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181 Nu Alpha Gamma Rho

Nu Alpha Gamma Rho (GAMMANS'63) is the fraternity and sorority community on campus. The terms "fraternity" and "sorority" describe groups of men and women who join together to offer fellowship, academic support, leadership training, participation in campus activities, service to the community and University, and preparation for future careers. They are referred to as Greek chapters because they are named according to the ancient Greek alphabet.

Gammans life has a strong and rich tradition at hundreds of colleges and universities across the Philippines and all over the world. It offers many opportunities to meet people, promote academic achievement, contribute to the community through service and philanthropy projects, and develop leadership skills.

One for All, All for One!

#1 for me..i love nu alpha gamma rho

#I always be a gammans, go! Go! Go! Nu Alpha Gamma Rho 1963(ADELPHOTES)

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182 Tau Sigma Phi 1960

Were ever ready where ever at thy call. Long live tau sigma phi.

183 Bilat Lame Thilawe V 2 Comments
184 19Alpha Titit Group20
185 Lemma Delta Omega (1980)

We to develop our closeness, set as a good example to our society... We are Lemans we assists changes forever...

Lemma Delta Omega Fraternity and Sorority. We Assist Changes Forever..I Love Lemmans...

As a member I'm very proud to say that...I'm a Lemanianns...

Lemma Delta Omega (assist changes forever) Lemans we obey and resperct our bylaws... We follow all the advice and suggestion of Adviser, Pioner and Senior... We lead and set as example to ou newly survive member... We unite each other to develop the close brotherhood and sistherhood relationship... We proud because we belong to Lemma Delta Omega Fraternity-Sorrority...

186 Sigma Beta Rho

Proud to be a KNIGHT

I am Loren Jane Dalisay,a proud member of the Sigma Beta Rho frat./sor. long live sbr'eans!

Proud To Be a Knight of Sigma Beta Rho Frat. & Sor.
Proud To Be called SBRean!
Long Live Sigma Beta Rho 1962 : Mati Chapter

Longlive! SIGMA BETA RHO 1962 Brods & Sis!

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187 187 Mobstaz
188 Alpha Kappa Kappa Beta
189 Tau Mu Kappa Phi Sigma Frasority
190 PI Kappa Alpha International Fraternity
191 Rho Alpha
192 Omega Upsilon
193 Lambda Sigma Phi
194 Beta Kappa Fraternity Sigma Sorority

Beta kappa fraternity was made for the benefit of all. We stand as one and we will strive to deliver our best. Long live Beta Kappa!

Long live blue knights.

I love beta kappa!

195 Sigma Phi Omega

SIGMA PHI OMEGA, is the oldest Asian-American brotherhood and sisterhood founded in UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN California since 1949..

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196 Fraternal Order of Knights V 1 Comment
197 Alpha Sigma Omega Phi

Live with the spirit of justice, peace and liberty... Fly high playboys and pigeons!

Long live playboys and pigeon

Association of playboys and pigeons.
Long live ASOPHIANS!

198 Tau Sigma Phi


(Tau sigma phi 1960)
Octa tres heron
Happy 54 yers tau sigma I'm proud tau sigma phi
4 ever...

Proud ako na tau sigma ako dahil dito ko nakita and tunay na brotherhood at dito na buo at namulat ng aking isipan 4 ever TAU SIGMA PHI viva viva tau sigma phi

199 Friends Till Death

We are proud to be the members of the group that brotherhood and sisterhood united in one spirit as a true brother and sister until death

Friends Till Death Organization will be the most unique of all groups and it is the unexplainable relation between brotherhood and sisterhood. We love our group until the death in our life...

Friends Till Death Organization symbolizes for brotherhood and sisterhood until death.

Don't Stop Believin...long live bro and sai...

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200 Alpha Sigma Rho
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