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81 Gamma Lambda Omega

Its good to see you here!

Ready for all things, therefore I exist to be Gammans Forever More Power Gamma Lambda Omega F/S

GLOFS by choice, not by chance.

We are gammans forever

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82 Alpha Beta Phi

We the brothers and sisters of 19Alpha Beta Phi16 fraternity and sorority imploring the aide of almighty God in order to secure for ourselves the blessings that comes by Law do here by ordain promulgate and establish this code of By-Laws



In the heart of every Albephians
I will never forget it
And I will die for it.



Alpha Beta Phi will not die, instead it will multiply.

Wherever we go we will proudly bring the name ALBEPHIANS.

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83 Beta Phi Omega

I LOVE BETA PHI OMEGA! BETANIANS till death! The bearer of LIGHT and PEACE..
A FOUR FINGERS sign here from JAPAN..

Nothing Compares as I became a member of this Organization, hope we are still one as we serve and love one another.. Betanians never dies..

Long live Brother's and Sister's...

Once a Betanian, Always a Betanian. There is only one Betanian.

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84 Tau Alpha Omega

FREEMAN stimulates Fellowship pursuant to the objective of brotherhood and sisterhood, we made more dignified and responsible man and woman in the community in the essence of Righteousness, we promotes general welfare through the blessings of Equality and Liberty, we promotes a better Education through effective and sound student-faculty relationship, unity and contact between students, we motivates the interest of Management and Leadership in matters involving social and/or cultural affairs both local and national, we cooperates with the Administration in imposing rules and regulations of the academic institution and/or the nation as a whole and we renders assistance and services to all members in case of Needs.

A family that lives forever binding each other through ups and downs...we fight for peace and unity for we believe that to become FREE is to live life without fear and selfishness...

We are FREEMAN! We are committed to community transformation and development.. We value friendship and neighborhood... We love brotherhood and sisterhood for we are a family... LONG LIVE KILATAN!

Long live FREEMAN!

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85 Gamma Upsilon

GAMMA UPSILON GRAND FRIENDSHIP FRATERNITY AND SORORITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, believes in the brotherhood of men and sisterhood of women, to collectively promote social justice, ensure equal protection of the law and maintain the well being of Filipinos from all walk of life do hereby we unite as brothers and sisters under the guidance of the DIVINE PROVIDENCE!


GAMMA UPSILON continues to spread and increase until we reach all the shining goals we had set for our Fraternity, one true Loyal brother for a straight path by which it may lead towards our success

Stand high, be true, dauntless and forever united!
Together we shall spread the high ideals and principles of UNITY, FRIENDSHIP AND SERVICE..

Humble Services to our FRATERNITY
Humble Services to our SCHOOL and COMMUNITY
Humble Services to GOD AND COUNTRY

Frindship, Friendship, Friendship!

United in Goals and Purpose
Equally United as ONE

Worthy Brother and Friends

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86 Gamma Pi Epsilon

1-4-All-All-4-1, Prospective Educators, "In Equality we learn to defend, to cherish to feel and to respect the right of others.. "FELLOWMEN - GOD - MEMBERS"

The best among the rest

GOD is the 1st 2nd is the FELLOWMEN and 3rd is the MEMBER (GOD BLESS GAMMA PI EPSILON 1962)

I love you gpe

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87 Alpha Eta Upsilon

We shall respect every member of the ALPHA ETA UPSILON

Fraternity. We shall abide with the by-laws and regulation of this fraternity.

We shall employ with the aid of the almighty God in order to build a responsible

Brotherhood and sisterhood that enable us to follow the rules that shall embody

Our ideals and aspiration to promote the common good conserve and develop our ability

And with the guidance of the spirit of togetherness. We shall unselfishly dedicate ourselves to the development of the community and reign with the truth, service and preserve the

Peace and order of the community do ordain and promulgate this Alpha Eta Upsilon

Fraternity and sorority constitution and by-laws. Long live lapu-lapu lambda chapter..

Peace order, democracy to build not to destroy... Long live "HANGTEENIANS"

Long lived bro and sis... Spread the good things... Peace, order and democracy to build not to destroy... God bless us...

Longlive HANGTEENIANS - lanao chapter

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88 Phi Omega Sigma Frat & Sor

Phi Omega Sigma (Philippine Organization of Students) also known for short as POSANS, is a Collegiate Interest Fraternity/Sorority and a Posans Alumni Association Inc. (PAAI)) was Established on August 24, 1968 in Central Mindanao University (CMU) at Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines.

We, the Phi Omega Sigma Members, vigilant at all times with the inspiring supreme guidance of our Almighty God, in ORDER TO PROMOTE solid organization of men and women that shall incarnate our ideals, virtues, motivate and disclose the spirit of charitableness, enliven the actions which are instrumental in securing for us the rightful place in society, to have peace, high morals, quality principles and visionary leadership for community service, to consider a rightful learning as AN ENHANCING factor to national development in the future, and to offer not only to ourselves but to others in the best service we are capable of rendering, DO ORDAIN AND PROMULGATE THIS CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS. Brod. Bluke's Montero of Tandag City Chapter... Long Live POSANS

Advance 44th founding anniversary brother and sister.. Long live..


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89 Kappa Lambda Mu

I am proud to be a Lambdans, Lambdans first before others. One for all, all for one for good..!


Long live! Kappa Lambda Mu 1977!

Long live mga brod and sis

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90 Sigma Phi 1986

Sigma phi is the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of god. We are a god centered organization aim to build and help the country through community service.

I will and I will always be, a Sigma Phi by heart and by faith, long live brothers and sisters...

Its good to belong in god centered organization...aim high...I love Sigma Phi

We love sigma phi! Soar high! Kapatirang walang kapantay! chapter... CLSU..

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91 Guardians

Guardians is an institution that is committed to serve the community through strong brotherhood regardless of your economic status. No rich or poor, we are all brothers and sisters. This is an organization that give so much value to peace and harmony. LONG LIVE GUARDIANS! I'M PROUD TO BE ONE.

I'd like to join this fraternity because it Brotherhood

Proud To Be One.. ! I Love Guardians..

Proud to be one..! I Love Guardians

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92 Alpha Sigma Omicron Fraternity & Sorority

I love asofs now and for ever
its better to suffer than to quit
its better to die than to quit

To die is the rest AZOFS is the best. No one can destroy the power of AZOFS. AZOFS never die. But it can multiply...

Don't walk in front of me and be my leader
Don't walk behind me and be my followers,
But walk beside me and be my "BROTHER".


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93 Sigma Delta Pi

January 23, 1976
Mindanao State University- Marawi City (Delta-Alpha Chapter)
"For the Good Cause We Will Rise... "

We love @ understand each other... For the good cause we will rise... Mabuhay and sigma delta pi/ delta sigma pi... FROM: KAPPA CHAPTER... Basilan...


Fly Deltans high... Til eternity...

For the good cause we will rise, and our voices ring as one til eternity...
Soar high Sigma Delta Pi/Delta Sigma Pi...

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94 Beta Sigma Phi

First I don't like Fraternities because I don't know what brings it to my lifE..
But here it comes I enter BETA SIGMA PHI..
I am so proud and very dedicated because it brings a lot 2 me... Not 2 mention you make me change.. Learn 2 Regret AheaD... LOng Live BEtans...

I'm so proud to me because I'm a only member of beta sigma phi.

Beta sigma phi top them all...


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95 Adamas Nu Omega

No one can break my DIAMOND... Onward forever ADAMAS NU OMEGA

Proud to be an ADAMANT

Diamond signifies a TRUE ADAMANT

Brotherhood is what we called UNBREAKABLE and no one can break our SOLIDARITY

Adamas nu omega

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96 Alpha Omega Fraternity

I am a member of Alpha Omega Fraternity and Alpha Beta Omega Sorority, Imploring the aid of divine providence in order to form an organization that shall bring us to solidarity for common goods and purposes. To encourage mutual help among ourselves, Under the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. To promote civic consciousness and to foster social attitudes that shall serve to our fellowmen and community.

United we stand, Divided we fall. Uphold the Six Pillars...



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97 Ley-sam Organization


A student organization bonded through solidarity and cammaraderie with waray-waray blood by paternal or maternal origin. Looking towards the progress of the Leyte and Samar province that comprises the region 8.

Indeed... LONG LIVE LEYSAM! ! !

We are waray-waray from northern part of samar. and I'm proud being a member of ley-sam organization. and we are the second generation from its founding year 1978. there was other organization like leyte -samar year back but its not the Ley-sam which tattoo marked at the thumb finger design by founder bob abobo. the first 10 members of ley-sam as pioneer most of them was from different fraternitiese of MAGIC 5 namely CRIME BUSTER-PHI LAMBDA EPSILON - ALPHA RHO OMICRON - DELTA SIGMA PHI - DELTA SIGMA FAMILY. some are have no. and they are part of the samar island from different city and municipality of leyte and samar.

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98 Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity

Long live alpha beta phi... Do the right thing everyday!

Long live albhepians! From 1916 up to now we're still alive...! Though we are belong of the oldest but the foundation of our brotherhood are still the strongest..!

I love Alpha Beta Phi

. Active brotherhood
Do the ryt thing everdyday

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99 Alpha Psi Omega

Long live my brothers and sisters

We ALPHA PSI OMEGA proud to be

Long live alpha psi omega Philippines..
Cagayan chapter...

Hi mga brad /sis. Long live ape. Patuloy tayung lilipad I'm brad Ivan Zabanal from san Vicente Palawan chapter

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100 Sigma-Xi Fraterity & Sorority

Sigma xi fraternity has a true meaning of unity.

I love sigma xi forever we respect each other

Unity till the end

Long live xians, aho...aho...

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