Its members span the whole globe and many are professionals in their fields of endeavor.

Kappa Epsilon, Kill!

Ultimately, KE-FS help us become more loving human beings, and we are united to help improve the community and give the utmost services to fellowmen. Once a Kappa Epsilon forever a Kappa Epsilon...

For a United and Infinite Kappa Epsilon... Kill!

UEKE1968 - Tirador ng 80s

I bequeath my ideals to my
brother and sister and to my future
brother and sister that they may
be as I am. when I have done
all this thing, this will be the
moment of my life, the enlightenment of my soul.
for only then can there

Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Sorority International is one sensible and fellow loving brotherhood. We are blessed with unity and promotes infinity through actions and service to our fellowmen. We are loving, God-fearing, responsible and socially aware individuals tied with our loyalty and determination as one. For a united and infinite... KAPPA Epsilon!

I really searched for this fraternity to join them. They have many community projects but they never brag on it. More focus on brotherhood and equality. Whatever happens, we keep working as one to make Filipinos part of the global citizens. Our chapters in and outside the country join hands to improve our brothers' in need. I'm proud to be a KAPPA EPSILON! Kill!

If you love God, you'll love Kappa Epsilon Fraternity because of its belief in the service to our fellowmen; as the famous verse in the bible says: Matthew 25:40, "And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly I say to you, inasmuch as you did to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me. '"... KILL the darkness 'til LIGHT comes out!

We, in the Kappa Epsilon, are called Kappa Epsilonians. We are born to render service to our fellowmen. We strive to be perfect in spirit, unyielding in soul, and humble in triumph. When we are brought to suffer, when we are harder hit, our bodies shall then be weakened but still we'll never quit.

Somewhere over the rainbow, there is hope and we have thousand reasons to live... And for once in my life, I found someone who needs me... KAPPA EPSILON Fraternity, Brotherhood thru service to fellowmen... PTBYB...

Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Sorority International is founded in noble principle and is standing still with its undying commitment to serve its countrymen. We are united in spirit, humble in triumph that's why we never fail in facing hardships. God is our ultimate source of knowledge.

Kappa Epsilon is the best Fraternity I've ever known because in this frat we share Knowledge and Equality on everyone. We conduct activities like Blood Letting, We share our blood to share a life.. That's why I LOVE KAPPA EPSILON!


Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.