Blind Guardian

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Blind Guardian is a German power metal band formed in the mid-1980s in West Germany. They are often credited as one of the seminal and most influential bands in the power metal and speed metal subgenres. Heavily influenced by Queen, they use the technique of overdubbing. They also incorporate large more.


A very good argument could be made for Nightwish, Helloween, Stratovarius, or even Judas Priest or Iron Madien simply because of the huge influence that they have had on the development of Epic Power metal. But Blind Guardian is The band Against which all other power metal bands are measured, they set the bar and they set it high. Not only does the singer have an amazing voice but they also have a large variety of music ranging from folk rock like Skalds and Shadows, Curse my Name, or the Bard's Song (In the Forest) to Symphonic Power Metal like The Wheel of Time or Sacred Worlds. They play fantastic Power-prog like Fly, and Nightfall in Middle Earth is just a class all its own. Even their old speed metal stuff is excellent. It is hard to pick a best Power Metal band but if pressed, Blind Guardian definitely has the best resume.

The band that got me in to metal. There is no other band that can compare with Blind Guardian when it comes to power, skill, originality, and evolution. And they did that while keeping and refining their core sound. They don't release an album every year to make money, they spend years on each album making them sound just the way they want. On their last album, they took a stab at orchestrating a few songs, combining classical instruments and traditional heavy metal in mind-bending ways.

Blind Guardian forever!

Blind Guardian is a great band. Hansi, the lead vocals, has a great voice. The guitarists keep the tunes fresh and the percussion has an empowering feeling. Their early albums have fast beats, with the Bards, as the band is referred to (search for "The Bard's Song" and you'll see why) beginning to produce songs that feel even more epic starting with their album "Nightfall in Middle-Earth". "At the Edge of Time" is one of the best albums I have ever heard from any music band.

It's no surprise to me that Blind Guardian is at the top of the list right now. They're a shining example of what power metal should be all about. With heavy pounding riffs like "Valhalla" and "Battlefield" to slow ballads like "The Bard's Song (In The Forest)" and "The Lord of the Rings", you can literally listen to them whenever you want and it fits what you're thinking.

Blind Guardian are so much more than just a Power Metal band anymore. Their music encompasses so many elements that it transcends conventional metal. Brilliant songwriting and exemplary musicianship best explains them. With every release they never stop to amaze me.

Blind Guardian has the most epic sound.
Iron Maiden was good at their time but they miss lot of quality that BG has.
Dragon Force is just fast but they have no sense for melody.

Blind Guardian defines Power Metal for me!

Although Helloween is an so called inventor of Euro Power Metal and is an amazing band. Blind Guardian is still the best.

Even their least acclaimed albums like A Night at the Opera have prety cool songs while ones like Nightfall in Middle-Earth deserve to be included in best metal albums of all times lists with clasics such as Master of Puppets or Number Of The Beast. Only Band I might have voted is Maiden but I don't think it is power metal, maybe partially power but not enough to vote it for best power metal. One last thing is even tough Helloween invented Power Metal it was Hansi's voice that made me a power metal fan they are unmatched...

Awesome! The best band ever made since Mordor! Blind Guardian! All songs are epic! And their shows are always unique! I'll see they again in Metal Open Air 2012 in Brazil! You all are invited! Join Us in this huge bang party!

Nightfall in Middle-Earth is the greatest concept album ever. And Then There Was Silence is the most epic metal song ever. Nobody else can do what Blind Guardian do.

Making albums from 1988 to 2010 is an impressive feat on its own, but to make so many incredible albums in a row warrants an even higher amount of praise. Incredible vocals, incredible sound, incredible band.

Their songs are just beautiful. They just pull you in feeling the lyrics as the songs go. The best song I feel is Sadly Sings Destiny which you can almost feel the guilt of the character portrayed for taking part in the crucifixion.

Blind Guardians music never sounds the same and with every new album they're getting even more interesting. It's not only my favorite band its the best band I know.

You just have to love nightfall on middle earth, and then there was silence (well the entire a night at the opera album, and a twist in the myth. Epic grandness avoiding the trap of becoming overly preposterous. - Selanya

German masters! I think their power metal is the best power metal!
Iron Maiden is kind of power metal, but they should be classified as classic metal. - rock2metal

The challenge that many Power Metal bands seem to face is avoiding repetition. Blind Guardian, however, takes a on repetition and makes something new every time.. Every song is it own story.

Imaginations is simply one of the most complete albums of all time, definitely give it a listen, and remember to keep an open mind as it's not quite as conventional as most music!

THE WAR OF THE THRONES! One of my favorite songs ever! Nothing can compare to this band. Amazing Guitar and the most powerful voice of any power metal band I've ever listened to!

Definitely deserves the number 1 spot for being one of the most talented bands who have never released a single bad album - christangrant

The sheer variety and musical talent carries them to victory here. No two songs are the same and I haven't been disappointed with one yet.

Really take the meaning of Power Metal to new a level. This band defines the word "Epic".

Blind Guardian always brings out the inner nerd in me. Hansi is always using rich and epic storytelling which personally I feel is lacking in most Power Metal bands. God it just makes me feel like playing Dungeons & Dragons or reading some good old Tolkien. - Metalhead777

Simply the best, amazing instrumentals, incredible vocals, magical lyrics

The Greatest Power Metal band ever! Nightfall, A Night At The Opera, Imagination from The Other Side, At The Edge Of Time and A Twist In The Myth are the 5 of the greatest power metal albums [the first 2 ARE the Greatest]ever produced. They should be number one and Helloween should be too. By the way, Iron Maiden are superb and influential on the genre but they are NOT exactly power metal band.

Have listened to just one album (Somewhere Far Beyond) off this band and have to admit that my expectations from their other LP's has touched the sky limit..The fantasy inspired lyricism, song composition as a whole and a great fusion of Power Metal and Thrash Metal brings a very delicious serving on the plate.. - Arhaan95