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61 The Truth About Love

The old vibe and funny lyrics make this song the best!

Not only is it a track but it's the name of an awesome album,2012!

62 Is This Thing On

I don't understand how this isn't higher up ;o her best song obviously ♥ but it's P! Nk. She has a lot of amazing songs :_

63 Boring

Come on why isn't this voted at all!

This song is boring

64 Split Personality

Doesn't matter whether this will get 2 number 1 or remain at 68... As long as it exists I'm satisfied

Oh my god this song is completely to deep down you need to know her 2 oldest albums have memories

Why is this song all the way down here? This is in her oldest album you can't take me home (2000) I can't belive I'm not swaring at this order GO SPLIT PERSONALITY EVEN MORE CHEER FOR P! NK

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65 Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self

Seriously one of the best songs of her career! I think the only reason it's not higher on that list is because it wasn't made a single, so it wasn't promoted on its own at all...

I love this song. When I saw it wasn't even on the list I literally face-palmed.

66 The Great Escape

Meant the most to me personally. It Speaks of Escapism in a different light.

67 Chaos & Piss

Why this has no warning on it its explicit it says piss anyway it's a brilliant song

Love you p! Nk

Ps don't make any more songs explicit

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68 Runaway
69 When We're Through

Come on this is not voted for

I don't hear it yet

70 We've Got Scurvy

I love this song it should be higher on the list

71 Whataya Want From Me

Someone seriously forgot to add this... What the heck man.

72 How Come You're Not Here

Hella catchy! Its off her latest album, The Truth About Love. Go listen to it right NYOWW!

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73 Stop Falling V 1 Comment
74 Misery

Should be at least the top 30 if not top 1 also a duet with Steven Tyler man I love this ssong

75 But We Lost It
76 Hooker
77 Last to Know
78 The King Is Dead but the Queen Is Alive

Great song Love it and Love P! nk

I love this song I have just checked the song this is a new favourite please orther people comment about this song this song is very boomy love ya pink

79 18 Wheeler

From m! Ssundaztood, beautiful song,

18 wheeler is one of my favourite songs why can't this be one of her best songs

As good as being the best singer

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80 Centerfold

My favourite song by pink! Strong Beat

Best one so far

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