F**kin' Perfect


I was so close to voting for just give me a reason, but this song is just so beautiful and inspirational. When I have a crappy day, when I go on YouTube and listen to this song, it never fails to make me feel better. This is the best Pink song ever! Just Give Me A Reason is awesome and my second favorite, but this song is perfect! Go Pink!

"Pretty pretty please if you ever ever feel that your nothing, you're perfect, to me" it has a great message that even if you feel insecure about yourself you shouldn't feel bad or depressed because you are perfect to somebody, and you should never feel sub human the song is great! - ToptenPizza

This just has to be number one, this song is just perfect! I'm not even that into P!NK but this song is nothing less than perfect! I like some of her other songs too but this is the best I have heard! Really nice lyrics and nice beat! The chorus is so catchy! Perfect for the win!

Awesome song! I normally don't listen to pink but this is over the top! I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it! I can see that anyone can love this, it reaches out to the commoners so easily.. No wonder people love her.. This song deserves to be rated first!

This song is the best by pink. The music is awesome, the lyrics are meaningful and the video is so very heart touching... And pink? Her voice is heavenly. Every single thing about this song is awesome. Love this song more than anything...

Pink speaks the truth; I love how her lyrics really have a point to it. BEST SONG EVER! Keep doing what you're doing, Pink! She is one of the only artist who gets down to the truth, and she never lies or tries to impress anybody. YOU ROCK!

This song has something that everyone relate to. Most inspiring song ever.. I wish she make more songs like this which can help people to find out that they are nowhere less than the other people around them.

This song spoke to my situation at the time as my daughter was going through an eating disorder, not just perfect on the outside but on the inside is where she needed to know she was a wonderful person.

It tells a story of so many people who had to face them when they were young. Everyone keeps judging us. Even though everyone has done mistakes, they are perfect for me!

Perfect song! Just can't stop listening to it! Make me believe myself, and believe that dreams come true with effort! Thanks Pink! You're so F*****g perfect to me! :)

This song is F perfect! I think the feeling are really there and you can feel it while you listen to the music! It's simply amazing and some people can relate to this!

If anyone ever feels low, he must listen to this song! This songs make you feel way better than anything else :) this song is definitely worth a one time listen.

I love the lyrics in this song, it's so real. She has many songs like this but this one has to be the best. And the rapping part in the bridge is awesome!

This should be the number one pink song!
It's helped me get through a lot in my life...
If it helped me it probably helps other girls in life...
It make you feel good about yourself...
This song is saying your perfect no matter what anyone's says
And you shouldn't care about what anyone else thinks of you! (:


This is definitely her best song yet. I love it and its absolutely brilliant. It has a message of self importance to all those in distress.

I adore this song! I don't know why they made this beautiful song number 2! It should be number 1! I adore the lyrics and everything

This song is an uplifting song that could help anybody out of depression. It is extremely moving and is her greatest song period

Its amazing how someone can get all these real life feelings into a 4 minute song! Pink you are my idol! Normal is boring!

Lot's of people can relate to this song and if you can't it warns you of what's out there before you have to go through it.

I love this song it's a beautiful amazing songs me ya I have all her albums on this iPad vote for this perfect singer

This is like the perfect song ever to listen to when you are feeling down or when hating yourself and your life

This song is truly amazing! I think it is Pink's best song ever The song is emotional but really touching.

Can't believe this isn't number 1 this made me fall in love with her music

This song is so beautiful and perfect

I dedicated this song to my daughter the radio version... I love it.. a mother 47yrs