Order of DeMolay International


We are not just a fraternity of college boys! But an organization of professional men who cares for our family our friends and our country...

For God For Country For DeMolay!

To God and His Dominion!

Many are called but few are chosen. QUALITY over Quantity.
Better than you since 1919.

For God. For Country. For DeMolay.

"Once a DeMolay is always a DeMolay"

DeMolays word is as good as his bond... Long live IOD

For God... For Country... For DeMolay!

DeMolay is a way of life.. Joining DeMolay is the best choice I've ever made. Keep our 7 candles burning, then live a life worth living.

"Let your light so shine before men so that they may see your good works and glorify our Father in heaven. "

Let us prove to all men that our ceremonies were not empty forms but we are dedicated to purposes of martyred hero whose name we have taken in our lips. For God, for Country and for DeMolay!

I have never appreciated my mother very much until I joined this fraternity! Not to mention the fellowships that we have with our brothers are the warmest and the best! Join the DeMolay movement! Be one of us...

As long as there is an order of DeMolay, As long as the lights on the candles are burning.. We are ONE.

For God! For Country! For DeMolay!
We may not be brothers by blood but the bond that is between us is as thick as a two-inch cord.

Walk like a DeMolay.
Think like a DeMolay.
Speak and Act like a DeMolay.
Live DeMolay!

No DeMolay shall fail as a citizen, as a leader, and as a man...
Filial Love, Reverence for Sacred things, Courtesy, Comradeship, Cleanliness and Patriotism, these are the virtues that light the path of each DeMolay as they make their journey through life...

For comradeship, loyalty and leadership and to live as a better citizen with pride and honor. Long Live! DeMolay's!


Long live the Masonic Family, long live the International Order of DeMolay!

"let your light so shine before men, so they may see your good deeds and glorify your FATHER in HEAVEN... "

I am proud to be part of this beautiful fraternity I ever seen in the entire world, it's an international and a truly brotherhood that can highly recommend to all young men. It builds the youth for good leadership, train to be responsible, consistency to all works, build a good family relationship and to be a better man. " No DEMOLAY fail as a citizen, as a leader and as a man" God bless DEMOLAY!

DeMolay is the BEST FRATERNITY! Hooray.. Once a DeMolay, always a DeMolay...

For God,
For Country
For DeMolay

We Will Always keep the 7 candles Burning..

Keep the Seven Candles Burning!

I have always been proud to call myself a DeMolay and I hope that we can co-exist with other Fraternities in peace and stability. More power Pinoy Fraternity!

The best fraternity in the world, founded 1919, produced fine gentlemen that has become and will become the great leaders of today and tomorrow...

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven.

Based on my experience in this fraternity, I had many benefits to share and recieve to this brotherhood..

Long live DeMolay! Keep the seven candles burning..

I Love DeMolay!

"No DeMolay shall fail as a citizen, as leader, and as a man. "
This phrase shall not 'fail" is absolute for a DeMolay. No more, no less. There is no debate, no excuse, and it is neither here or there. YOU SHALL NOT FAIL. This was in my view, therefore, written like the Ten Commandments. And for me a young man in the age of adolescence when I was initiated into the DeMolay codes, it was the darkest of hours. This was the time when I reached a fork in my journey, and I know it had not only two branches but as many more as I could imagine. Indeed, it was so easy to conjure what each imagined branch represented, but as I analyzed each one of them, I realized that they were really excused not to join the DeMolay. In my feeble mind, I thought if I did not join then I did not have to follow this seemingly additional commandment to my young life. Now I can look back and say I am glad I did, because in those darkest hours I started to rationalize and to think, and as result, it dawned on ...more

"The young men of the DeMolay organization are taught responsibility, integrity, and honesty, and those have been the central values in my life. All of us who were involved in DeMolay in my time benefited tremendously from it. There are hundreds of thousands of examples of men whose adult careers were greatly enhanced because of their participation in DeMolay. The sad part of it is that it is such a brief period in our lives that we are able to be a part of it, but it occurs at a time of great change in a young man's life. DeMolay's lessons last a lifetime. "

Founded by a Freemason, DeMolay is closely modeled after Freemasonry. With the sponsorship of a Masonic lodge, the chapter normally meets in a lodge room. DeMolay is considered to be part of the Masonic Family


DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and productive lives. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, hands-on experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today. DeMolay combines this serious mission with a fun approach that builds important bonds of friendship among members in more than 1,000 chapters worldwide.

Keeping the seven candles burning!
Ensures DeMolay's past... Invest in DeMolay's Future

Keep the 7 candles burning!
"No DeMolay shall fail as a citizen, as a leader and as a man. "
For God, for country, for DeMolay.

We are the only fraternity have the place were to initiate our petitioners, were to teach and lecture them to become a leaders in the future.

We don't aim to be the most famous fraternity in the world, but we aim to be the best, know or unknown for our works. Because we believe that the best comes from those who put the lessons of their fraternity to works and to heart. Fearing the name who is higher than we. And it's the EVER-LIVING GOD. We don't recruit for quantity, we recruit only for the quality of the fraternity. Keep the 7 candles burning, brethren. And always remember to keep the lessons in your heart and not just in your minds.

For God...
For country...
For DeMolay!