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201 Alpha Iyota Ko V 1 Comment
202 Kappa Rho Phi Gamma V 1 Comment
203 Fraternitas Scintilla Legis
204 Xi Kappa Sigma V 3 Comments
205 Alpha Segkim Pato
206 Phi Omega Chi

One who Believes in PEACE, EQUALITY and JUSTICE. The Fraternity and Sorority (Knights of Phioxian for men and Lady Sydron for women. Believes that a good leader knows his own weakness in life. Can accept his mistakes and give his whole heart with dedication to achieved his goal.

Lucky is the man who gets the first love of a woman, but luckier is a woman who gets the last love of a PHIOXIAN...

Longlive phioxian! This fraternity has no criminal records, and we are proud of that, any ways, members of PHI OMEGA CHI is a community oriented fraternity. Ready to server GOD and fellow brothers and sisters og GOD anytime, peace to all frat! LONGLIVE!

207 Alpha Kappa Omega

I love AKO but once an AKO is always be an AKO 4 ever an AKO LONG LIVE ALPHA KAPPA OMEGA "19-AKONIANS-70

208 Rho Tau Sigma Society V 1 Comment
209 Freemason

Oldest and in so far the largest brotherhood of men under the fatherhood of GOD in the the world.

210 Beta Kappa Fraternity

Beta Kappa Fraternity was founded for the benefit of the students to develop their love and respect to their families. We are the " Brotherhood of Knights". We stand to strive for our Best! Come and join us.

Strive For The Best, Long Beta Kappa/ Beta Kappa Sigma...

Strive For The Best, Proud to be a Kappan...

Strive for the Best.. Once a kappan, will always be a kappan!

211 Alpha Sigma Fraternity V 2 Comments
212 Tau Gamma Phitoy
213 Scintilla Juris
214 19 Lambda Beta Phi 69 V 3 Comments
215 Delta Yu Omega Phi Sigma - Order of the Knights of Saint John
216 Omega Chi Sigma
217 Upsilon Omega Phi

The Upsilon Omega Phi Was Founded in secret under grown Room in 1920
The Upsilon Omega phi is a high Fratenity And Grand frat or as Known as Upskelion Supreme Fraternity.
One of the founder of Upskelion is a Triskelion Member..

Longlive Upsilon omega phi..

218 Alpha Phi Alophi
219 Delta Rho
220 Big Water Royale
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