Top Pinoy Big Brother Housemates


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1 Kim Chui (PBB Teen Big Winner) V 2 Comments
2 Dionne Monsanto ( PBB2 Finalist )

you really rock! she is one of the kind housemate of pinoy big brother who accepted her mistakes throughout the season... really a good housemate! maybe some of the people out there who don't understand her!

she's very natural.

who she was when she was inside the PBB House is the same dionne now that she is in the real world!

hats off to dionne!

her talents are slowly getting noticed!

she's doing great in Lobo!

more projects for dionne!

Ranked as 78th Sexiest Woman of 2008 by FHM Philippines - hatcher234

3 Gee Ann Abrahan ( PBB2 4th Big Placer )

I like her personality...

4 Nene Tamayo ( PBB1 Big Winner )
5 Bruce Quebral ( PBB2 Finalist )
6 Beatrice Saw ( PBB2 Big Winner )

your always the number one here in bicol

7 Mickey Perz ( PBB2 2nd Big Placer )

bec. he deserve to be part of big 4

I love him! Love the way he dance..

8 Jason Gainza ( PBB1 2nd Big Placer )
9 Cassandra Ponti ( PBB1 3rd Big Placer )

so far ranked 27th among 100 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines by FHM! - hatcher234

10 Wendy Valdez ( PBB2 3rd Big Placer )

The Contenders

11 Kian Kazemi ( PBB2 Wildcard Finalist )

he should have been higher than wendy freaking valdez! - hatcher234

12 Uma Khouny ( PBB1 4th Big Placer )
13 Franzen Fajardo ( PBB1 Finalist )
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