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301 Phi Kappa Sigma
302 True Brown Style
303 Theta Psi Lambda
304 Alpha Theta Nu
305 Delta Rho Alpha
306 Beta Epsilon

Excellence Beyond Engineering

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307 Tribe Arka Phobia
308 Alpha Phi Chupa Phi
309 Juventus Amecitia Frasority
310 Beta Sigma Alpha

We the members of BETA SIGMA ALPHA fraternity and sorority imploring the aid of the divine providence, in order to establish an organization that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, principles, processes to foster a regime of true brotherhood and sisterhood, to promote general welfare and cooperation among us. VIVA BETA SIGMA ALPHA. !

311 True Brotherhood for Peace Fraternity
312 Tau Sigma Alpha

"Once an Ace, always an Ace"

"Once a Lily, always an Lily"

313 19 Kappa Omega Phi 20
314 Alpha Phi

Positive lifes qnd to meet brothers and sisters to be conducted a new life economy from apt salvtion life but we always remember who we are and think what is good or not no frat war for this frat

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315 19 Alpha Kappa Phi Omicron 48
316 Gamma Sigma Confraternity

One of the peaceful fraternity exist. We are the trully long liver's and we continue to live till eternity.. Long live gamma sigma..

317 Alpha Kurikong Gama Gama

Also Known as SKEPTURON
The Father Of This Fraternity and Sorority is The One And Only Patrick BerbaƱo He Born This Group on 18Th Hundred in UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL HELP the Celebrity Members Are Bentong, Dagul, and Unknown Artist.

Long Love Alpha Kurikong Gama Gama!

318 Kappa/Gamma Phi
319 Lambda Chi Alpha
320 Alpha Kuppa Patu
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