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261 Alpha Cosine Tangent
262 Bacone Devils Fraternity
263 Sigma Iota Chi Omega
264 Fratting Gutom
265 Lambda Pi Omega

Promoting brotherhood and sisterhood with God- entered activities. Becoming one of the top model fraternity that would nurture life and adopt the practice in line with the commandments as recognized. Individual rights, beliefs and culture will be welcome as part of the group complex with simple approach for development.

266 Acme - Alpha Caltex Me

Only the elite and famous are belong to this brotherhood.. A bond of brothers that will last forever... Long live and let live acmenians...

267 Sigma Iota Kappa
268 Gamma Tau Sigma

The most prestigious fraternity and sorority in the Philippines as we Filipinos are small in body build but keen with our Bright Eyes to see what is right for our country.

269 Ba Tu Gan
270 Alpha Teta Nu

Alpha Theta Nu Fraternity and Sorority also known as Titan Society Ph. was founded late 1952 at Central Philippine University known as Nuance and lately merged with international organization Titan Society USA.

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271 Krkeans_1970
272 Alpah Dakma Nokma
273 Samahang Igorot
274 Epsilon Sigma Phi

"the success of an individual is vital to the success of our society"

275 Aro Gamma Phi
276 Alpha Kappa Iyot Baka Fraternity International

nice frat

277 Chuva Prat
278 Sigma Rho Gamma
279 Alpha Sigma Chi Omega
280 Bini Kappa
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