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81 Mean

You can hear the pain in her voice. So sad and beautiful at the same time!

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82 Hiccup


Hiccup, Hooker hiccup is better

83 Hooker
84 Are We All We Are

It's new - part of the album The Truth About Love. And I love it so much. When it becomes more known I hope more people will vote for this!

It's new but great - I love it! The best of her new album: The Truth About Love!

What's this song doing down here? It's so awesome and completely full of energy. The choruse is also extremely catchy. Probably the best song off of the truth about love.

Perfect... For the situation I am living in and behaving accordingly...

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85 The King Is Dead but the Queen Is Alive
86 Numb

I love the song numb its awesome

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87 Humble Neighborhoods
88 Dear Diary

This isn't on the list? What the actual frick, guys? Such a cool song with a great beat!

Her albums

Can't take me home, m! Ssundaztood she sings about her childhood

Dear dear diary I want to tell my secrets. This song is about her neighood a sad neighood from the album missundaztood I love pink I'm 8 nearly 9

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89 I Have Seen the Rain

Lovely song who she sings with her father

90 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
91 Walk Away
92 Words
93 Disconnected
94 Could've Had Everything
95 I Can't Help It
96 Hell Wit Ya

From can't take me home

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97 Tonight's the Night

It's really like a Charleston well where did all these songs come on they have never bees here before anyway I love it!

98 Can't Take Me Home
99 Respect
100 Push You Away
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